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【图】CardCash – Discount Gift Cards
【图】CardCash – Discount Gift Cards

CardCash – Discount Gift Cards iOS

CardCash 简介

Save up to 35% when you shop by paying with discounted gift cards from CardCash.

We buy unwanted gift cards and offer them to you at amazing discounts. Save on electronics, food, entertainment, clothing, home, travel, and more. Select from the world’s largest inventory of discounted gift cards.

Planning to go out to eat? We have great discounts on popular restaurants like TGI Fridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle, and more.

Updating your wardrobe? Check out our deals on H&M, Hollister, Abercrombie, Nike, TJMaxx, and many others.

You can even save on everyday items like groceries and gas, pay with discounted gift cards right from your phone.

Our super savvy shoppers combine our discounted gift cards with sales, coupons, cash back offers, rebates, free shipping, and other great deals to stack savings. Watch your savings grow!

Shop risk-free with our 45 day balance guarantee.

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CardCash 下载

App Store 官网美版



I sold/traded a Nike gift card for an amazon gift card. It’s been 5 days now of emails back and forth of them saying they emailed me the gift card and me saying I never received it, please resend it. I feel like I’m just getting the run around. If I ever actually do receive the gift card I will update my review.




I am done DONE using this app. It’s just awful. Their supposedly fraud department is killing this app. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing. After this review I am deleting this app; never again

Global global global

Bought 3 cards then they banned me. Called customer service 5 times and they said it was automatic by their “software” and there is nothing they can do about it.


I tried making 3 orders with 3 different cards and all were cancelled due to “fraud”. Agent on phone gave no reason why they were cancelled and just said to try again. This seems like a scam company so stay away!


Accepted my cards got my bank info down sent “gift card” that’ I asked for just to instantly cancel it both orders for no reason right after but yet charged me 4$! I should of read the reviews apparently they do this to majority of people I’m sure it’s a scam just to get your information down ! Don’t trust this garbage company


Very infuriating because I like this app. I have no history of fraud, my cards are both legitimate, I have no suspicious record. But twice, with both of my main cards, have I been barred from purchases due to my activity being deemed as “suspicious”. I buy Starbucks gift cards because I’m a daily drinker, how is that suspicious. Would not recommend this app, and if I did, I’d preface that their fraud system is extremely sensitive.

Anthony Polselli

I’ve used it several times for trading cards I have no use for for cards from stores I frequent regularly. You get better return value for trading over selling outright.


CardCash is pretty awesome. If you do your homework, and stack some store coupons together you can pay up to 80%-90% off whatever it is you are shopping for. Thanks CardCash!


I was using Raise a lot to save on the stores I shop at and someone told me about CardCash so I tried it out and bought 3 Marshalls gift cards. Unfortunately the one that was supposed to have the highest amount was empty!!! I was very disappointed as I needed it that day. I put in a claim and have to wait 3-5 business days for a response (my money is just stuck until then). I am waiting for a reply but HOW HARD is it for CardCash to check the balance of the cards BEFORE selling them to us and taking out our money to put in limbo for a week??? WTH


We have used CardCash for several years, but for some reason never thought to check if they had an app until recently. Since downloading the app, we have used it way more than we were before (not for extra purchases, but for purchases we were already going to make anyway). The app is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The gift card purchases come through almost instantly. We frequently buy them in stores right before heading to check out (once we know approximately how much we will be spending). Highly recommend!


I think the app is great and it’s easy to use. I ordered and within minutes I had my e-gift cards

Sanghyeok Jeon

Amazing app must have for anything eat, shopping tons of saving.


This is supper app . I have saved lot of money with the gift card . We will get the card immediately in few seconds that’s marvelous!!!! I recommend all to have this app in phones


I have saved a ton using this service. Just watch out if you buy a large amount they can send you tons of small gift cards. I have learned the hard way and got like twenty 5 dollar gift cards from target. Other than that I love the instant delivery it’s the best!!


Works well if mailing in the card is not necessary.


