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【图】Grand Prix Story
【图】Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story iOS

Grand Prix Story 简介

Try your hand at managing an auto racing team!

Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix!

Develop new vehicles and parts, and customize them any way you like! Do you have what it takes to make it to the winner’s circle?

No knowledge of motorsports is required to play!

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Note: Screen rotation and zoom are only available on iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch 2nd generation and later, and iPad.

The game now lets you switch between English and Japanese.

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Grand Prix Story 下载

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big tookie cuhz

Im at year 6 with tons of money and progress during the Grand Prix last race I sold my car & made a new one but i didn’t finish in time, I won & was prompted to the ceremony and a notification box pops on my screen with the following “an error occurred” and I can’t continue PLEASE HELP


Well worth the purchase, one of the better Kairosoft games


Fun but it gets old. There is almost no replay ability for this game


I have played beastie bay and Game dev story, and I liked the way you play. It may get hard at a point (formula Asia) but it’s still good. If you are in thought of how to play, you use money to upgrade the cars and research new ones, while hiring and training a crew. You aren’t the driver, all you do is watch, but it’s fun to cheer


One of the few games that I’ve had on my phone since it came out. But can we please have a new one.


I loved this game I played it over 4 times.


Overall money well spent! I looked at this game wanting a business game just to see if I could turn a profit but found a really in depth fun and exciting game that got me hooked! It’s a pay once and play game to so that really helps and though u dont actually race the cars urself u actually are the manager from deciding the parts that go on the car to the sponsorship ur team get! Not much of a tutorial and tricky at first but extremely fun once u get going!!! Honestly I don’t write reviews but this app truely deserved one!! I’m very happy with this game even if it was a few bucks!!!


Your games are always so good please keep up the amazing work but maybe make a free game with in app purchases


By far hands down one of the best games on the App Store. A Grand Prix story 2 would be ur next best game. A true masterpiece of a game that anyone can learn. Thank you Kairosoft


A Grand Prix story 2 would be an amazing game and would purchase the game as soon as I could.


Let me say that among Kairosoft’s many excellent games, this one is my favorite. It is well paced, challenging and has good depth. I am less happy to report, however, that for some reason the game runs horrendously slow on my iPhone 4, to the point where I really just can’t play.


Whatever Kairosoft did on the last update is now causing this game to frequently crash and lag badly! It’s almost unplayable now! Please fix this ASAP!!!


I bought and played this a while ago, but now I cannot redownload it. The game is amazing, and I want to play it. All other downloads work fine.

Deadliest envelope

Been playing this game for a long time, can’t recommend it enuf. So thankful for the recent patch game is running grate 🙂

Bryan Kuro

No in app purchases and hours of fun! I love this game.


Great game, but crashes on iOS 9.2 (13C75)


Basic graphics but a really fun game that is better the second and third times you play.

Andre 3000 Benjamin

I never make reviews but this is one of my favorite games on iOS. Never did I think they would come out with an update on the game!


This “minor” update makes it native to the 6S Plus resolution! I love it! I can keep playing this game over and over and the HD make over is great!


Thank you so much for listening to what I have said and applied it!!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Love all of your games!!!!!


But it won’t open. I try to open it and it immediately crashes to the home screen.

Kid super

I usually love there games but this one I can’t even play- I payed the money and got trash so thanks.


Game doesn’t even load. Waste of purchase. Would not recommend.


So I am on the new iPhone update and the iPhone 6 and when I go to load up the game itself, it flashes a black screen and then it shuts down my game. I would like my dollar refund… I know it’s just a dollar but it’s the principle


I bought this game just wanting a quick fix for a racing game and I got so much more. Everything in this game is perfect! All of the challenges are not to easy but not to hard and they create the perfect combination of fun! Get this game now! Although, it will not open on my iPhone 6 but worked great on my iPhone 5!

Zen bijoux

Waste of money until they update it. Do not buy

DJ Kenneth A

Crashes at launch on iPhone 6 with iOS 9. No update. If this game will not be updated it should be pulled


Great game but you’ve failed to optimize it for iOS9 deeming it useless.


I don’t want to think I paid for an unusable product.

Cc user 5271848174

Please help I have a problem to where I cannot open the game. Otherwise 5 stars when I did play amazing a new type of kariosoft


Really want to try this game. But it crashes as soon as I open it… Of course I’ll change my rating if this is fixed.

going crazy23747

I bough this game but cant play cause it crashed right after the black screen which open when i tap on app. I tried to reinstall so many times, plz help!

Andre pistols

so I got this cool looking game since I’m a huge car enthusiast, and also because there Isn’t many car games that I have enjoyed, well I get it open the app and patiently wait for it to load, but never happened tried many things but nothing worked and I got charged for it


App doesn’t work on iPhone 6. App will close on its own when you try to open it.


I have a new iPhone 6 and every time I open this game it just sits there with a black screen for a moment and then the app crashes. I haven’t played the game yet, but I want to, especially cause I bought it


I’m expecting to really enjoy this game as I have enjoyed other Kairosoft games, but like Game Dev which locks up at annual awards, this won’t even open despite trying several times.


Game crashes on load up.


I’m unable to open the game after the most recent iOS update. It crashes immediately after opening. Please look into this!! Thank you


Keeps crashing I used to love this game now all it can do is crash when trying to open it.


Have iPhone 5s and updated to OS 9.1 and this game is not compatible and won’t even open up


Bad developers game crashes on start.


I have had this app installed for about 2 years and still play it. But not now. New iOS update causes the game to crash on opening. Come on kairosoft, we paid for this game and now it is unusable. Update it please.


I always play this game and it always places number one among my other fav games, but after I updated my phone to iOS 9 I realized that this game seems not to support iOS 9; It keeps getting crash. Dear Kairosoft I enjoy all of your games but this one is my most favored one. I know this is an old game but as one of your kairo-fans, I request you to update this game iOS 9 supportive. In fact, this is the most famous kairo game in the App Store… If possible, please increase the screen size ratio fitted to the most recent iPhones. Thank You.

Kairo gamer

Ever since I updated to the latest iOS9.0.2 I have not been able to play. Every time I try and play it just crashes without even getting to the start menu

I like bball

Bought the game. Installed fine but when I go to play, it doesn’t play. Has anyone else had this problem?

Joey fl

Please fix. It won’t open at all. 5S


I bought this game for $1.00 and whenever I press the app it crashes and doesn’t work. I guess it doesn’t work on iOS 9. Please fix I want to play this game so badly!!!!!!!!!!


This app no longer works after the new update 🙁


Just bought this game and it crashes as soon as I go to open it. Please fix! This is my favorite mobile game developer, I love everything they put out, so I’m dying to start this game!


Crashes every time


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