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Pregnancy Tracker ‎ iOS

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The best Pregnancy Tracker app for iOS!

Stretch marks, prenatal yoga, morning sickness, crib shopping… there’s just so much to think about when you’re expecting! That’s why Pregnancy Tracker is here with engaging daily articles to relax your nerves and guide you through a safe and comfortable pregnancy. And that’s not all – here are some of the benefits you’ll get out of this great app:

• Over 500 daily articles

• Weekly articles on your baby’s development

• What to expect from your body each week

• Daily photo album (watch your baby bump grow!)

• Track and graph weight, tummy size, mood, and more

• Daily pregnancy journal

• Custom background music

• Streamlined, easy-to-use interface

Make Pregnancy Tracker a part of your daily routine today!

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Pregnancy Tracker ‎ 下载




This one has more free options than all the other apps I have tried! Information is more accurate than some other apps too. I like it!

Alex Feminist

It keeps track of my week and the baby’s size, so that’s fine, but the “your body” and tips imply things like healthy vaginal fluid being gross, my body hairs being gross, and reinforces that I should hate my fat and any other aspect of myself that patriarchal society has deemed bad. It could mention that pregnancy has a sexy aspect, but this ap would never. I don’t need any more voices telling me anything negative about my perfectly healthy pregnant body.


Daily tips don’t seem relevant to actual pregnancy stage. Constant request for rating is extremely annoying.


It consistently works, provides enough information to be helpful and relieve some anxiety but not too much to be overwhelming or replace real medical advice.


Great app for me however I would love to see more for when like me 50 years and older


These people don’t even know the difference between a Radiologic Technologist vs technician!! Here’s a short & simple explanation of this MAJOR topic…a technician knows how to work on X-Ray machines & TECHNOLOGISTS ARE EXTREMELY TRAINED in HOW TO PROPERLY USE the machine!! Your writers need education before they share information with pregnant women!!


Love the app this makes my fiancées pregnancy a daily fact learning experience, and to look back at the journal one day will be great to reflect on .


This app is good for keeping track of what week you’re on, journaling, and occasionally giving you updates on the size of your baby. But most of the daily tips are completely random. A lot of them seem to be timed wrong and should be saved for later on in the pregnancy. For example: I don’t need to think about how extravagant Mariah Carey’s baby shower was when I’m still puking my guts out in the first trimester. It would be nice to have some real time advice on how to handle morning sickness (other than the exhausted tip of saltines and ginger ale🙄). I think I’d rather have an app with a community of pregnant women (on their 2nd+ babies) to relate to while I’m going through it. I’m going to look for something better.


My guide through the whole pregnancy! Highly recommend


Very informative thanks !


I love this app


Very useful and informative

Rene Fitz

It’s has great articles and makes you feel normal when you read what symptoms you might have during each stage.


It’s unassuming at first, but each day you have new information to read. Great articles about your body, baby’s development in the womb, and lots of articles on preparing for baby and what you will need to start thinking about. I’m only a few days in and have already read great information on sleep training, daycare, and nursing. Very thankful to the app creators for this help for a new mom!


Fun way to stay informed and keep that “need to know more” urge satisfied. Also helps through the tough spots, when nausea feels like it will never end or joint pain is overwhelming – just a nice reminder that this is temporary and there’s a wonderful prize at the end.


This is a great app very descriptive


It’s helping a lot through this pregnancy. Although this is my second pregnancy my daughter just turned 14 lol there weren’t apps back then 😂😂😂😂 yes 14 years apart so it’s like starting all over again!! So I honestly appreciate this app!


Pass on this app.


Love it


I wish I would have known about this app for my first pregnancy. It’s got a ton of helpful tips!


Definitely worth downloading!


I love how much information it give but I hate how it says her and not him/her. It annoys me that it says little girl and not little one. Cause it I was having a boy I wouldn’t want anyone to call him a girl. Beside that I love this app


I’m a physician and first time expecting mom. This app is great!! Great education and content, it’s pretty, and there aren’t any creepy 3D fetuses floating in space! Great content for baby daddy too – he’s digging it. I’m so grateful this app exists!!


