BHCCU is your personal financial advocate that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other banks and credit unions, into a single view. It’s fast, secure and makes life easier by empowering you with the tools you need to manage your finances.

Here’s what else you can do with BHCCU:

-Keep your transactions organized by allowing you to add tags, notes and photos of receipts and checks.
-Set up alerts so you know when your balance drops below a certain amount
-Make payments, whether you’re paying a company or a friend
-Transfer money between your accounts
-Deposit checks in a snap by taking a picture of the front and back
-Reorder your debit card or turn it off if you’ve misplaced it
-View and save your monthly statements
-Find branches and ATMs near you

Secure your account with a 4-digit passcode and fingerprint or face reader on supported devices.

To use the BHCCU app, you must be enrolled as a BHCCU Internet Banking user. If you currently use our Internet Banking, simply download the app, launch it, and login with the same Internet Banking credentials.

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Very useful. Saves a lot of trips to bank


Please update app so I can see what I’m even typing. Who runs this? Lol

Gary Kuehne

I love using this app. It’s user friendly and I like the functionality of being able to see my credit card transactions now.


The app is great besides a few times of having to delete and reinstall the app as it won’t show my accounts at all. But I’d love to see and update that gives a notification anytime something comes out of your account. Any transaction gives you a notification would be neat to see in the upcoming future.


Great bank, easy service.


Great app

mad tweety 9783

App doesn’t update credit card balances. And slow to update savings not happy at all.


I feel secure in the convenience of handling my funds in my accounts through this app.


Being 76 and not getting out much, it is wonderful and easy to use the APP instead of leaving the house. I also have memory problems and get embarrassed about going to the Credit Union. Thanks for the APP, I would also like a statement mailed to me each month if you can do that. J S

old way to transfer

Would like to be able to link an account to mine to do transfers the old way. Similar to how my account is setup with Wells Sullivan, my grand child. Blackhawk has since changed and not user friendly.


Need to add credit cards to app. Otherwise it all works as i could best hope it should.

Mr Magical Dragon

Great and easy to use


Clean, lots of features, easy to navigate


Seamless transfers and easy check deposits. No need for my desktop with this app.


This mobile app is the easiest app I have ever used for a financial institution! I like that I can use my fingerprint as my password! How convenient!! I can use this app to pay my credit card, transfer money to different accounts, and manage my money easily!


I love this app, makes my life easier on a daily basis!


This app is easy to use and I love how you can flip through all of my accounts with ease. I also like that you can sign in with my thumbprint- don’t have to memorize passwords.


Absolutely terrible I’ve had the app for over a week and it still shows my previous balance from that time and none of my current transactions over the past week


Does not update, not user friendly. Easier to use the website.

BHCCU member

A lot of changes but overall pretty nice. Looks more slick and up to date than the previous version.


I am Not happy with new app want the old one back


Good app using the latest design trends and mobile technology. The dashboard is great and also customizable. You can add, hide, and rearrange the “cards”. There’s a transfer button right there on the checking account card. Transfers can be done for three or more interface points. Dragging the interface down will refresh balances if needed. I don’t actually understand some of the reviews on here.


Thanks for the updates.


I don’t like this app at all! The other one was simple and easy to navigate. Very frustrated with this app!


I can’t even transfer money between my accounts!!! It also takes forever for transactions to show up in this app, i literally never know how much money i actually have, this app is basically worthless


Went to the website and logged in first try with the same password the app was telling me was incorrect. Too frustrating.


The old layout wasn’t broken or bad. Why change it?!??


Doesn’t recognize that I’ve already updated the app and doesn’t keep the Touch ID saved to log in. It’s just easier to delete the app and use their actual website to get something done.


Can’t even transfer money from my checking into my savings!


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