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Lower Body Tightening is the #1 seller!!

Andrea Speir is a classically trained Pilates instructor who integrates her background as a dancer with her love for all forms of physical fitness to create workouts that are uniquely her own. After a knee and broken rib injury during a dance performance accident, Pilates became Andrea’s cure to a strong and healthy body.
Andrea is a contributing writer and covergirl for Pilates Style magazine, MindBodyGreen.com, StrongInsideOut.com, and trains many Hollywood celebrities. She holds a BA from the University of California, Irvine in Theatre Arts and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Perfect Pilates Body 下载

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Had been using this app on and off the last few years mostly on my iPad. Tried downloading on my phone and even though I’m on the same Apple ID it says I haven’t bought any videos and can’t restore my purchases


I paid for the videos in this app and for some time now nothing loads. It would be nice if they would continue to support the app, especially since people paid for the content.


The video screen is currently blank in this app. I tried on the phone and iPad but the videos have disappeared. I have used this app for the past 2 years and paid for many of the videos, but they no longer work now.


The workouts are perfect, short videos that can be combined for a longer workout. The instructor is upbeat and explains things well. Very happy with app. I hope she releases more videos!!


Great quick Pilates workout! Sometimes I combine a few or I do them after my yoga class.


Back to exercises after so many years…. I feel great!


I just hope I can get as in shape as she is!


Love this app, great visuals and so many different options to chose from. Simple to use and highly motivational! Perfect to get ready for summer !!


Just got back from business trip and was looking for a solid workout in my hotel room. Great mat workout and energized me for the day. Highly recommend her.


Wow! I love the location the videos are filmed. She’s a great instructor. I wake up to her routines almost every morning just to get warmed up for the day. Highly recommend it!!


I love these workouts. I want more. I think a good buy.

The Stovalls

I like the work outs. They work with my time frames.


I love the workouts and Andrea but the app is horrible ! I have to reload purchases every time and even then they don’t always work~very very frustrating!


Crashes every single day. Have to reload the individual workouts, which takes up to 30 minutes apiece. Major design flaw. Should have listened to the other reviewers. 🙁


This is a nice set of compact, focused workouts. Andrea is a great instructor, gives very clear instructions and has a very pleasant manner – cheerful and friendly without being annoyingly chirpy. My only quibble is the price. Most of these workouts are not the stated ten-minute length, and even if they were I think the price is a bit high.


I was excited to use this app while I was on holiday. I have been practicing Pilates for over 6 years and train with my trainer 4 days a week. I purchased 4 workouts and could not get them to play at all. Tracy was great on helping me try to fix the problem, but sadly the app just dose not work. I leave in 2 days so I’m crossing my fingers it will magically work.


But, I have to keep restoring purchases every time I open the app. Not what I was hoping for.


Easy to follow workouts that really make you feel strong!


Makes exercise exciting, it is also really easy to follow. Love the abs and cardio workout a lot.


Andrea is an excellent instructor. Easy to understand and easy to follow instructions. Looking forward to my new sexy dancer’s body!


I love where this app is filmed! She’s on top of a roof somewhere in NYC. So cool. She’s super easy to follow and it’s not too hard, not too easy which is perfect for me.


Andrea explains everything so well and even incorporates weights and the magic circle into the routines. Can’t wait to do Andrea’s routines all the time!!!


I absolutely love Andrea and this app! I’ve been taking Pilates for almost 8 years and this workout is better than the Pilates classes at my gym. It’s classic mat Pilates with the right amount of intensity and rest. My only wish is for more workouts from Andrea!


Do not waste your time, and I work out everyday, wanted to change my work out. so I purchased all of what I thought was video, it is a video, .26 sec of a clip. Big waste, it is joke.


Terrible; never actually got to use it because the videos would freeze while loading! Don’t waste your time on this one!

Fox fitness

This is such a great app for the mat Pilates enthusiast. You can put them together and create a 20, 30minute, etc workout. It hits the total body and then you can get more specific to hone in on toning and tightening certain muscle groups.


App always freezes when I want to watch a downloaded video!! It’s just loads… Never got the chance to use it!! 🙁 bummed!!!


Love the exercises provided in this app

Malibu Wailae

You need to have done at least a couple of intense mat Pilates classes before you could do the moves in a non-stop manner. The warm up is a good start. Great for Pilates-on-the-go.


It’s a really good app, but needs some improvements. The instructor breaks down all the exercises perfectly. It would be a good to offer beginner and advance exercises. Also, the option of purchasing all the exercises in one single download.


Finally, a series of Pilates workouts that can be mixed and matched for precisely the areas I want to work on during a session, without time-wasting beginner instructions. Highly recommend.


I don’t understand why I can’t open or even purchase 4of the 8 workouts offered. It doesn’t make any sense.


What am I missing? Nothing amazing here this app is simply a gateway to purchasing videos…. Waste of time


I love this app. Very easy to follow and I feel the benefits. I went ahead and downloaded some if the apps as reasonable and have a nightly routine with the warm up plus I rotate 2 other sessions. Highly recommend.


Great app!!! Written, detailed instructions on everything she does in the videos, as well as verbal through the videos. Each segment is $2.99 but well worth it. She’s great motivating without being over the top.


Happy I got this app

Valyrie Parks

Not worth purchasing. & staged reviews


Great ap! She is so clear in her directions. Easy to follow. Start and stop at your own level.

Mama HodgePodge

I’m at an amateur level but the work outs are great. They are fast and challenging enough for me. Thanks!


This is an amazing pilates app and the location is so beautiful. I’ve been using it on my lunch break every day this week and my body is looking tone already. Highly recommend!!

Jonathan Ayers

Andrea gives a great Pilates workout! I bought all videos and have enjoyed them all. Not only are the workouts great, but she sure is beautiful! Great Pilates training, and easy on the eyes. Doesn’t get better than that


Great workout!! 😀

N Shannahan

I was very impressed by everything about this app – the interface is extremely easy and intuitive and all exercises are explained very clearly. I’d strongly recommend this app to anyone and hope that Andrea comes out with more videos / apps like this soon.


Andrea Speir rocks the workouts!! Her targeted exercises get the job done. Serious burn in the tush, arms, and abs. I love her high energy and detailed explanation of all. She’s my fave when it comes to Pilates!!!

ABG baby

This is an extremely comprehensive and good Pilates workout series. I like that you can work on the whole body or just target specific areas and can adjust your workout to the time you have available. Even one ten minute segment works you hard! I am a certified Pilates instructor myself but having just had a baby cannot get into the studio as regularly as I would like but with Andrea at home I can keep training.

Happy and Jolly

I travel a lot for work, and work-outs are sometimes hard to squeeze in. Andrea’s quick ten minute workouts make it easy to fit in a quick workout whenever I motivate. I am a pilate-newbie but the instruction is very clear and easy to follow. I have been doing her workouts consistently for two weeks and I’m seeing great results!


Andrea is so easy to follow and understand.

Stix Stefan

Instructor Andrea Speir, moves at an easy pace, explains Pilates principles for safety and effectiveness and all as though you are at a personal 1:1 session. I have tried many of the other Pilates training apps and this one is by far the best out there. You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended.


I have been taking Pilates class for a bad lower back and it has really helped. I travel a lot for business and have been searching for an App that I could take on the road so as not to lose anything I have build up in class. I am so happy to come across Andrea Speir’s Pilates Apps, they are great and in fact I find them a better workout than my class. I highly recommend for beginners and accomplished athletes.


Andrea is a great teacher. The exercises are clearly explained and have a good pace. I travel a bit for business, and this is a great portable workout I can do away from home, at a hotel, anywhere.


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