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Team-One is more than messaging; it’s teamwork made simple.

Of course, you can chat but there’s so much more. Say goodbye to endless switching between apps and hello to a simpler way to work. Team-One’s persistent workspace model puts everything your teams need for better collaboration in one place. 

With Team-One, easily manage all your work in one place so you can be productive from anywhere, anytime, and on any device to stay in sync with your teams. Team-One supports your day from beginning to end.

• Group and private chat
• Persistent workspaces
• Click-to-call*
• Task management
• Easy drag & drop file sharing
• Note taking
• Live meetings & screen sharing
• Powerful search
• Email & calendar integrations
• APIs & Bots
• Integrations to many popular business apps including Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Jira, Marketo, Zendesk and more to assure that you have all the tools you need to collaborate

*Requires separately purchased services

Experience how Team-One can make teamwork simple.

•• Highlights ••
Awarded by Frost & Sullivan in 2014 for Product Innovation and again in 2016 for Product Leadership in the Mobile Employee Collaboration Solutions space.

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Fabulous app!


Great collaboration tool for teams of any size. My digital team uses it to track all our customer projects as well as to have a common workspace for topics of interest or items we r all working on together. Integration to google mail and cal and ESP google drive make it very useful to track everything in one place. Highly recommend trying it out.


Good for notes, meeting minutes and tasks to share with teams. I like that I can share same with external contractors and customers securely.


Fantastic for team collaboration both desktop and mobile apps. Especially helpful when bringing on new team members to overcome the limitations of email, but the notifications keep those who still love their email up-to-date. It’s nice that you can easily invite members outside your organization so contractors can participate in a workspace without having access to everything. The webhook integration is easy to set up and powerful. The hub integration with other cloud services like Gmail, Twitter Google Calendar, Google Drive, SFDC, is very unique in the market and auto organizes things for you which is a boost to productivity!


Haven’t got past the opening screen yet even after deleting app and reinstalling. Train wreck


We have cycled through testing so many of these project management platforms that I’ve lost track. This one is in the top tier though and makes a great tool for teams to use.


My management team and I have been using Intellinote since late last year. It’s made us be more organized and accountable…real time task/project tracking and video conferencing are great!


used to depend on 4 or 5 tools at work every day. We’re now down to just Intellinote and Email. Tasks, Video Calls and File sharing are the most useful. being able to forward our vendors’ emails as Tasks directly into Intellinote has been very helpful too!

Upasana K

I live in Intellinote everyday. It has all the features you need for your Team Collaboration – notes, tasks, real time messaging, sharing files and they just added Video Conferencing. Simple to use and amazingly effective. Loving it!


Been using Intellinote since the beginning and all I can say about the current version is WOW!


Love to see a iWatch version


I’ve been using Intellinote for note-taking and basic task management for while now, but the recent addition of chat messages brings the app to a wholly new level of utility. Intellinote is rapidly becoming the only tool I need for collaborating with my team.


I really like this app because it lets me add notes, files and has integration with Evernote, google drive and let’s me share all of that with others. You can message other users in app and you can open your iPad while/after using it on web or vice -versa and can pick up where you left off, which I think is the killer feature


This is a great app that we just started using in our business. The flexibility to collect and track information (and share it with others) is amazing. I was particularly impressed by their customer service. While we were still evaluating the app, the Intellinote team spent 90-minutes with us sharing ideas and solutions Intellinote could bring to our workflow. The best thing I can share is that over the recent holiday weekend I logged in to Intellinote and found a problem. I sent an email to Support asking that they contact me as soon as possible. Assuming I wouldn’t hear anything until the following Tuesday, I was amazed to get a phone call from Ronen Vengosh on Saturday night. He found the problem and corrected it that night. Great apps are only as good as the customer service that backs them and these guys do it right!


They have a great sales team. Misled into signing up for paid service only to learn we were part of a very beta experiment. Lots of promise of new features but not impressed. Paid for something we have never used, and no refunds available.


We can use iPad and PCs to update the work process with fillable PDFs. It is much convenient.

iTsUpToMe Production

A smart application would be flexible to accommodate the preferences of users. I want to use iCloud or maybe Outlook. So I deleted it. Not smart to impose only one way to sign up


You are not informed that there is a cost until you sign up with your email and phone that there is a cost. I don’t have a problem with paying for a service, but I do want to know up front there is a cost for the service.


I do have to say that this is one of the best tools I’ve seen for companies that must manage multiple projects across multiple organizations. I just started using it in my organization and find that it’s addicting…The more you use INTELLINOTE, the more you realize you can’t live without it.. Very easy to establish new workspaces related to a new project, add collaborators, assign tasks, make and share notes, and manage workflow. I use it to keep tabs on five different teams for the consulting arm of a industry association. The feature to allow subcontractors or association members to join (for free!) is awesome. It makes expanding projects workspaces across organizations simple and speeds collaboration with minimal administration. Managing tasks across multiple projects is is easy, and one of the best features – for those who are not only expected to multitask, but to multitask across multiple projects..check out the unified view feature! The task reporting is also quite good – but to see how many tasks are open and where the bottlenecks are. I really like the integration that’s available with email, and web apps through their API and ZAPIER interface. We integrate social networking, surveys–using the intellinote to generate tasks (New tweet,post closure of survey, etc.) and push workflow to the right individuals. App integration takes no time to set up. (One improvement: I do have to say it would be great if each project had its own email address on the email integration side- client side/project based chat window would be awesome too) I find the iPhone and iPad versions to be very intuitive. And the web client is quite good. App updates are always adding new features. Good to see that they are rolling out product features and improvements on a regular basis.

