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Disconnect Premium 加速器VP* iOS

Disconnect Premium 加速器VP* 简介

A new era in VP* protection, Disconnect Premium revolutionizes online privacy. The most powerful and user friendly VP* app now includes unique SmartVP* technology that empowers you with an unprecedented amount of privacy and control over device wide tracking and encryption. We strive to provide the best and most usable privacy solutions available. Our pioneering VP* products are designed to offer strong protection without causing any hassles, slowdown, or breakage.

OUR PROTECTION POWERS PRIVACY FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE Disconnect’s privacy technology is integrated into several popular browsers and our apps have been Featured by The New York Times, Washington Post, 60 Minutes, Today Show, Wired, & many more!

Disconnect never logs, tracks, or collects any of your online activity or personal information, except the information you explicitly volunteer (like if you decide to email us).

– Device wide tracker protection, which results in faster page and app loads, reduced bandwidth, better battery life
– Easy to use firewall empowers you to block whatever you want
– See a real-time list of trackers trying to collect your location, phone number, email, and online activity
– Stats dashboard shows what’s blocked, along with time and data savings
– Encrypt all Internet connections, to prevent Wi-Fi snooping of your web and app usage and other forms of surveillance
– Full VP* mode masks your location / IP address
– “Less breakage” mode automatically does not route traffic through VP* when visiting sites and services known to block VP*s
– Premium protects you across all your applications, including all mobile browsers

– Utilizes servers in over 180 locations and 80+ countries to ensure fastest connections
– Blocks invisible tracking and malvertising threats
– Works on Wi-Fi and Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc)

Our Tracker Protection technology is integrated into popular browsers and is now available to block trackers inside all your apps. Disconnect Premium blocks privacy invasive trackers by setting a DNS to prevent known tracking domains from connecting. Our tracker protection is solely focused on consumer privacy and we have a well-defined policy, which you can view here: https://disconnect.me/trackerprotection. We are not an ad blocker and never accept money for whitelisting. We give you full control of which trackers are blocked or allowed.

Our mission is to improve the internet and the world by empowering people to exercise their right to privacy.
– We help protect hundreds of millions of people with our tracker protection
– Accolades include winning the Innovation Award for Privacy and Security at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, making the list of Popular Science’s 100 Best of What’s New and being recommended as the New York Times’ favorite privacy app
– Public partnerships with leading privacy/security organizations including Consumer Reports, Mozilla, and the EFF



Please contact support@disconnect.me to connect with our awesome team.

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Disconnect Premium 加速器VP* 下载

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If there’s a way to report URLs that never load, I haven’t found it. I spend most of my time rolling my eyes at another hung browser, switching to Disconnect to turn it off, switching back to the URL and now being able to load it. This doesn’t appear to be a latency issue: ExpressVP* loads these URLs, but Disconnect Premium never does. The in-app support has only two links: an FAQ, and rating the app. So here I am, rating the app.

Steven Estrada

The VP* part of this VP* doesnt seem to work at all


But go ahead and download this application, if you want to spend $11.99/month; or $74.99 a year.


I would like the ability to know if I am connected or not and if not that internet is blocked till I get a connection. There has been times where I thought I was connnected and wasn’t .


Being controlled by hackers and will not allow me to purchase a subscription please fix

