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【图】Missile Command: Recharged
【图】Missile Command: Recharged

Missile Command: Recharged iOS

Missile Command 简介

Missile Command: Recharged is a re-imagining of the beloved classic with fast-paced, arcade action where players must defend their bases by blasting an endless barrage of missiles hailing from the sky. Launch counter-missiles to protect your base and target powerups to gain an edge at critical moments. Missile Command: Recharged will appeal to those that fondly remember playing the original or its many iterations, and a whole new generation of mobile gamers that are looking for fast-paced, pick-up-and play, arcade goodness.

Powered Up:
Don’t just target missiles – take aim at all-new powerups to survive longer with defensive measures, silo repair, or a screen-clearing special blast.

New powerup system takes points earned and allows them to be used to upgrade all aspects of gameplay to get an edge and achieve the highest scores.

Shoot for the Clouds:
Compete in global online leaderboards and aim to claim bragging rights as the top missile commander.

Better yourself with each game played and work towards besting the toughest challenges!

Get Augmented:
Use the new augmented reality feature to project your gameplay to a virtual arcade cabinet and take your missile destruction to new heights!

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Missile Command 下载

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Great upgrade of an old classic.

Vsv Deepsix

Great game from the past. Well done. However it says $1.99 to purchase but charged me $4.98. No sure what our how that happened.

chips ahoy

I really like this game, and give a review out to only a couple of games. I really like this one as well after watching a documentary about older games. When I found this I got it, and it’s really great. The only problem is is that when you get the rapid power up, it’s not so rapid and doesn’t respond that well.


To give you my thoughts in brief: it’s certainly worth downloading and likely worth tossing 2.99 at it to remove the time limit between sets of plays. Now, in full, this is a nicely faithful sequel to Missile Command. The smooth neon and brightly lit visuals bring to mind Geometry Wars, but still feel like a proper evolution of the classic game’s visuals. The musical track they added is unobtrusive and quite pleasant. It changes the tone of the game from a grim last stand against total annihilation to an energetic test of skill and endurance. The rest of the soundscape is really interesting though; from what I can tell it’s mostly recycled and cleaned up sounds from the original game. The game start noise, the firing of silos, and the explosion of missiles are all the same ones as the original’s, just cleaned up rather nicely. There are a few novel sounds, but for the most part they used the original’s soundscape to good effect. Gameplay wise there are a fair number of differences. You have more precision due to it being a touchscreen instead of a trackball, but it goes beyond that. Your silos are no longer limited by ammo; they are instead limited by reload times. This is a consequence of the game not having levels. Instead it is a single continuous stage that ramps up in difficulty over time. To help facilitate this, your silos will begin to rebuild after being destroyed: there is a window of time between the silo’s destruction and it beginning to reconstruct, during which it cannot fire missiles and can be destroyed again. Your silos are not permanently destroyed, instead only your cities stay permanently dead. The game still ends when the last city falls. The enemy roster has changed. The old single missiles still remain alongside the splitter missiles, but the bombers have been changed to UFOs (I think, in truth they’re just rectangles that go from one side of the screen to another) that have a limited ammo capacity of three non-splitting (if I have observed correctly) missiles. There are also three new missile types: large missiles that are slower and have a larger explosion, small missiles that are faster and have a smaller explosion, and smart bombs that will attempt to move out of the way of explosions caused by your missiles (I can’t tell if they try and dodge the explosions of other detonated missiles, by the time there are enough detonated enemy missiles on screen for consistent collateral explosions your focus will be on other things). The smart bombs have limited maneuverability and will slowly move left, right, or even upward to try and dodge silo missile explosions, but that slow speed is just enough for them to squeak by and hit a city or silo every so often. Smart bombs also serve as an alternative ammo type for UFOs, but the smart bombs UFOs drop fall faster, are smaller, and have a smaller explosion than smart bombs that fall from the top of the screen. Smart bombs also always begin their fall in a straight line, headed right for one of your cities or silos. The targeting of enemy missiles has also changed. Barring UFO-dropped missiles, they will always target one of your cities or silos as opposed to the original’s seemingly random spread. UFOs are capable of dropping missiles that have no specific target, consequently those missiles are the only enemy missiles along with the large missile that can take out more than one structure. It also means they are the only missiles that can start their fall towards nothing. Normal missiles can still wind up hitting empty ground, but only if previous missiles destroyed their original target while they were en-route. There are power-up boxes you can shoot to obtain their power-up. I’m not listing all the different types of them, this is already far too long. There’s also an upgrade system. You can increase your missile’s explosion size, their speed, your silo reload speed, and your silo reconstruction speed. Points you earn in game are spent on these. As for issues, I really only have one. Whatever the game uses to determine which one of your silos fires when you tap the screen feels odd. It is not based on which available silo has the shortest distance between it and the launch point, there seems to be a strong bias toward the left silo and a mild bias toward the middle silo, with the rightmost silo getting the least use. I don’t know if this is actually the case, but whatever the system is results in strange situations often enough that it is noticeable. If it’s a bug, I feel it should be fixed, if it’s a deliberate design decision, I don’t like it. It won’t be the sole reason you die, but it will occasionally be one of the reasons your run ended when it did. A noticeable flaw, but not a dealbreaker by any stretch. The game’s monetization system is fairly consumer friendly. You get six plays, then once you drop below 3 plays a 20 minute timer starts. At the end of those 20 minutes, you are refreshed back up to six plays. You can watch a video to refresh your number of plays, or you can pay 2.99 USD for infinite plays. There are no ads beyond the ones you choose to watch in exchange for refreshing your plays. Very unobtrusive. It feels less like a free-to-play grift and more like an infinite free trial version that you can opt in to upgrading. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of the original’s monetization scheme, that’s for sure! All in all, solid game. Worth your time.



