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Cobalt Mobile Banking iOS

Cobalt Mobile Banking 简介

With Cobalt Credit Union’s Mobile Banking you can have your credit union with you every step of the way. Securely check your balances, find ATMs and branch locations, view transactions, transfer funds and check your messages for FREE!

Take charge of your money, with mobile banking you can:
– Check Balances
– View pending items and history
– Search transaction history
– View, approve or cancel transactions

To use this app, simply download and sign on with your existing Online Banking user credentials. To enroll or for more information about Cobalt Credit Union’s Mobile Banking please visit www.cobaltcu.com or call us at 402-292-8000.

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Cobalt Mobile Banking 下载

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So it seems like every few days when you try to open this app it says error and won’t open at all and then other times it’ll open but it’ll say there’s problems with the system and to try back later. It’s getting ridiculous I can’t check my account every day because there’s constantly problems like this and if I really need to see stuff I have to login through the website and even that has problems.Using the online banking through the website is like going back in time to when online banking started. They really need to figure out away all the time.


Every time i open the app I have a 50% chance of it actually letting me login

K4rl Ch1lders

Constantly takes forever to load, or won’t load the main page of the app at all before it tells you that it couldn’t validate your information. The website loads quicker, and it’s stupid.


Nice to have an app for my account access but it crashes way too frequently.


When logging in on my mobile app with my login information, I am told that my login information is incorrect. In other words I have to use my laptop to officially sign into my account which doesn’t make sense. Please fix this app!


Doesn’t let you in the app 3/4 of the time always forgets your login info


I’ve been banking with cobalt for over 8 years now and this app is literally unusable. It never functions properly, gives me timeout errors all the time, not logging in properly EVER! tells me that there’s an error with connection to the bank but the moment I try again it works perfectly fine? I’ve been trying to log onto my bank account for 3 days and I’ve resorted to going back online through web browser over this app


Won’t let me create an account just to make a payment and then when I call they just tell me to go to the website if your not banking with them don’t bother using the app


The app won’t ever let me log in overnight. I work nights so I’m always checking my bank account for different things because that’s when I’m awake. But the app never wants to let me log in. Nowadays there shouldn’t be any issues with apps. The occasional update over night, fine but this isn’t that at all. It’s super annoying and makes me contemplate switching banks lately.


This app is literal garbage. Never works and often inaccurate which is not ideal for a BANKING app.




Check scan reader failing several times saying can’t read checks! Unavailable access too many times, too many problem pop ups! You don’t offer external account transfers on your app or you need a separate app or not available online to send a non member a payment. Too many fees racking up, too many changes all at once. I like the few features you have but catch up on trending features, more security and simplifying

Camden 222

This app was fine when I first got it. Now that they have modernized it and made it more user-friendly, my transactions don’t show up for a few days. They say to keep track of what you’re spending, but that’s not my job when there is literally an app that is supposed to do that. This app has costed me money and if you’re a fellow college student, I would not recommend it.


Cobalt has always treated me well, I enjoy banking here.


The app seems to have a lot of log in issues in the evening.

Benavides family

This bank is everything we were looking for and more… from customer service, to customer satisfaction plus more…

A Brew

I know you guys can do better than this. SAC logos still riddled throughout. Not formatted right for iPhone XS Max, and I’m assuming X/XS. We don’t need the text below the app to say CobaltCreditUnion. That’s in the picture, it just looks messy.


Great to manage your expenses


The application is basically unusable. Someone decided to go with a minimalist theme, but that did not work in execution. The problems I’ve had are too numerous to count. I much preferred the previous edition (actually, the one before that). The interface is difficult to navigate, the ability to see past paid bills (a huge problem for me) is just gone. Account transfers are not very easy. I’d advise tossing this version in the bin and starting over.


I was reading most of the reviews and noticing the majority were negative, I realized many were several years old. It made me realize SAC/Cobalt, must not be reading these or they would do something to improve their site. This is one of the most annoying banking sites I’ve ever used. I plan on closing my accounts soon. I have to have a reliable bank. Most people use their online banking more than going to a branch and most banks realize this. Why aren’t they doing something about this? It seems to me, their customers really aren’t that important after all.