Avid Podcast Junkie

Many of my High School coaching staff have non teaching jobs and it is often cumbersome to get them together in the off season Intellinote to the rescue. We are now getting a lot done (coaching matters, administration duties, and general discussions) with more creativity and follow through then we were getting with weekly meetings. The ease of use to do this at any time on any device is priceless. Highly recommended!


Crashes during the signup process. For now will stick with the built-in productivity apps.


Needs some detail and polish. But the concept is great. Can’t wait to see where they go with this.


We started using Intellinote for our administrative team to keep us on task between meetings. We’ve discovered that it is a great tool not only for staying on-task, but also managing a number of projects for a team that spends a great deal of time on the road. We’re now looking to expand to other departments.


I find the overall development of the app great. It is well put together and is very well organized. Good work!


This strikes me as what Evernote would be if it was oriented to getting work done. The collaborative element is a nice extension to what is really useful on a stand alone basis.


Great solution for keeping everyone on task and being able to monitor the progress of your projects. Nothing falls thru the cracks anymore.

E Capital

Very productive App. Helped me and my Project Managers with our activities and keep record of all our data. 🙂


Awesome app. Helps me complete my tasks in a timely manner. I would highly recommend it. I love the reminders to help you keep on track.


It is interesting app. Helped me a lot in one project in the last month.


Great app a must have. a keeper. Have used similar apps this one tops them all.easy to understand and operate especially the task assignments.

Elie 1515

Very helpful and easy to use since i started using it i have so much easy time i don’t have to worry about missing any of my to do list Great job thank you


I was first attracted to this app because of it’s simple layout and fantastic network of support. I have had multiple touch points thought talking with a real person about how it can work better for me. Also I have gotten emails and been reached out to to see how it can be effective for me. Great app.


App is great at creating projects that can then be broken down into task. Task can be assigned to team members and tracked by the PM. This has improved collaboration among team members and has improved project efficiency.


The best team collaboration and task management app! I have tried several apps and this one does everything I wanted to do. Visually appealing, user friendly, intuitive, easy to use.. Great features.. It is good for business and personal with different notebooks avoiding mixing up your professional and personal stuff!

Zack Orsborn

A perfect way to manage your team. Very intuitive platform!


I work on many projects at a time, so many that I forget some of them from time to time. With this simple, easy to use, yet powerful software, its does a great job of organizing tasks and notes in a very flexible way. Although it does not much in the way of formating of text within a task list, it handles sorting and filtering of tasks and notes very well. The best part of this app, is the email summarry I receive every morning that I can review as well as print out to get a global picture of my activities. At firs, t I was just testing in casually, but now I am using for my everyday work. The more I use it, the more features I discover and use.


I have found Intellinote to be easy and straightforward to use. What would really make it great is to be able to format text. It defaults to Times New Roman in Notes and no way to add bullets or indents. Would love to be able to change fonts and use paragraph tools. But it’s definitely a handy app overall.


Opened app to take a pic and the photo option crashes each time it’s opened.


Good set of features for our client projects and work orders for the price. Our field engineers and subs like the mobile apps. We have 2 PMs that use the Web version. So far, so good.


Okay I hate leaving bad reviews but honestly I can’t seem to find anything nice. Wait I lie. The two times I was able to access the app were great. But now it logged me out and every time I try to log back in it claims I have no internet connection. Even though I’m clearly in wifi and all other apps function. Am I missing something???

Dave Oien

Try this very intuitive team collaboration app! I use the free version, good for my small team (five) to plan and implement my projects. The tools make intellinote robust – this app is worth adding to your team toolbox!


I really like the app. It helps me keep track of the tasks throughout the next few weeks. I love the ease of use with collaboration. It makes it really easy to work with others and share ideas.


Great app for collaboration!


I love how the notes are shared instantly!

S I Cortes Jr

I was an avid Springpad user and dabbled in Evernote and a few other similar apps, some of which are no longer around. Intellinote’s ease of use, fresh and modern design, intuitive layout, multi-ecosystem access and off-line app capabilities make it the best available on-line collaboration platform available today. My Unified Workspace count is near the 200 mark with over 40 active workspaces and it is continually growing. Please continue to make the best collaboration app even better!


There are sync issues and lost great part of my note but this is the only replacement for Springboard and they have a great support team so hope they fix some issues.


We enjoy using this app for business purposes. We can communicate better as leaders by being on the same page. Love the discussion to task function.


Love the ease of use- both online and within the app. I use this everyday to collaborate with co-workers.


This is the missing link for Google Docs, which is seamlessly integrated, adding much better sharing tools and templates which are great for creating a starting framework. The consistency between desktop and mobile clients is well done.


This app expands up features you find in evernote and basecamp. Better and easier sharing. Good for small business. Even better if you run your small business off Google Appsb/c it has seemless integration with Google Apps


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