Night Wing Zero

Certainly you can’t beat a classic however I would suggest that the power ups of this game should be upgradable too, overall solid game 🙂

Admiral Khan

This game need updates. Got boring quick.


Ohhh, I’m having flashbacks of 80’s coin-op games and the first Tron movie! Builds upon the first Missile Command coin-op and makes it even better. Fun retro feel to it and the background music is awesome!

Paul page 1605

It’s a great reboot of the original

wipeout fan now ag

The original is very simple and this new version is very simple. That is awesome! I saw a video review that explained you are able to pick which missile base to fire from in the computer version but I wish the developer could have figured out a way to do that with the touchscreen version. Otherwise I would give this 5 stars. ATTENTION DEVELOPER – maybe allow an option to select a missile base by touching the base first so that is the base a missile will fire from.

Sdr Janet

Really like the look of this game, the sounds and music. Still seeing a bug with the “refresh” boost… as it seems to effect the ability to shoot missiles.


You can play for a little and then it just get impossible. Then you have to upgrade and restart. I get the idea of grinding but I mean keep thing slow for a least a little and let people have fun.


I agree with a previous reviewer that, well, here I am having fun with this version of MC and I max out on the upgrades and that’s it!! No more upgrades and more more game features. If this is meant to be “retro” like the MC of the past where I could still be playing a game started in the 80’s then it has done that!!! But in 2020 we need upgrades, packs, goals, and stuff to keep us going!! I also feel it is silly to have a base fire from across the screen to a target that is right above another base even when the near base is at full charge!! I LOVE the enhancements of Mega, Fast, Bomb, etc. This could be a five star game if I could keep playing but as of now I will stop until and upgrade.


Fun, but where are the levels? The game seems to ramp up slowly but you never get any breaks. Also, how about a “Help” menu to explicit what each of the power-up cubes do? And once you’ve maxed out the upgrades, you’re only working to achieve a higher score. The basics are here and it’s good for a temporarily distraction, but some things are missing that could really make this a must-play.


The Rapid power up seems to be bugged in some way on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. When I get this power up my screen becomes very unresponsive and it becomes very difficult to launch any missiles at all. All of the other power ups and features seem to work as designed.


Glreat game and look.


This is just about perfect, to the people complaining, the way you select which one to fire is based on where you touch the screen, it auto selects, on that note, there’s no trackball on the original Atari, so I don’t know what you all are comparing this to, but clearly not the original


I loved this game in the early Atari days. The only issue I have with this game so far is the screen not responding on my iPad 11 Pro when I get the R power up. Other than that, this game is great!

pot head larry

Nice game if it was made by a bunch of clueless 2 year olds that design a trash game where you are extremely vulnerable for almost an hour straight upgrading your s#!t for it to do absolutely nothing, I don’t know how you did but you manage to make the most boring rage causing game. How the hell did you make infinity ward smarter than you when it comes to designing games


Loved missile command as a kid. However this game is just frustrating. Gets way too hard too quick….


