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Movies by OneTap iOS

Movies by OneTap 简介

OneTap Movies™ is the ultimate app for movie lovers.

With just one tap, Movies by OneTap recognizes where you are and brings you closer to what’s playing. See critic ratings and reviews, view show times at local theaters and watch trailers before ever setting foot in the theater. Best of all, OneTap allows you to buy tickets from Fandango — making it the ideal app for that instant movie craving.

Features You’ll Love:
• Buy tickets instantly with Fandango ticket sales.
• Don’t get lost: allow OneTap to direct you to the theater.
• Browse OneTap shortcuts: Sort your results by theater, popularity, rating, newest and more.
• Avoid a dud. View movie ratings and reviews.
• Place your favorite theater at the top of the list.

Fan Reviews:
“Let’s go out to the movies. OneTap Movies … provides show time information for movies in your area, but it does it with a slick collapsible list of theaters.” — Macworld
“[One of] the 16 best iPhone apps.” — The Frisky
“OneTap Movies is the clear winner in the presentation category” — /Film (Slash Film)
“Freaking Awesome! …Since I travel a lot I would have to figure out what zip code I was in to find the closest theater. Now with location based services it tells me the closest theaters without the hassle. And to view trailers within 10 seconds or so is totally cool, too.” — PunkinB1

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Movies by OneTap 下载

App Store 官网美版



What is wrong with this app that it pulls 20+ year old movies with similar titles to the first run listings. Isn’t anyone overseeing this discrepancy? It’s been going on for at least 3 years. Strange.

Baby Nosey

Very good App, with one exception, and that is the description does not always match the movie title? It has gotten worse recently, October 2019!!


The description is about a different movie altogether including the artists. Please rectify. VicN


I was sitting with my daughter this evening looking for a movie for tomorrow. I have used this app for years. Suddenly pornographic pictures popped up in front of myself and my 12-year-old daughter. There was a loud tone that accompanied it with the pop up. Either somebody hack the system or there’s something dramatically wrong

Not Impressed 13

I give this four stars only because on occasion our local movies are not listed, but I believe that has more to do with the local theater not making those listings available. So my rating of four stars really would be a five if it weren’t for that. This is my go to app for movies.


Pics often don’t match titles -ex. pic will be correct and title wrong or vice versa. Sometimes dates are inverted – ex. Fantastic Beasts shown on November 18, 2016. Auto-opens to first theater which is never one I go to. Can’t figure out way to delete theaters never attending. Great concept with lots of errors.


I’ve used it for 3 years. No other beats simplicity and design. One tap you get what you need. And you can buy tickets too

Ky Charlie

Once my favorite, this movie app now sends the user off to buy games, unsolicited, and even fake gift cards. Dump it.


Perfect to find movie showtimes. Believe me, I have tried every app and they all either want to sell you tix or give you theaters on close to your location. Well this app lets you save “Areas”. So if you want to look at the best showtime of a movie in an area. You can look at a bunch of theaters to compare.


It might waver sometimes, but this is always my go to app to see what and what times things are playing nearby. Movie ratings and previews are simple to access also.


The below (my earler review) still holds with one exception, which has cost it two stars. Frequently the description has nothing to do with the movie. For instane “Tomb Raider” has the release date, write up, cast and even the poster of a Finnish “art film”. ………. This has pretty much become the app it promised to me. You still have to use Fandango to buy the tix but this can’t be a one stop shop, apps still need to be lightweight. I wish that when you change dates it would stay at your current theater but that’s minor.

Bill web

This site is definitely designed and run by non believers and atheists because for the third time I have reported religious movies having the wrong trailers listed and shown. Check out the current movie “Same kind of different as me”


I like the idea and convenience of this app; however, it does need work. The marquee is often wrong: pictures, titles, and description don’t match up. Fixing this/these problems would change my rating of the app.

The real Danny D

I love this app. It’s design is just right. I don’t understand any of the complaints. It’s my go-to.


Poster never matches movie title, movie times are never updated to the correct movie times. Used to be a really good app I could go to but now what a waste of time. #deleteapp


I’ve been using this for years and agree lately it is laughable what displays for movie poster, cast, and synopsis detail. Totally wrong and often showing movie info from 2012 releases. Please fix this soon!


I don’t know what happened to this app. It use to be perfect. Now all of the movie posters to the left of the screen are different then the supposed coordinated movie titles on the right of the screen. It’s pretty much useless at this point. Sorry guys.


I really like this app in theory, and often in reality as well. But the movie posters and synopses/reviews are SO OFTEN for the wrong film. I can’t even begin to understand how this happens—even if it’s non-English speakers doing the backend, or if it’s all automated, surely some sort of QC process could be put in place? I’ve been using the app for at least four years and it seems like this has gotten worse over time instead of better. Developers: please fix this!!


No matter where I go I simply input the local zip and get all the nearest theaters. It has ratings, trailers, and overviews. One of my favorite and most used aps.


Works great. Always accurate


Use it all the time. Easy and lots of info.

Sailor who needs goo

Easy to use, easy to change theater locations and love their rating system!


Great app when you wanna see a good movie and location on where you are at.

Surgery Meds

It constantly shows wrong movie and pictures, making it a useless app for finding movies to watch.


Use it to Find movies and buy tickets. One time it showed the wrong title for the photo and description. Other than that, perfect!!!


Super useful, especially on vacations, or when you have multiple movie theatres in the area!


I use it every week


I actually use the Movies Details Page now that it has a bunch of reviews! Love.


The best interface of all the movie apps


We use it only occasionally at home to see the best times and locations for new or older movies. Use it all the time when we’re on road trips. Gives us all the movies in all the theaters with all the times for the whole time we’re in a location. The locator finds us. The distance is posted and sorted by theater. A map is available. Reviews are available. Can even see a trailer. Very happy with this app!

Roy out

I like how it finds the theaters no matter where I travel.


Over the past several months I have seen instances of broken links where is the title of one movie is attached to the information for a completely separate one. In August 2016 “The Innocents”, was attached to a 2015 movie “Age of Adaline.” NOW VERY UNRELIABLE. I’m removing this app.

Mike Maj



Very handy. Ap works well.


I didn’t choose to install this. Why is it on my iPhone?


One Tap is our go to for what’s showing locally. However it needs a search feature for movies almost done in theatres. And having a tab for “Favorite Theatres” would also be great.


Been using it for many years!


My go-to ap for picking flicks, times and theaters.

Legal Al

I have used other apps like this in the past, but now I use this app exclusively. All the other apps provided the same information, but you had to go through several steps to get to the info I want: mainly I want to know what’s playing and what times do the movies start. OneTap is the easiest to use and gives me what I need to know.

2006 and before

I’ve used it for almost a year. It’s my go-to source for movie listings. … Update: However, it has quirks, the worst so far is mixing up titles. Today, under “Big Short,” it gives details for “Big Lebowski.” Downgraded my rating to four stars.


You bet. Best ever and use this app all the time. Very good no matter what town I’m in.


I use this every time we want see a movie and it’s never let me down. Easy to use and fast.


Movie listings/times aren’t accurate.


This is by far the best movie showtime app.


Can’t live without it.


I’ve been using this for a couple of years now, and it had always worked great. However, in the past few weeks that I’ve tried to use it, the app just keeps turning off every time I open it


No matter where I Am I can find out whats playing close to me and what times.


Love this app–both schedules and additional info/trailers!

Shady House

Apple makes this too hard o review.


I use this at home and when traveling. It’s been very accurate wherever I’ve used it.


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