The app is great because I sell a lot of my gift cards to CardCash but you can’t sell your gift cards in the app And they only take gift cards above 10$. If they would do 5$ gift cards and let you sell in the app the app would be great.


I recently just got this app and so far it has been easy and a great way to save some money. I have not used it for anything big yet but if I’m about to go to a store or the movies I check for cards and what is nice is that I can instantly use them. It’s easy to search for a store, as you are typing you will see a list of what cards they have and if you see your store you can click on it or if it stops listing stores you know they don’t carry that one. I do compare this app to the others I have such a as Raise, Cardpool, and Cashable but a few times CardCash has had the best deals. I am really liking this app to help me save, I feel that every little bit counts!


Stumbled on this app because I received a unwanted gift card and didn’t know what to do with it. Found card cash on google and I liked the concept. Downloaded the app and now I use it regularly. You buy gift cards at discounted prices saving you money $$. The app is fast and has a good interface. Check them out!


Card Cash is great for so many reasons. From getting a great deal when buying gift cards, to getting rid of gift cards that you simply will not use, it would be difficult to find a reason why Card Cash isn’t an amazing service for everyone.


I have bought gift cards through the app and redeemed them. It all worked easily. The lack of organization and filtering is the only reach it isn’t a 5star.


I just love this app.


I’ve only used the CardCash app to sell gift cards, but I noticed a few things: 1. It was nice to be able to enter multiple gift cards in one transaction and see the total payout adding up. That was something lacking when I used CardPool. 2. When selling e-gift cards I don’t understand the need to mail in print outs e-gift cards. All the information has already been entered online. They are by definition electronic and this only delays payment and frustrates sellers. If there is some point to this please state that point up front or don’t ask for print outs to be mailed in. It defeats the purpose of an e-gift card. 3. I appreciated that once my printed e-gift cards were received and processed (still annoyed by #2 above) that payment from CardCash was quick and electronic. To sum up, CardCash has a more streamlined process to sell e-gift cards, but the process could still be quicker, almost instantaneous even, and if not at least an explanation could be given to users as to why the process has to be so cumbersome so we’ll continue to endure it.


At first I had some trouble because it didn’t tell me whether it was online only and I’d be in a store such as Hollister having trouble scanning it and entering it manually. So, I’d have to pay in cash or card not like I intended. But the update now does tell you so I have no problems with the app! It gives great discounts and they deliver very fast. Saves me a lot of money. 🙂

anonymous wildcat

CardCash is awesome! It’s fast and easy to use. I can usually find a better discount here than other similar apps, and it delivers much faster too, which is great when trying to grab items that are selling out quick


I am very happy so far! I purchased and received my first card. I can’t wait to buy more and save.


I’ve purchased many gift cards at many different sites (eBay, Cardpool, Raise, giftcard granny, etc) as it’s a great way to save some money. I’ve never had any issue at any of them EXCEPT with CardCash. After inputting my credit card info and personal data, they send a bizarre email cancelling the transaction saying only “high risk.” What??? There’s no issue with my credit card, yet no explanation is given and there’s no way to get one from cardcash as customer service is terrible. I tried using this service a second time after several months had passed telling myself that the first try must have been a fluke —-it wasn’t. Same exact experience. Good riddance cardcash. I’ll take my business elsewhere and urge others to do the same. I’ve never encountered such a bizarre online business and wonder how long they’ll be around. (I’m not the only one this has happened to – check out the other bad reviews – there are lots of them).


I “sold” two gift cards on here and have not received payment. I chose to get paid through direct deposit. They said it would be 24-48 hours for the payment to process. It has been about 5 days now. Stay away from this app!

Tucker Efird

I have a 25$ Apple store (not iTunes) gift card I need to sell but it won’t work on your website and in the future could you make it available to sell cards on the app?

Flagged for Fraud

I’ve tried several time to purchase card for various gifts. I always get the flagged for fraud. I think all they do is gather users info to sell off to the highest bidder.