Great game. Annoying ads only after u lose three lives which is very nice. Great game. Wish it had different modes or missions…I maxed out all my abilities within a few hours. Now I’m starting to lose interest. Fun game.


Game gets good and then forces you to wait 15 minutes to play. This seems counterproductive. Deleted this app.

VJ Franz K

You can definitely have fun playing this, and the strategy is similar to the original – aim ahead and try to get chain reactions! The graphics are good, and retro inspired. Actually they look more like Asteroids! The original Missile Command used a raster pixel screen, and the buildings were little cityscapes. There were visibly airplanes and satellites dropping missiles on you, because this is a game about an un-winnable war. (there is a lesson there!) The modern style power ups add interest and more strategy, they could do more with new enemies also? Maybe an advanced controls setting for those who want to choose the bases? Good for casual action gaming, will play again.


In all, 4 stars. It is fun, I enjoy it and it is free. But there isn’t much depth or replay value. (plus) It is clean formatting. Games last only a few minutes, for me anyway. The music and sound effects help understand what is happening, which is good because your eyes are busy concentrating on incoming targets. Power ups are fun. (negative) It gets a little redundant. I mean, actually it is very redundant. Smartly, they make points a currency to upgrade weapons. If there were different weapons, power ups, waves or bosses, just more content. But that might not be true to the concept.


I love this game. But there are times when the touch screen completely loses sensitivity and you are frantically tapping the screen and nothing is happening. It’s not the reload setting as there are zero misses on the screen and it just won’t fire. Otherwise its a great reboot of a timeless classic. Fix this issue and it would be a perfect 5/5!


The things that made the original a classic are missing. No trackball obviously, so the importance of selecting where to move first and the precision required are gone. There is no ability to select which silo to use, so the strategy of saving the faster center silo missiles for when it counts are gone.


After20 minutes only lets you up to level 6 upgrades. This is a money grab… living off a legend game.. deleted it. The in game upgrades lame you get a ton of fast and slow upgrades but hardly mega or time stop and when you do no misses are incoming so it’s useless


I personally really liked this version of missle command. Played it a lot. Finally I maxed out all the weapons systems and then…well that’s it. You can still play, but why? You can earn points to oblivion, but useless to do so. I’m a soulless mercenary. I save people and I get fancy upgrades. No upgrades? Then a whole lot of innocent people are going to have atomic weapons morning, noon, and night. So Atari, it’s your call. Give me an incentive to play and civilians live. Most of them anyway. Refuse and you alone Atari will be responsible for the holocaust that follows. There is an AR feature that is good for about a minute of nostalgia if you are old enough to remember playing MC in the bars of your youth. I will raise yo 5 stars upon delivery of an expansion pack or an update. I also don’t expect this for free. I’m willing to pay.


You can get all the upgrades for free, the combat is pretty great. But there really needs to be more modes or something. And not just repaste modes (no, a time attack with nothing else but a timer from the original mode isn’t a sufficiently new mode for me). As it stands, it’s kind of bare bones. Fun, but really needs more.


Great reimagining of the classic. I would absolutely LOVE if you added a chill out mode that doesn’t need to score but you can set the speed and difficulty to just chill and play for a sold 30 minutes or more.


Probably better on pc.


Great game except for the bug that won’t update the high score. Numerous times I have set new high scores that do not update and are lost the next time the game is restarted. Very Disappointing!!!


It’s very basic. I expected more graphics.


I loved this game back then, playing on my Atari 2600 console and now on my iPhone. Thank you.


Like with any reimagined/updated arcade classic, there is a fine line that can be crossed where a new idea goes to far… or not far enough. MC:RECHARGED is a nice simplistic, vector graphic inspired, reboot of the classic Atari game. Gone is the cumbersome trackball to aim with, just touch and the missiles auto target that location. It’s actually brilliant game play wise, the new idea of the bunkers rebuilding themselves is great and the missile reload delay, also a nice touch. Meaning, no more limit to your ballistic stockpile… but the down side is once you get fully upgraded (which you can do rather quickly) that’s it. The game has no new missile types to offer or any other unlockables to strive for. …and that VIRTUAL GAME CABINET feature, um, cool, for a minute. For the most part, it plays great but there’s no need to purchase the unlimited plays when it’s soo easy to play and get all the upgrades for free. I hope more updates to the game are in store to add more replay value, but for free this game is a literal blast!!