JS iCloud Runner

I have been using disconnect.me for quite some time. It is an all in one package! You can go to other VP*s. Maybe use other content blockers, which will only protect you on the browser you use. BUT…. The world has forgotten about all the applications that they normally download. And they have taken its FREE convenience for granted, not realizing that you are being profiled. Each application has tracking in bedded into its coding. In short…. you open your Tinder account and Zuckerberg gets it all!!! If not Google!!! And other ad services. Your likes ,your wants, your needs. The federal government cannot do this without a warrant!!! Why let advertisers get away with this! So quickly we give away our freedom! Every application, talks to other programs all across the Internet…sharing everything about you!!! Nothing is free!!! REMEMBER THIS!!! This is how targeted ads work. You are the product being bought and sold! Disconnect.me is the first application of its kind and the ONLY ONE that protect you DEVICE WIDE!!!! Your apps can not track you. Not on your browser either! Stops third-party tracking COLD in its tracks! It does this by having Two VP* configurations in the VP* settings menu. The job of the first configuration, is the brain of how this application works. This handles the DNS look up’s, and filters out all of the Tracking software from filling their requests.(Apps and Browser)At this stage it also encrypts your DNS traffic via it’s FIRST stage VP* and uses an encrypted DNS service. So your DNS traffic cannot be intercepted in transit and there is no worry about DNS Cache Poisonings (Most DNS lookups are in plain text in which hackers can access, to redirect to an attackers computer, for a Man in the Middle Attack) . All this is done SEPARATELY before leaving your browser or device !!!! Now that the DNS has given your browser the IP address you need to fulfill your request (fully filtered of tracking), it goes to the Second VP* configuration. The second stage handles the Encrypted Tunneling Protocol in which your search queries are encrypted and kept safe, then sent via ENCRYPTED VP* TUNNELING all the way to the VP* server location that you selected, then unencrypted to fulfill the request after it has left the VP* servers. No other VP* does this! Normally VP* tunnel is established directly To the VP* Servers. Then your DNS Will find the IP address you are looking for outside the VP* service. If you’re lucky that service owns its own DNS. But that does not mean that it is encrypted and that they cannot see all of your look up’s to sell it. And you are still at risk of cache poisoning and can be full of advertising sent you’re way! Encrypted DNS is important!!! And they offer it right here!!!!! If you have any doubt… The ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION supports DISCONECT.ME Still have doubts… The code is open source !!!! Anyone can look it up. This team is in this for the right reasons… And that is enough for me!


Nowhere on the App Store does it say you have to have a subscription to use this.


I had this app for long time working fine. Recently i changed my device and tried to restore purchase. It said the purchase restored bit then does not activate the premium features. Still asking to pay again.


Latest update seems super buggy, wish I didn’t update. Connection not working at all now.


With new version, the VP* drops, and then doesn’t automatically reconnects, so users believe it’s protecting them, but it’s not doing anything. I’ve reported to developers, but after a few weeks it still doesn’t work.


My recommended settings: SmartVP*, encrypt dns, secure mode (upgrades unencrypted http to https), and enabling aggressive mode of Facebook and Google blocking. Be sure to export any custom rules from time to time so you can restore them if needed on a new device.


Crap. UPDATE They sent me a new link that restored my service, thanks.


This app stopped working in full encryption mode on my iPhone. Support could not resolve the issue so I let my subscription run out.


I liked and used the previous version. When 3. whatever came out I updated. At first, I could only use full VP* out of New York. I did not like the situation, the customer service rep said that the developers were looking into it. Now, I can not connect at all using full VP*. I contacted customer service again. The developers are still looking into my “rare” situation. This leaves me with an expensive blocker not the fully encrypted protection I paid for. As a new user I would not download and purchase this software until researching to see if the developers have fixed all of the glitches.


I haves lifetime subscription from stacksocial. After the major upgrade full VP* mode becomes useless unfortunately. The speed is unbearable even when I’m only trying to open google, let alone any video that’s region blocked. The last version of this app on my Android phone works fine tho.


Been using this app for several years now and have turned others onto it. Great update and like the new tracking features. Use this with Firefox or Brave and you’re set! Customer support is always prompt and helpful. Thanks for creating a useful and much needed app!

Shaw DC

App now continuously connects/disconnects several times a minute while in full VP* mode. Running on latest ios/11 pro.


I really dig all the new features. Please, please bring the new design to the Android version.


How can I restore my purchase in this new version?


My “lifetime” subscription appears to be dead. No way to restore it, no warning. Avoid this app and this company.

carl hansolo

Restore purchases on 3.0 isn’t working. My iOS version is 13.4.1.


Had a lifetime license but upgrading to version 3.0 no longer recognizes or gives me the option to sign in. Restore purchase just links to the app store subscription.