I was a little skeptical at first having a 50 dollar Best Buy card that I wanted to trade in for an Amazon card. After doing some looking across the internet and finding out just how legit this was, I thought to give it a try. Not only did the site take my card, but gave me a more than fair deal on the Amazon card which I then loaded into my account. Would highly recommend using this site for gift card exchanges cause we all know we get some we like and use and some we regift or better yet, can trade in for something better! Thank you Card Cash!

Brutal B

CardCash is rad ! I love this app it’s awesome and the gift cards have so far been sent promptly and I just LOVE SAVING MONEY ! This app has given me no problems but solved a few! I recommend this app!


What better than getting your shopping done at discounted rate. Cardcash offers same facility with instant e-gift card that u can redeem online or in store. Absolutely worth giving it a shot. I am sure once you use it, there is no going back..!!! Keep it up Cardcash team and keep on bringing good discounted rates.. Thanks


I have loved using CardCash ever since I found out about them. It has come in handy around the Hollidays and for purchases that you routinely make to the same retailers. The app makes purchasing the cards easy and more quickly then having to go to the website and signing in every time. A few fixes I would love is to be able to buy physical cards on the app like on the website. Also it would be nice to be able to sort the available cards by something other than the standard which is alphabetically. Just a few minor fixes that would make the app easier to use, but not necessary for the app to be useable.


I look at CardCash almost every day. I’ve always bought a lot of gift cards for my favorite stores/restaurants when they were on sale during the holidays, but with CardCash I can get great deals all year round.


It’s easy to use and quick and easy!


Love card cash!! I tell all my friends about the app. It’s a great way for me to save a little money when purchasing things that I normally would anyway. Definitely would recommend.


The 5 star reviews are all fake read the 1 star reviews and see how there are no developer responses! That’s because they know it’s a scam. You will try and purchase a gift card and they will immediately cancel your order saying it is high risk and that it triggered their system. Try any gift card at any amount and you will get the same immediate email after purchase. They just want your credit card and other personal details. Check the BBB reviews – they’re fraud. Complain to your state’s attorney general’s office and they will take the details to open up an investigation. That’s what I am doing to bring these Scam Artists to justice.


I love Cardcash. I use it regularly to buy giftcards for my monthly subscription services like Netflix and YouTubeTV so I’m paying less than market rate. Can’t beat it!


CardCash is an eas to us app. I’ve purchased several gift cards at a huge discount. I would highly recommend Card Cash.


Before I go shopping I always check here for a good deal on gift cards. They are awesome for gifts as well


When you’re a student every dollar counts. I use this app to buy gift cards to help me pay for food, clothes for work, and gifts for the holidays. I have saved so much already and it’s so simple taking about 5 minutes to save money. Some of my friends are skeptic about buying used gift cards, but the card cash team is amazing and offers a price guarantee where you really cannot lose money.


I used this App while I’m on the go and I can quickly check for any gift cards while I’m already in the store ready to buy! This makes it super convenient because the card delivery occurs in less than 5 minutes. Additionally, I love the front page UI that is simple to navigate and easy to search. The only thing I’d want to see change is being able to delete gift cards I’ve already used so it doesn’t show up in my cards left to use.

do not hame a nickna

Couldn’t find the gift card at all which was available on the website…


I’ve only used the website version as I had a card to sell and the app doesn’t support the selling features. However looking at the app I am impressed, keep it up guys. I don’t know what is stopping you from allowing the selling of cards on the app but I wish you guys did.


Excellent app! Save you some money!! It’s very easy to use and you can get some great deals.


I’ve used this app 2 times and it’s great! Very reliable with there gift cards had no issues and a very fast response time!


I have used CardCash on several occasions and it is a very simple way to save on what you are already buying. I go shopping and check the app to see if there are any gift cards to purchase and buy them in the store to save on my purchase.


Great way to get discount gift cards for your favorite stores, hotels and movie theatres. Super convenient too.

Chris in Norfolk

This app is easy to use and pay for the gift card. It is fast and convenience. I like to use it to buy restaurant gift cards. Card cash also have additional discounts at least once a month to help you save even more.


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