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CVB Mobile 简介

The Cashmere Valley Bank App is a free mobile decision-support tool that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other financial institutions, into a single, up-to-the-minute view so you can stay organized and make smarter financial decisions. It is fast, secure and makes life easier by empowering you with the tools you need to manage your personal finances.

Multi-Account Aggregation: View all of your financial information (balances, transaction history, merchant spending averages) in one place for on-the-go organization.

Alerts & Notifications: Set alerts for low funds and be notified about upcoming bills.

Add Tags, Notes, Images & Geo-Information: By enhancing transactions with custom tags, notes or photos of a receipt or check, you have the ability to stay organized and find exactly what you’re looking for when searching through your finances.

Contact: Locate ATMs or branches and contact Cashmere Valley Bank customer service directly from the app.

The app utilizes the same bank-level security that protects you when you’re on Internet Banking. The app also features a unique 4-digit passcode setting that prevents unauthorized access.

To use the Cashmere Valley Bank App, you must be enrolled as a Cashmere Valley Bank Internet Banking user. If you currently use our Internet Banking, simply download the app, launch it, and login with the same Internet Banking credentials. After you successfully login to the app, your accounts and transactions will begin updating.

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CVB Mobile 下载

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Far far better than the big mainstream banks, and credit union’s offerings. Super fast, looks great and most importantly, stable.


Can check my savings My checking Make transfers Look at my transactions Freeze my card CVB has got it on lock don’t now how they can make it better 🙂


Just updated the app today and now it crashes. Not the first time this has happened. Last time it took 3 months before it started working again. So very frustrating and unnecessary.


Tell you your balance right off the bat.


The app has all of the basic functions you could possibly need to do any on-the-fly banking needs. The only gripe I have is that you cannot find your account number anywhere in the app. I understand that it’s a security issue but I’d recommend letting the user view their account numbers after a verification process. Since downloading the app I haven’t had to call the bank or step foot into a bank in months.


Best bank option EVER! Thank you for convenience!


This application helps me keep my pimp hand strong with my financials


The last update broke the app. Each time I log in now the app immediately crashes. Please fix ASAP.

Cadhmere Karen

It would be convenient to be able to change bill pay amounts using the app instead of having to use computer. It was such a hassle, even using the computer to see how to do it. I had to have help from their technicians.



The old app loaded transactions almost instantly, this app really needs more work! Transaction posting takes 2 or 3 days sometimes before the information finally shows up. Very frustrating and feels pointless to have an app for account information on your mobile device handy for a quick assessment of your finances if the information is never there until 3 days after the transactions are made! Please put an update through to fix this!!


This app is really handy and nice but it needs more work. My balances don’t los fast enough when I need them too and it takes a while.


I love all the new features of the app especially remote capture and card activation/cancellation! You can now log in with a passcode or enable Touch ID (no more trying to type in your username and password every time). Sometimes there is lag time for transfers depending on reception but you can refresh the page to remedy it. Overall super pleased.


Can’t even set up my accounts. It won’t stay up long enough for me to do so. Back to the drawing board please!


Old version was simple and worked. Unable to transfer funds between accounts.

ValleyEasy C

Love this new mobile banking app. Easy to navigate and no problems what so ever. Feels more secure. 5 stars


I updated to this app over the other. I have tried logging on for over 2 hours using wifi and lte. Neither is logging me on and the worse part is I can’t even log on to the original app. Please fix.


the app looks up to day & feels pretty smooth. & it shows you more features.


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