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【图】Emperor and Beauties
【图】Emperor and Beauties

Emperor and Beauties iOS

Emperor and Beauties 简介

Emperor and Beauties is a Palace Simulation RPG in which you get to experience the life of an official heading for the Emperor in ancient China.
Recruit talent Retainers. Deal with daily government affairs. Start a romantic relationship with Beauties. Cultivate Offspring. Prepare for war with Military strategy. End up on the throne.

Key Features:
[On the Throne] – Experience the life of an emperor governing an empire!
[Recruit Retainers] – As you develop, more and more Retainers will be attracted by you with your wisdom. They will follow you and help you build your empire.
[Assemble Beauties] – Encounter Beauties and develop romantic relationships with them.
[Raise Children] – Raise your children and witness their growth from childbirth to adult!
[PvP Arena] – Dispatch your Retainers to fight against other players’ worldwide!
[Guild War] – A fierce battle requires team work with Military Strategy!
[Various Appearance] – Various Retainers Skins, Beauty Skins, Character Skins and special Titles for you to choose.

Please join the Emperor and Beauties club and share your game experience with others.
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/com.heyyogame.gden/
Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1943936972334565/

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Emperor and Beauties 下载

App Store 官网美版



So I thought this game was going to be boring but I love it! It’s very fast moving and I already have a foster kid on the 1st day playing!! Keep up the good work! ❤️

Not worth a penny

I played this game for a while but then I as the black baby ad. Who in there right mind would put something so stupid in a game. There’s no excuse for it. This is ugly and the people who made this should are too.


After I downloaded the latest update I can no longer open the game. I tap on app and screen closes after a few seconds


The localization is about the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s awful. But I don’t care. I only play for the dates. And it’s worth every minute


Title says it all. How did this make it through Apple’s vetting process?


this game is racist af, they released an ad that was EXTREMELY racist. i do not appreciate racists nor do i support them, this game NEEDS to be taken down.


Wow, how can I begin? The character development is so strong. The main romance with the Xiaolian was gripping from the very beginning. From the get go, the story allows you to really fall deep into into the character of Gnemphun with is humble beginnings until his ultimate rise to power as Emperor. There is only one problem, I’ve invested nearly 400£ into this game over the last 8 months and I have no regrets!


So I usually don’t write reviews but just for you 1 Star


Saw an add about this game.so racist.this game should of never been created..I’m so disgusted can’t believe racism is still a thing in 2020


This game is somewhat fun in the beginning, but you have to dedicate a lot of time snd money towards it in order to get anywhere. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this game and go on with your life. You’ll have a lot more fun and probably spend less. Only play this game if you have no life and nothing else to do with your life. You may be better off watching paint dry!

El chuca

Very very botín game


Game teaches self hate to those if dark skin and teaches those off light skin to detest those of darker skin


It has a black baby and the guy asks why the baby is black then somehow they turn the baby into a white person this right here is racist and should be taken down .


you guys are racist


Watch the video on how this game is promoting racism


This game is so bad. Who ever edited this needs to be fired. Very slow boring and racist!! The ad for this game is so racist. It’s unacceptable. I will be deleting it immediately and I recommend everyone else does too!


Game takes too much time to load it’s also very confusing, awful game.


I saw what these people put on their ad. We ain’t dumb. Also they only had one black character in the game which is sad. Also the storyline is really boring. Overall,rate this app a 1 Star so that the app will shut down.


Give your black babies beautiful white skin 😳


𝙄 𝙨𝙖𝙬 𝙖 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙧𝙪𝙙𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙞𝙨𝙩 𝙖𝙙 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙖𝙥𝙥 😡


This game released a racist ad and is currently earning high stars for that. I don’t believe they deserve that amount, so you can take this 1 star rating and shove it up your racist a@&/$0. Thank you, and goodbye.


There is a very racist advertisement for this game. This is horrible.


Game “fixes” a black baby by making it white. Why?

C Dearborne

Just saw the racist ad for this game why is out on the App Store.


I’ve seen an ad for this game recently and when the “ emperor is presented his newborn baby she’s black and then suddenly as he’s raising her she magically becomes. “ beautiful and white”. I would give it three stars if possible, if sure this would have been an amazing game if not for ad but I’m not really happy about that “The only way to beautiful in this game is to be white.”


so, I just saw this advertisement where a baby was born and it was black. he wasn’t happy and said he’d speak to his wife. the screen changes to the child growing AND SUDDENLY SHE HAS WHITE SKIN??? WHAT? the adviser then says ‘oh! she has grown to have white skin!’ MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.


It starts off pretty good but then becomes why too complicated to continue. Not worth my time.


Game is okay and their English is elementary at best. The game is extremely slow and choppy and lags with every button tap. Takes a long time to get through the daily activities. They need to update their servers, the game is very unstable. When I started the game the recommended server was full and I had to search for another, all were full except one. Will probably just delete and move on, definitely will not $$$.


So at first, it was fun but the ads are the part I hate the most!