I am old enough to say I played the original. The REAL original with the tracball, with the sound of Asteroids and Defender and Space Invaders in the background. Part of the joy of the game was the thought process of predicting the best shots and the large screen relative to the action that gave you time to calculate. This remake may be flashy but the pace is way too fast to enjoy. MC is one of my all time favorite classics. But I can’t relate to this remake and deleted it within about an hour of play.


Same idea just doesn’t translate to touch screen like you would think. I mean how perfect… just tap the screen where you want to shoot. No track ball needed! Except the trackball was only 1/2 of the controls. The other 1/2 was being able to pick which base you were shooting from. As it is now it the game picked which base and it seems to be random. Had an incoming middle and it was right on top of my right base. Tap a shot location to intercept and instead of firing from the right base… I get a shot from the left base that has ZERO chance of getting there in time. Great AI. If you are going to let the game pick which base a shot comes from, at least make it the base that creates the shortest distance between target and closest base. Whatever, deleted minutes after installing. Unfortunately don’t waste your time.


Great update of the old classic, well worth ponying up for the IAP. Yes, there are significant strategic gameplay differences: unlimited missiles instead of the coin-op’s limited stockpile which forced you to be choosey about firing; no way to pick which specific base of the 3 to fire from; and no levels. But I’m happy without those to get solid touchscreen play. I only wish the action didn’t ramp up quite so fast, I’d like an Easy setting for a slower-paced round. Otherwise it’s lots of nostalgic fun!


This game is great and a nice update to the classic Missile Command. The visuals are amazing. I would like it a lot more if the energy bar was a little larger like 5 instead of 3. It would be nice if they could add levels so we play in different locations. That could be tied into some kind of challenge mode were you beat a certain score and unlock a new location.


Bad game; play one time every 17 Minutes!!!, But must to pay to play infinity times !!


The game was nostalgic and initially fun enough for me to drop the $3 for it thinking that it would involve new levels, weapons upgrades, and more strategy as you progressed in the game but was disappointed to realize once you quickly max out your weapons nothing changes other than the speed of the incoming projectiles.many aspects of the original Missile Command are absent in this version but I’m holding out hope that Atari will improve upon it in future upgrades. For now it plays like Tetris, which has lost my interest as quickly as it piqued it. C’mon Atari we’re all stuck at home for a few more months and counting on you to distract us with an improved Missile Command!


With one minor aggravating bug, this game runs fast and crazy fun on my iPad, a perfect “bite-sized” game for short breaks during the day. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and has the perfect IAP model (no ads, three plays without paying and then pay or wait for more). There is nothing about this game that someone who played the original in 1980 wouldn’t recognize and appreciate. Great job Atari! Now fix the “Rapid” bug.


I can see running out of missiles, but even after 20 seconds, all of sudden it won’t let me fire missiles? This game is a misfire.


I had thought about buying the in-app purchase for unlimited lives. However, there are no levels, just speeds up until you make a mistake. I was able to buy all upgrades in only a few hours of playtime. Can’t see playing it long term at this time.


Has the feel of the old Missile Command game. Never gets old!


They only let you play 3 time unless you pay or watch adds


Game is a lot of fun, but is extremely challenging, especially in timing the rockets. Good sound effects and soundtrack, but I wish there was an option to use the original game’s sound effects. Was worth the $2.99 in-app purchase to play as much and as often as you want, instead of having to wait to recharge, or watch videos to earn more playtime.


This is a great take on an Atari classic. Perfect to play when I need a quick break throughout the day.

Jimmy Insane

I am currently in 20th on the leaderboard out of thousands. Normally I would screenshot that, print it off, frame it, and send it to my high school bullies. Who’s laughing now Craig? But how could I sleep at night knowing that my success was due to a bug? The Time power-up somehow didn’t reset and I was able to compound multiple power-ups at once. That said- I really love this game. Easy choice to buy ad-free for $3. Vector-ish graphics, fun sound, fluid gameplay. Best thing Atari has allowed someone to make for them since the speaker hat and that thing rocks. Cheers Nickervision, and let’s see some more of these Atari!


This game requires little of the precision shooting or, especially, the strategy of the arcade original. You don’t choose which base to fire from, you don’t ration your missiles. The game isn’t divided into rounds, the enemies just come down faster and faster until the game ends. They’ve reduced Missile Command into a mindlessly simple twitch game. You can try it for free, so give it a shot, but I am disappointed.


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