Wx Dog

The latest update to the app on 13 May 19 broke the ability to use facial recognition


I like having access to our account at any moment but I find the app and even the website limiting. This website reminds me of online banking when it was first available. I can’t see our visa card account unless I log in. Never on the app. None of the information is transferred to the app. Currently I haven’t figured out how to see beyond the 1st page of activity on the credit card. I need to look up an old transaction but we couldn’t figure out how to get to draw up the statements or old activity even though there were tabs for such. There’s a glitch in the system. Our mortgage which is from the credit union is noting the amount due in our active checking as pending up to 6 days before due date. This is annoying and very disconcerting. I’ve asked and looked we can not find how to turn this off. Like I’ve said it nice to have banking at a hand’s reach but this online banking needs to be improved. I’m comparing to other credit union systems and commercial banking websites/apps.


Touch ID is pointless if the app keeps making you call to reset the password and without a 24/7 customer service number to assist with password resets it makes banking very difficult during non banking hours, which is when most people have time to check their accounts. This is sloppy attention to detail on the app developers part and should have been throughly tested before going live in the app. Cobalt/SAC is severely behind in common technology banking conveniences when compared to other credit unions. Very disappointing.




Every few months it tells you you have to call one 800 number go into a branch to get your password reset!!! So stupid I need access to my account now not when your open,That’s right you’re not open on weekends


So we now have mobile deposit, Touch ID sign in, and a nice user friendly layout at last. Thanks guys!!! I was a huge hater of this app but not now. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to the bank anymore to deposit my checks!


This app doesn’t allow anything but to transfer and check balance. Needs to be more then this


Without Touch ID or passcode access I still rarely use the app. When I do try to copy/paste in my password it most of the time does not work. So it is still faster to use the mobile web browser and fumble around the site than it is to use the app.


Obviously absolutely no effort was put into this app.


Auto Loan was done through this bank and I can’t even pay online with an external account. They only allow payments from other accounts that you have with them. And now with iOS 11 I can’t even paste my password from my password manager into the field to sign in.


I use a password manager. Not only does this not have password manager integration, but it disables the ability to paste into the password field. It would be as bad if it supported Touch ID. However, it is extremely inconvenient to the point that I avoid using the app.


Most apps, especially banking/credit card apps have Touch ID for login because it is more secure than username and password. When will SAC get Touch ID? I do like that I can deposit my check from my phone but I still can’t transfer money to another SAC member without getting on the actual website.

Vector Wizard

The latest update seems really nice right off the bat! Very simple and straightforward interface and now has the option to deposit checks through the app. Haven’t tried that out yet but I’m looking forward to it! That’s one thing I’ve really been wanting from SAC.


It’s sad. Even worse, it’s a 32-bit app scheduled for termination when iOS 11 installed unless updated to 64-bits.


I think the initial roll out is good. However, I would like to see more functionality like Touch ID, Remote Deposit etc. The app is WAY better than it used to be and so far it is working with with me! I also like the new web app and mobile capability 👌🏽


This was an improvement from the previous version…but that’s not saying a lot. I’m really curious to know if the decision makers at SACFCU have seen other financial institutions mobile banking apps. User ID and Password?! Really?! Have you heard about PIN options? Touch ID?

P Stanky

It’s pretty obvious that the people at Sac who ordered this application didn’t know what to ask for, and that the third party developers they used likely got paid way more than the app is worth. Functionality wise it’s almost identical to the previous app, lacking features a standard banking app should have. The interface design is simplistic and boxy, and reminds me of Windows in the 90s. I was excited to see a new app coming, but if you’ve used any app from any other bank, you will be completely disappointed. This paralleled and “upgrade” on the website that is clunky and amateur as well. Coupled with a lack of personal service, such as video tellers, and a company direction lately that makes Sac feel more like a soulless corporate bank in stead of a friendly local business, I’m done Sac. You have a bunch of fools running your ship now.


As others have said, it was exciting to see a new app was coming out. And, the app is better but it’s missing features that other banks have had for a while now – Touch ID, check deposit, etc. it would be nice to know if that is planned for next update. On a related note, not the best plan to roll out new web site and wipe out your existing mobile capability before your new app was available. Poor planning!


It’s won’t let me log in & so slow!! Please fix it!


I was quite excited to see that SAC was going to be updating their app. I’m disappointed, however. While this app is an improvement over their last version, its missing several features that I’ve been spoiled into expecting by other financial institutions; features such as touch ID login, check deposit, etc. I really hope that SAC adds these features in the future.


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