I’ve been playing this every single day for almost two years. The first 6-8 months I didn’t spend ANY money. But once I understood everything better, I decided to spend real money. And I have to say I kinda don’t regret spending the money. It’s really cool. Yeah, there’s some terrible voices, but all in all, there’s a lot of long span planning and things to work out. This game works out like the growth of a plant (that it does take time and visiting it daily). But once you figure out how to get strong, it’s pretty cool!


I’ve spent way too much money on this game for it to just stop working. Can’t even load or log in. Please either fix the app or refund me of my purchases


The game is beautiful and can keep you busy for a while but don’t hope you will be able to rate well without paying significant amounts. You might win a title here or there by saving this and that and spamming it into recurring events but the game design will not allow you to nearly keep up with investment players. Moreover some convenience features are accessible only with vip status. Convenience as ‘tap once instead 15 times to harvest resources’. I went with it for a while hoping vip increase by other means than paying cash. It doesn’t. These two hardcore p2w issues made me drop the game eventually. Dear developers, don’t even bother to reply. You know as well as me that you aim for your customers purse by making the game annoying for those not investing BIG. You won. I’m out. Thankfully I always play a game at least for a month before I draw my golden credit card 🙂


The game itself is mediocre at best to be honest, I do play many games similar to this one. What lowers my score is the company/developers themselves, I’ve had a abnormally close knowledge of how they work concerning the player base and the tactical profitability which is not ethical whatsoever – nor have I known a company to use the methods they incorporate (likely illegal in some context). I do not expect other players to know what I’m talking about but the company itself does.


Can’t really play a game if it doesn’t load past the first screen or even at all or open then freaks the screen out to where it jumps and only shows if you fail to enter name click here 😒 so I guess it’s trash 🗑


Clicking on anything is a crap shoot, I’ll either go to what I clicked on or it will just load forever until I close the app

Ultra Gold Bee

The app won’t even open.

Mimi Mru

So first IT is NOTHINg like the adds that’s just false advertising. SECONd you need a tutorial everything’s so confusing and everywhere without explanation.and Even though I picked female it still acts like I’m a male!And finally again nothing at all makes sense there’s no story or anything to it it needs so much more work this was a waste of time to download!


I looooove the game, but one stupid problem I’ve been having for the past 4 days, I can’t login under my Facebook account !!! Plz help !!!!


Decided to play the game and felt like there was enough to do and I even bought some of the game features. 1 day there was a glitch where they charge me twice for some tokens and I asked them to fix it with no response so I request a refund via Apple without an issue. 30 days later they say I need to buy more tokens or I will be blocked and don’t take this to Apple. Sure enough they delete my account for $.99 so now I am asking for a refund of all transactions since this seems to violate Apple store policies.. Bottom line – don’t use it it’s a low budget money scam.


This game was a good time killer. However everything cost major real money, $170 or $350 for a new beauty depending on who. There is no way to earn anything by playing. After the stuff you get from startup you’ll have to pay $170 minimum for each extra character and each extra outfit.

Fun grandpa

Since just before Christmas this game stated messing up. You fixed one issue but not I can’t even log in. It’s very frustrating as I have invested both time and money in this game. Please help.

Rich Marino

I am certain this game was bought or stolen from somewhere and is currently in the hands of a much less experienced team. Constant and consistent problems in between and during updates. Very simple fundamentals never tested.

app player 5

Really enjoyed this game but Since new updates this has constantly crashed. Now I can’t even access my acct that I’ve spent money on. I will be expecting a full refund and would urge iTunes not to do business with this company if they can’t provide access to accts that money has been spent on and reasonable refunds.


Logged on this morning and it was like a new account. Will rate high once support helps me.


I have been playing for a few months now. I was almost to rank 5. I go to play this morning, and it has completely reset EVERYTHING. I am terribly disappointed.


What happened!!? My game restarted! I was at 4 now it reset me at 9. I’m very disappointed. All my progress disappeared. This has made me very angry.


Been playing this game for 185 days when the system update changed everything. Can’t access my old server and play with my guild mates. Really disappointed at the lack of response on facebook messenger. This game needs you to pay to win or to join VIP people who already did, so the old server where I played that doesn’t show is really a problem. Please fix. Can’t go in game to contact anyone and haven’t seen an official website either for events or customer service.


I spent over 2000$ vip8 rank almost 2 With power 200 million and I lost my account Like this way ..!!!!!


I started Emperor and Beauties a few days ago, yes it was fun I got up to 170k power forgot, in the morning I was playing for a while took some breaks and got on I played at 3 pm today about an hour later I get back on and everything is gone the whole game was reset and looked different I chose a character and when I loaded into game there wasn’t even a tutorial. Overall the game is fun but when you get reset after hours of playing you want your stuff back, I didn’t even delete the game and it reset. My account name was Comic.


I was on S87 for the last 3 months and this afternoon got bumped to S998 and lost everything. Please help…..


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