Best thing ever, helps me keep track of my progress, what’s normal for my gestation, and has helpful ideas for mothers. Love this app! Wish I had it for my first!

Mr spray

I am on my second pregnancy and the other apps I used before just ate too involved they are overwhelming . They also focus too much on social media like boards that women don’t support one another on. This app simply allows you to track how you feel emotionally and other in the journal section while giving you articles to help you along .


Just the one I needed, very useful.


Love it!


Easy to use, great tips and advice!:)


Just started using it; so far so good. Can’t wait to see what it has in store for me as I progress.


Informative but could use more of an aesthetic update


I downloaded several pregnancy apps as soon as I found out I was pregnant. This is by far the most user friendly with the least creepy fetal development pics. I love that they have a daily topic to read about. The other apps usually only give you weekly articles. I also like the journal on this. It’s where I track my weight. Love this app!

Amber Lashley

This is the 2nd pregnancy app I’ve used with all 3 pregnancies. I did download 2 other apps, However I couldn’t do anything on either app like I can with this app. I lost my first baby in 2005 and I didn’t have a phone that had apps back then. In 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I used the Facebook app and it was decent but I could not upload pictures or keep track of my weight, mood, etc. I love this app because I can keep track of everything! Especially important thing I can share with my OB Physician. Prior to using this app I was writing everything down and would forget my journal at home and since I’ve downloaded the app I am able to document important information and it’s I never forget it. Or just share my information straight my OB Physician and/or nurses email/phone. Absolutely in love with this app. Also, I am able to share everything with my husband too anytime or while he’s at work and has a question I just share my daily journal with him. 😁


Just downloaded it and love it, specially the journal part. *Maybe* needs some extra features, but so far I liked its simplicity!


The app is great, I enjoyed it since the day I downloaded it. But now that I am 39 weeks pregnant I won’t be needing it for long so. Was going to save my journals or have them backed up but there is no option for that so it killed my whole outlook on it. What’s the point of the journals if they will be deleted?

Baby jasper

I write in this app almost everyday! It’s cool to see the pic I took from that day in the corner.


New father here, and really enjoy the app. Great to get an idea what’s going on in both sides


Just downloaded this app seems to be pretty neat. Can’t wait to figure it out and put it to good use!




Still new to the app but I love the journal it allows me to take pictures of myself everyday to measure the my growing process and the day to day facts and advice are awesome as well!


I love this app! My favorite part is the journal!


Great app

Moonlight Dolphin

I love this Pregnancy App. It has helpful & useful information, that the other Pregnancy Apps don’t have. I highly recommend this App to Everyone. 👍🏻⭐️❤️👍🏻⭐️❤️👍🏻⭐️❤️👍🏻⭐️❤️👍🏻⭐️❤️

Lovely flower

This app is pretty comforting to use when needed. I’m not a complainer unless something is really off but I haven’t had any critiques. Easy to use, journaling is a plus and therapeutic for me and knowing little facts about my baby’s growth put me at ease. I’m happy with the app💁🏼👆🏽👍🏽👐🏽🙌🏽

Anonymous 88888

Very positive, helpful and easy to use. Of the four apps I tried this one is by far the best and I’ve used my entire pregnancy.

Burke Raleigh

I am a CNM (certified nurse midwife) and recently gained the pregnancy super power to turn a pee stick POSITIVE! Being in the industry I already know a ton about pregnancy and childbirth, so I am skeptical when it comes to ‘advice’. But this app is practical and accurate and I like that it doesn’t give you things to ‘worry’ about. Easy to use with good interface. I’m definitely keeping this one for the remainder of my pregnancy!


This app is awesome 💖👶🏾💙💯💯💯💯❣❣❣❣👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Kkc owesome

👍🏻it’s ok


I like how easy it is to use and read. Great articles everyday.


Although I love the articles, the timing of them is completely off. I doubt many mothers are working on picking out a pediatrician 2 weeks after they miss their first period but this is the article that was presented to me on day 41. This happens everyday.

Pregnant muffin

This app is awsome everyday i look forward reading a lil piece of information that will make me smile n rub my belly


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