Velocispider iOS

Velocispider 简介

Part Spider, Part Velociraptor, it’s Velocispider!!! Take control of a heavily armed araknasaur in this retro arcade shoot-em-up.

Your delicious endangered eggs have attracted the taste buds of the evil CEO of the Robot Seafood Corporation. He will stop at nothing to feast on your eggs, defend them from his relentless army of aquatic robot beasts.

IGN: “The best dinosaur spider cyborg game ever created.”

Touch Arcade: “Velocispider is a ton of fun. The game is gorgeous, in a pixel art and chiptune sort of way. The art is full of character, and that character is super ridiculous. I can’t decide if I love the drop sharks (manta rays?) or the bomber whales more.”

Games Radar: “It’s a simple arcade-like shooter, but Velocispider’s sharp aesthetics and approachable play mechanics make for a stellar iOS experience that’s an easy recommendation on both iPad and iPhone.”

In your arsenal:-
Awesome power ups
Game Center leaderboards
Sweet pixel art
Thumping tunes
Smooth tilt controls
Game Center achievements
Retina & Universal app support

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As much as I loved this app, I recently redownloaded it, only to find I cannot move no matter how much I tilt my phone!


This game is so awesome. I want more! More more more! I’ve been playing this game consistently since it came out. Lots of other games have come and gone, but this one keeps a consistent place on my phone. It’s perfect.


I saw the game on the AppStore while looking for Galaga style games and thought “Well this looks interesting… why not get it?” I was pleasantly surprised. Infectious music, aesthetically pleasing pixelated graphics and simple and easy to use controls with a cool story. Anybody who is a fan of space invaders and other old school arcade shooters should give this game a try.


I love taking a break to play this game! The tilt controls are challenging but I have big thumbs and really struggle with on-screen controls, so it’s actually a nice change. The top of my screen, however, always that there’s an update available even though there isn’t.

Doodle jump fanatic

I love this game. It’s so easy and so much fun to play. My only complaint is that it needs more levels

Krazy Kris1

A simple, fun space invaders-esque type of game. The pixel art looks great and the sounds are all good too. Tilt controls don’t fit well in this type of game. It’d be so much better if there were some kind of onscreen controller, like Galaxloid, a similar app. It lets you be much more precise in movement.


So much fun and I love the retro sound effects and graphics! It took me a few minutes to get used to the tilt style of playing. A slide option would be nice, although I rather enjoyed not having to tap my way through a game. 🙂 Recommended!


An outstanding game. A throw back to early 80’s. Great game play and simple and accurate game controls. Has been a favorite game for years. Would love to see a new version!


A great game with plenty of “aargh!! Ok just one more time!” Moments. It took me a bit to get to the end but boy do I feel victorious.


It’s an amazing game. I have a problem here, why can’t the game progress be saved to icloud? The idea is that after playing for a while if I delete, then later when I install it back I can have my game and achievement progress back.


The graphics, the story, and gameplay are all fantastic. I just wish it would be possible to have an alternate control scheme with on-screen buttons to move left and right.

Randy pinball

im totally addicted to this retro arcade game! one of the best ive played.


Add touch controls please


I must say it is really hard to beat. Tank you for making it icade compatible!

The Amazing Kobal

Beautiful pixel art. Hard to beat. Fun to play. Maybe more levels or modes ? But I recommend this brand-new like the old school classic shooters. Good job devs !!!


The music is great and matches the gameplay quite well. Speaking of gameplay, what a brilliant way to add some spice to the classic Space Invaders mechanic with the egg stealing. 5 stars

Viva El Jefe

Good game for me and my 19 children. We all have iPhones thanks to the welfares! In reality this is a fun game.


There are no touch controls and there is no restart button. Also, the game is pretty hard.

Normj Snyder

I really like the graphics, very retro. Fun game too!


AppStore needs more pixel games of this quality!

Cool boy 890000

This game is so fun I can’t stop playing it

Alan Falcon

Before this, I used to groan when I saw a game with tilt controls. But in Velocispider, they’re used to perfection and ideally calibrated. Good thing, too, because you need to think fast and move accurately to dodge enemies and rack up as high a score as possible on your way to an extremely satisfying final boss battle.

Happy Badgers

Simple shooter with fun levels and retro graphics and sounds. Definitely worth the $1.99


Addictive game hope to add. More waves.


Honestly a great a experience, worth the money!


Good old fashioned pixel art game, quite challenging, but also quite short, only one level pack. But it’s really interesting so play it! 😉

M A 4

I was dying all over at first, but it’s satisfying to get better. And you never need to start back at level 1 (though you can re-play earlier levels if you wish). Love that it has iCade support, but my finger gets tired! Please add an auto-fire toggle button (or setting) along with the regular manual fire button.

Velocispider is the

Definitely an amazing game. It was very challenging and definitely an awesome idea that made all my friends gather to watch me.

Emit Idy

This game is straight up awesome. I love the music, sfx, and visual style. So gooood.


It’s an old school arcade game designed for the iPhone.


There aren’t Many games which can snare me into playing for an hour or more… But this one has me hooked. Whoever the 2 reviewers are who give it one star must have made some kind of mistake… It’s awesome!

Shy Guy 22

Awesome game but very short only 20 levels make more please

The Shahnameh

Really BAD controls and far too many cheap deaths, incredibly frustrating! Don’t be suckered because it’s “retro”, this is boring, maddening, annoying amateur crap!


Egg–c-lent finally finish the game


Has the look and feel of a NES/SNES game, but with tilt controls that add to the challenge. One of the best games for the iphone if you’re looking for a straightforward arcade shooter.


I bought this game because it was on sale or something. It was cheap and I didn’t think anything of it. Well, it has became my go to game! I play it every chance I get. I never really finish games, blame it on my ADD or something, but I got to the last level and could never beat it! Well today’s my lucky day because I finished and won the last level! This game is cool!


I have gotten really far in this game but the waves get so hard there nearly impossible!


Nice format & good pacing. Kept my interest. Only complaint is (final) level 20 was too difficult.


It’s a good game! However i can’t remember how many times I have tried on level20, it’s very fun anyway. more levels plz!


Excellent game.


Lame graphics. I guess it is for those who love retro graphics but certainly not me. Tilt control only so I find it pretty boring. It’s free anyway so I give it a 3 star rating which is OK.

Spawn of Jack

This is a fantastic game exploding with style and humor. If you are weary of the tilt controls don’t be afraid, this game implements them perfectly and the precision is excellent. The music and graphics are exceptional as well. This game gets very challenging and I would be disappointed if it wasn’t. The only thing I could have asked for are more music tracks, even though I don’t think the music could ever get old. This is a truly new and fresh old school experience bursting with awesome, give it a go!


Very adictive and funny. Play it in iphone and ipads… And for free!


Good graphics but most Important great controls and timing. nice sense of humor too.


I like the music and the difficulty of the levels. Although they are hard, they have a good replay value.


why are the first 5 levels easy as pie, but level 6 is nearly impossible??


Simple and hard, perfect mobile game


I feel like I’m actually in an arcade with my joystick and shooter buttons – haven’t even tried the tilt yet! Hooray for 1983, its back!


This is challenging and rewarding. Exactly what a retro type game should be. Difficult bosses and lots of different sprites. Woo-hoo!


Great game! Needs more levels!!


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