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Jimdo Creator 简介

With the Jimdo Creator app you can easily create your own free website with responsive website design, a blog, an online store, and much more. And edit it on-the-go! The Jimdo Creator app has been downloaded over a million times and has helped to create some of the 20 million websites now online with Jimdo. What do you want to show on your website? Your website. Always available. Always with you.

*What the app can do*

New to Jimdo?

It’s so quick and easy to get your new website online. Choose your template, select a domain, insert text and photos—done! The design of your Jimdo website is automatically responsive, so it is optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
In addition to the app, you can also edit your website on a desktop computer to use many more features.

Already with Jimdo?

You can edit your existing website with the app. Wherever you are with your iPhone or iPad—your website is right there with you.

App features

Navigation: Add new subpages to your website—or you can change, hide or delete these pages.

Content for your website: Write or publish blog posts, add photos, photo galleries, text, headings, and buttons to your website.

Structure for your website: Headings, spacing, and lines can help your visitors get a great overview of your website.

Online store: You can see and edit your open and closed orders directly in the app. Mark items as sent and/or paid to have even more control on-the-go.

What else can Jimdo do?

Use the desktop version for even more features including more online store options, search engine optimization (SEO), contact forms and much more.

Also: We’re always working on making the Jimdo Creator app even better, and will continue to release new features for it. We can’t wait to see your new website

+++ We’d love to hear from you. Send us your suggestions and comments! +++

Ideas, suggestions, or comments?
Please share them with us: mobile-feedback@jimdo.com

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Privacy Policy:

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Jimdo Creator 下载

App Store 官网美版



Oct 2020: developer reached out to me in an email from Apple thanking me for being a customer. Also I am once again able to edit the website using the iPad browser which offers functions that the app doesn’t. So that’s nice. I increased the rating from 2 stars to 3. Sep 2020: I have been with Jimdo since 2014 and have used this app since it was intially launched. The app cannot manage columns and tables. Until this month (Sep2020) I could still edit these website containers on the iPad iOS by logging in through a browser. No longer. Jimdo forces all editing to be done in the app. The app has had long standing issues with text spacing. When entering new text or editing text and then saving, there is a tendency for the app to remove spacing so that a series of words all run together. This makes the site look unprofessional. Since 2018, it has become more and more difficult to reach Support. There is no Support access in the app. The App Store Developer link goes to Jimdo’s Support page. The support page opens in the iOS browser with the Instructions to log into your account editing mode and locate the Support link in the menu and as I have said before, there is no longer a way to log into your account and reach the editing menu using the iOS in the browser. Those actions dump you into an endless circle. Even from a computer brower, the Creator Sites now pushes my queries to the Dolphin Team even when logged into a Creator Website editing menu and it takes up to 48 business hours for my Pro level account to get redirected to Creator Support. I used to highly recommend Jimdo Creator but I now do so only with reservations.


I had two websites with this app. One being in business website and it got deleted. I was never able get in touch with the support team either. Please fix the bugs. I know how to create an entirely new website and will no be using your app.


Very easy to use


Stuck in interminable loop of having to create a new website in order to login even though I already HAVE A WEBSITE using the desktop version. Don’t know if it’s iOS but I’ve tried and deleted it on three iOS devices.


I loved creating the website & it was all very easy however I am having trouble viewing it from other devices and it says it is not secure & the website I created will not pop up. I am considering asking for a refund because I paid for this to work, not to cause headaches. If someone could help, that would be great.

Best game ever for e

This app is wonderful! This app is so good, every time I make a website it works perfectly! Thank you so much for making the app. I love that I can make my own website! Plus younger kids can do it. This is one of my favorite app


I kind of like the service and it seems to work fine. However, I am not able to log in onto mobile with my paid site and therefore cannot add blog posts. Being that having a blog was the only reason I made an account, I would like this to be resolved! You should at least be able to create blog posts on mobile as well as otherwise. But if not, fix that bug where it won’t let you log into the paid site on mobile. I think this is only an issue because I paid for the app before making a free site. Maybe this was silly on my end but I would appreciate you guys working with me a little.


Please make it possible to edit my jimdo dolphin store without having to use safari with limited options. If an app isn’t in the making I would be so much happier if I could individually choose 5 colors of my choice in the dolphin version instead of only being able to choose 1 and the rest are chosen for me. I think it would greatly improve the dolphin experience. There should be an eye dropper tool for every color, then it would be nearly perfect! It would also be nice if the header and footer could be different on each page. But more than anything please add eye dropper for each color option!!


I never made a website yet. I need help because I made a website, and it has loaded for 20 minutes saying “your website in 3 2 1” and nothing happens. I search my website still nothing. I don’t like it. Please help me

Rishaan Reader 2

I downloaded this app because the website kept freezing up. This was the best choice for my website ever, this app is very easy to work with and is very useful. This app doesn’t freeze up like most website creators do. This app helps sooooooo much in writing for my school’s newspaper. Thanks a lot guys!


If you want to build a website i recommend using the website version and not the app. I have tried using the app several times… about 10 times and have only gotten it to work once. I started the website online and then tried to continue on the app, but when I log in it prompts me like I don’t have a website. Hopefully JIMDO can fix this issue so I can work more effectively. Other than that they provide and amazing free service, it’s just better on your computer.


Best designing site I have ever seen

Director Mike Snyder

Jimdo web server is working very well, except that I can not do A confidential filing website on this server in the first place because when I was putting in certain public files for my main youth website I didn’t see A setting for it to be public or password protected like on my previous website server which was WordPress that server was having problems with the editing. It wouldn’t allow me to edit my website which was A problem, I contacted there support center and they said they there was nothing they could do about that. I told the website support lady that 15 days would be her dead line to figure out how to fix that editing problem or else I would be switching servers.