This VP* is more of a hassle than it’s worth. The ability to block trackers and ads is a great addition to an otherwise fine VP*. However, the app lacks the ability to whitelist domains that are required for an app or website to work. There are a number of apps on my phone that won’t load at all with this VP* turned on. So it’s a hassle turning it off every time I want to use one of those apps and turning it back on after I’ve finished.


I have purchased a lifetime membership of Disconnect that I use on my desktop. Went to download the app and it’s forcing me to pay again to use it on my phone, without even an option to log in with my existing account or use the lifetime membership code. How greedy can you be guys?


I was unable to link into my account after I lost a phone. I had an annual subscription with most of year left, but I was asked to pay to use it every time I tried to start it up again with no option to sign in as a member. Just got notification that my subscription was due for renewal next month, so I tried again. Nope, still getting asked to pay an additional monthly fee. The program, itself, worked well when I had it.


Reseting DNS was on command, now completely unpredictable and now less reliable by the month They are very focused to try to help but stopped responding for this is the new design. No family sharing

3D guy

I’m finding more and more sites recognizing this VP* address and blocking it. The sites will actually tell me it I’m using a blocker and turn it off. So, either this service needs more places from which to launch, or some way to make the Internet think it’s simply an IP address from a house. The point is to obfuscate our location. Well, I think the general business-facing side of the internet (the side which enjoys making billions selling our privacy) knows who Disconnect is and it’s nearly pointless to keep paying. Plus, I have a business class net connection and this VP* is pretty slow. I’m thinking about changing.

Lt Williams

It’s a free 7 day trial but you want me to sign up for automatic monthly payments to be charged to my phone bill, and if I want to cancel before the trial is over I have to cancel 24 hours before, so it’s basically only a 6 day trial, seems like your just a crooked as those companies you claim to protect people from, don’t advertise free if it’s not, and don’t say 7 days if it’s only 6

this is crwy

Just downloaded app, and was having computer problems after it was downloaded. Sent email to support and within minutes I received an email with a number of suggestions and help to navigate the system to make the correction. Can not believe how quickly I got responses. Everything is now working. Thanks CM.


Disconnect is a great name for the product, since it disconnects daily from the servers, or requires disconnecting and reconnecting, coupled with the app freezing every time on entry, and not scaling to zoom, they picked a great name.

Dexter Dudester

I love this app for a sense of more security when I’m on the internet. However, a problem came up when I had a Ring Doorbell installed the other day, and I ended up on the phone for hours with my internet provider, my cell phone provider, and a Ring troubleshooter. It turns out that everything was in working order. My router passed all of the speed tests and my phone was working properly. Finally, I was connected to a very smart tech guy with Ring. We went through all of the troubleshooting fixes from his end until he suddenly had a hunch. He asked me if I had a VP*. When I said yes, he asked me to turn it off. Voila! A quick fix. Now I have to remember to turn the VP* off when I want to access the Ring system, then back on when I’m done. I hope that other users of this app will be able to use this bit of advice if they decide to hook up a Ring system.

Drock Rocker

The same day I uninstalled it, after my trial ended, I started getting spam calls through Google voice 3x an hour. Not saying the calls came from disconnect.me staff.


I’m hugely paranoid about my data, so a VP* that allows me some solid controls over it AND that I can get to cover multiple devices was a huge plus. The UI functions perfectly well on my iPad, but becomes squished together on my iPhone 8, making certain options difficult to select, and scrolling in certain information windows impossible. So far no critical functions are rendered inaccessible, but some operations are annoying to select. That said, I do not regret paying for a year of coverage in the slightest. It is more than worth it.


I absolutely love this app, as it is so empowering to have control of YOUR data. I am always amazed at how many companies attempt to track my phone while sleeping. Only feedback thus far: It would be great if this app allowed you to tailor your blocking preferences in the same way the Disconnect Privacy Pro app allows (e.g. sliders one can use to determine how strict blocking should be against Facebook, Google, etc.). The “all or nothing” approach this Premium app takes can lead to frustrating moments.


VP* regularly disconnects without user intervention, noticeable battery life decrease after installing app. Regret purchasing a yearlong plan for subpar service.

