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【图】Word Search Infinity
【图】Word Search Infinity

Word Search Infinity iOS

Word Search Infinity 简介

Like word games? You’ll love the challenges in Word Search Infinity.

Customize your games with bigger letters or larger puzzles, different marker options, race against time or relax or even a scrolling, infinite word search!
When your phone switches to dark mode, the App follows automatically.
Word Search Infinity is free, try it now!

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Word Search Infinity 下载

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It’s so much fun and free. Just get it and see for a week how good it is if you don’t like it don’t keep it. Nothing to louse but there is something to gain (a cool new game)


Omg!! when I first got this app I loved it right away! Play this game and you will be addicted the first time you play it! Explore a little as you get better, because this game is great.


This game is so addicting and awesome, it doesn’t require wifi so that’s a plus, santa run is a great game and you should download it.


This is a really fun game.The very first time I opened this app I did not think I would rate it five stars.You should definitely try it out!


This app has been so addictive I literally play all the time at my free time. This needs a sequel! I love to play!


I love this game but I’m not here to write a review. I’m just wondering when being addicted to something became a good thing. Thank you.


I just went camping and this was the only game I had that was offline and I made it so far I love this game


But something is missing. There needs to be competition between individuals to make the game more competitive.


This app is amazing and has the best customer service I’ve ever seen. It’s better then most other apps like most games


People say the graphics are simple but I love it. Most addicting game on my iPhone. Play it constantly though it does drain your battery.


This is a difficult, fast thinking game that challenges quick thinking and looking. I think it’s a good game.


I absolutely love this game! I have to play every night before going to bed. It’s fun and all, but I’ve noticed that it speeds up as you near the end of the level.


I play this game every day. I kept trying to beat level 14 in arcade mode. I finally did it, but level 15 seems never ending.


I’m constantly playing this game, it’s one of the few apps I’ve actually kept on my phone from the beginning… It had a few glitches here and there, nothing serious, but they’ve been fixed for awhile now.


To be honest this game is so addicting. I loved it , it is a game where you have to think and that is what I like.


I just discovered this game 5 days ago. Became addicted,couldn’t PUT IT DOWN. I have completed all levels successfully.


At first, I thought this game was too simple: graphics and sound are very basic. The game play, however, is very addictive.


It’s fun and I love it! Helps ease my nerves but it is addictive ! I recommend it most definitely.


This game is really fun. A great time passer. This game never gets old! Good to take mind and hands away from stress!


It’s awesome overall!!!! I haven’t found any problems yet. I just got it today and have played it a lot!!!! It is Awesome!!!!


The game is great but it does get boring I think that there should be a multiplayer where you can play against other players it would be really fun!


I play this game all the time, especially when I’m bored. Completing the missions is also fun, and they make the game much more interesting. I can also tell that the creators have a sense of humor.


I love it , great way to pass the time on the train. The levels really challenge you but it’s so much fun. I think the special challenges they have are a great addition as well.


I just started playing, but so far no issues, it’s fun, and it’s free lol!!! It’s definitely addicting, and very easy to lose track of time lol


Nice game very amusing hard to put it down. Would recommend to anyone who wants to keep amused. Nice graphics too. Great sounds.


Love this game! This is awesome stress buster. Keeps my brain intact. I could use a mix of strategy and impulse in the sane game.


It’s a pretty fun game! A lot more planning than originally thought. Addicting and fun to play. I love the fact that I can play and play without running out of lives.


This game is fun and it’s a great way to kill time! This is such an awesome game. Once you start playing you can’t stop


I would play this game if you need time to pass by. I like this game a lot and would recommend this game for sure.


I recently downloaded this game. Have had it about a week. It literally has me playing all the time.


I should have listened to the reviewer warning me not to download this app. It is addictive. I’ve deleted it twice so I can get other work done. But I keep coming back to it.


This is a fun app to use on the ride home. The ads are a bit long but they don’t come up often. Thanks.


It’s an easy set of games to learn, with just enough challenge to make them interesting. But stay with it, they get harder and yet more interesting. More fun than doodling when talking on the phone.


So encouraging to play this game. It feels like someone is ot there watching your back wanting you to really win! Gives you the right colors or tools in the nick of time! So much fun to resurrect from almost dying to thriving!


My addiction when I need to think. I play and lose time while thinking about difficult situations I need to deal with. Challenging and fun.


Loved this game. It’s so addictive and fun. Sort of reminds me of arkanoid except it’s a shooter instead of a paddle game. Great escape tool!!


This game does exactly what it claims. You don’t have to buy anything to keep playing. Periodically they come out with new games.


Great game. Challenging and always fun. Never frustrating. You get an amazing amount of play for free.


I play it whenever I am stressed and anytime I have a free time just to keep my mind pre-occupied. It is a great mind game


5 stars! This app is a lot of fun and passes the time very well. The physics are pretty accurate, however it’s a little buggy


I love how challenging this game is and how fun it is too and without ads, this game wouldn’t even be free, SO DEAL WITH IT!!!


Great game! Love love love! Helps me relax at home! Love love love. This game makes my day. It is a fun exciting game full of color and interesting sound!


great game to play I played it a lot when I have to wait for someone or go somewhere it’s fun love it you should do more games like this


This game is addictive! Helps you to hone your patience and determination! The new game. New levels. Very good. LOVE IT!!!


A great way to challenge your mind and have fun. It’s actually the best game ever. So addicting


Very good and addicting game. I love it! The wait for lives are a little long but it is worth it. I love playing this game. Keeps me busy for hours!!!


Great game to play while relaxing. Super fun to play with my son! He loves the game!! I really enjoy this game. It is my favorite one to play.


Enjoy this game it helps pass the time when you are some place waiting forever. This is such a fun game and it’s addictive


I love this game don’t know what I would do with out it on my train rides. I swear this game will control your life lol. love it


It’s super easy to get caught up in level after level, though just as easy to get frustrated with a particularly challenging level. It’s a good time.


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