Olivia Banks

This is horrible. I created an account & started working on my website. Right from the start, I continued to get an error message that the server doesn’t work. There is an option to contact customer service (it’s a LINK) and even that doesn’t work. There’s no other way for me to reach out to this app but to leave a review here. I’m so disappointed. Just a huge waste of time. (…and I never leave reviews like this, ever.) -Olivia Banks


Free app


They are horrible they randomly turn off your website for no reason and don’t get back to you


I create software apps for a living and this is the first user centric web app creator I have ever used. I’ve used them all. It’s a great app to get an online presence out there and fast! No tech thinking necessary so it’s not daunting for beginners. With the added ability to customize with the upgraded version. The out of the box functionality however is enough to get a website up and out there in less than a half a day! I did it and it was easy as 1,2,3. I recommend you try it.


This app is horrible. 12 hours of work gone down the drain. I tried to log into my website last night, IT WAS BLOCKED. For no exact reason. I was crying because of how long it took me to do, and you guys don’t care about other people. I tried to call support, but first. You needed to log in, which I couldn’t. I deleted this app immediately. Do not bother trying this app, It will wast your time and your patience. 1 star review is the best I could give this website. If you upgrade your systems then maybe I will give you a higher rating. I do not know why this app has so many good reviews. It’s not fair to waste people’s lives, just to delete their work. Developers, don’t even TRY to tell me “Sorry for the inconvenience.” It’s not cute. I was crying last night, it’s not cool man. My parents agreed to get me a paid website because they are more reliable.


It would be great app but when I try to edit blog posts I am told to use a computer!


App is great! I highly recommend and I usually don’t write reviews, but this app is excellent!

Oscar Studios

Si Alguien buscaba crear un sitio web …ESTA ES LA SOLUCIÓN!!💯

ashley taveras

This app helps me reveal how I feel and I made a great website about turtle welfare so I was so happy about how it turned out


Thank you! So good 🙂

Greg Gelyon

I tried everything. This is by far the easiest and most robust. I ended up upgrading, but for $70 for a year, I set up a blog with Facebook commenting right on my very own website.


You can’t changed the fonts, and all of the themes aren’t very different from each other. Also I noticed that my photos my look good on mobile, but on computer they are all over the place.


Worked on a site and then it had a huge error and puff it was all gone. It was just text and a photo. What a joke app. Don’t waste your time.


This app is terrible! I spent hours customizing my blog and this error thing popped up and now It’s saying my blog isn’t available like are u kidding me right now! I never do reviews but I’m sooo mad right now not only because I already had to make it 2 but I made it agin and it did the same thing like ate u for real! I could be more irritated like why! I just spent another 4 hr on what cause customer service isn’t helping me at all! I am just blown away at how this app has so many good reviews listen to my review and don’t bother cause this was a waste of time and it’s not because I didn’t give it a chance because I did 2 and wasted like 12 hrs of hard work! Omg I’m done but do ur self a favor and don’t download this app!

drake duhboi

I have to say. This app isn’t all that bad, sure wix Is also a great website builder, but this is another great place to build your own website. 5/5 totally recommend it 👍




My only pet peeve is adding additional information, it’s pretty hard to do . This is a app that i would recommend for heavily based research websites .


I want to delete current pictures, not just add new pictures.


They have some really cool tools to work with so give it a try I did and it worked out for me


You can make a free website and it is legit!!! I got on my laptop and typed in the url and it came up!!! Wow the possibilities are endless thank you so much Jimdo team!!! You guys rock!!!!


This is a GOOD app, but could you be a bit more clear what you mean to click “It”. I couldn’t make my site cause of this problem. And I have used it before, and it worked. But when I tried logging in, the same thing happened.


Its simple and mostly intuitive to use. It’d be nice to have more color options (the white transparency behind content, for example, a black option would be nice), and i’d really like the ability to build a page and keep it hidden (not automatically linked in the menu) until I’m ready to launch it.


This app would be perfect and I love how it works on my phone but it keeps flipping itself sideways when I’m using my iPad Pro keyboard in landscape. It’s beyond frustrating! Since I use the iPad as my computer, I don’t think I can continue using this. Such a bummer as I already connected my domain and paid for the Pro subscription.


Horrible app. I tried to make a website but I should of never have trusted this app! It’s super complicated and very glitchy! Worst mistake ofy life!!!!!!!!


I am very thankful that this app is in existence. Very simple to use and easy to create informative blogs.


After an entire day getting 3 pages perfect, editing images for my photography website and planning to upgrade since I thought this was a trusted app. Well that went out the door fast. Added my link as it said to do with my Facebook account. Bam I’m locked out like I committed a crime. Ok so I contact support, I get a robot message saying contact us M-F business hours. This is Friday evening!!!!


But unfortunately my dom name was taken was alerted very quickly. Only reason I gave 4 stars but it deserves 5!!


New user, so far so very good.


Have tried repeatedly to login and create a website but receive errors or it simply doesn’t load.


The web and the app version are both easy and clean layouts.




You can’t edit anything on this app. Every time you click on something it says “edit on a computer”. What’s the point in making a app for the phone if you can’t do anything and still need a computer?? You can’t add products or fix them you can only change the background of your site.!!


This app is NOT optimized for iPad ONLY, you will need to work with a computer as well. Otherwise outstanding product and service!

The RainBow Man

Ok for a longgggggggg time I have been Looking for A web maker but it is NEVE GOOD BUT THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Horton

Very helpful website


Easy, fun, and visually pleasing. 👍🏼


Me encanta y es muy fácil de entender!!


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