Stoned Hokage

It works , no hassle


But I like what Disconnect does for privacy as a company, definitely signed up for a subscription ! I know in time things will get better. So some of the hiccups I’ve seen, so far: Messages don’t come in on my iPad unless I turn this VP* off and then back on. Only have to do once per day but there’s been some days where I do it more than that. On my iPhone, the button that allows you to change locations doesn’t work at all unless I go into settings. When I make or receive phone calls on my phone, I had to turn the VP* off and then back on to have a stable call otherwise there’s either a delay on the persons voice or the call the other person cuts off. On my iPad, FaceTime can look glitch-y when talking. Again all this is resolved if I turn it off and then back on or I just turn it off. I can leave Smart Pro on both (iPad,iPhone) without any of the said issues. It’s just the Premium VP*. And lastly, on Premium, the way you see and interact with the tracker screen, isn’t the same as in SmartPro. Would like it to be the same or at the least, be able to manage them better like on Smart Pro (manage Facebook, google and fingerprinting levels, and seeing list of blocked trackers). That’s it so far, not deducting anything cause I love what it does and I believe you guys can and will get better. Hats off to the developers for both this and Smart Pro.

B Lee69

Never saw a single benefit. Tried to cancel early and still got charged.


App is a mess. No documentation. Screw up other Apps for no apparent reason. No way to reset to our-of-the-box setting. Delete. Delete. And I’m not even complaining about the high price. This App screws up your phone.

DRM 87654383557

I installed the app on my iPad and set it up for “blocking”. Then tried setting “connect on demand” both “on” and “off”. After one week if I go to the “protection” screen, it is completely void of any data. So apparently it has blocked nothing and found no trackers, regardless of the fact that I had used my iPad extensively with different apps and browsers. I fail to see, the app has provided any value. I also find the “alerts” misleading and annoying. This tab is not alerts but rather a list of news links promoting the app’s greatness. I call this “fake” alerts.


Please……need “landscape mode”, not convenient to remove keyboard to turn iPad/Iphone upright. It’s 2019 folks. Thank you 6/01/19. Just loaded


$12 per month for this??


-couldn’t tell which mode it was in -kept asking for VP* authentication password which I don’t have -no explanation for how to use the app -couldn’t find a way to get help -deleted the app


I was able to get a lifetime sub w/ 3 devices for about 40-60$ a few years ago from Cracked.com (which ironically is just a soup of trackers and ads and more), and it has worked GREAT ever since. Would I pay 50$ a year for it? Probably not, since they are corporately based in the IS, but if you know how to use it with the right other software and gear; it’ll do you fine; unless you are sharing National Secrets or something…


Ad blocker isn’t working in a few apps like imdb and Apple news but is working in safari. Please fix this.


This is almost useless because you can’t turn on Full VP* with the info icon stacked right on top. The photos of the app show space but they are directly on top of each other on my phone.

Qwerty Space

I’m a premium user of 100yrs validity , I traveled overseas and my only reliable source of anonymity is DISCONNECT but anytime I connect to the VP* server my current geo location in my shopping apps still shows. Which is limiting me to use the app to it full potential. I cannot get anything done for the family from Walmart,bestbuy,target,Sears etc… maybe I did not set the app right. So I need your assistance. Thanks!


I paid for Norton VP* and other “top rated” VP*s. They were more complicated , would disconnect or lag. I have had Disconnect now for over a year. I like this better than others, because it blocks ads and other malware in normal mode. When I am in a public WiFi I turn on the more encrypted mode. Or if I’m trying to access something from Europe or USA. Being in Mexico. It never gets interrupted and with IOS I have had no problems at all. Clean and easy. For a normal user that’s not trying to hide anything just more protection and getting rid of adds on news apps in general. Or trying to access a sports game only available in USA or Europe. I love it!


Not sure why the app still switches to white screen very shortly after opening and may be messing with data transfer still as having performance issues where waze, etc seem unable to find network sometimes. Running iOS 12.1.3 and AppStore not showing me as due for update on iOS or app


I used the app for a long time but now when I open it, the screen turns white and is unresponsive (iPhone 8+ running iOS 12.1.2).


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