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【图】Come! by Mobile Jesus
【图】Come! by Mobile Jesus

Come! by Mobile Jesus iOS

Come! by Mobile Jesus 简介

This is a comprehensive evangelism tool which has been carefully crafted for sharing the good message of Jesus Christ. It is the digital equivalent to a gospel tract for your mobile device. Whether you are looking for a resource to help share your faith, or if you are interested in learning about Christianity yourself, this app is for you!

• The Overview
• The Good Message
• The Open Invitation
• The Family
• The Assembly
• Points about salvation
• A sinner’s prayer
• Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
• Theology is discussed with depth
• Video content in support of Intelligent Design

By Mobile Jesus. We are an organization for Jesus Christ, Christianity, and keeping the word as it was given to us— without adding to it, or taking away from it. We are the evangelism arm of The Christian Assembly, Omegan. (_I_)

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Come! by Mobile Jesus 下载

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I’m using an iPhone X and having beaucoup trouble going from one page to another. The app is locking up every time and I close the app and start over. It does work after I start reopen. The app needs some operating attention. Thanks for your work so far and Praise the Lord!!


Could you please capitalize all references to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the articles to clarify Who is referred to. Just downloaded and it’s just what I need to witness and be reminded of my commitment to Christ. God bless your ministry.


Can’t believe this app is still up…. When I first became a Chrsitian this was the only app in the App Store that really seem to have a grip on what being a Chrsitian really meant. Great content great app … I totally forgot about this app since changing phones and life taking away at my faith. Happy i found it again!!!

Chris Mayeda

Good news indeed.


I love this app. I use it all the time. It is very handy for answering questions as well as for studying Gods word.


A superb app dedicated to helping spread the message of Jesus Christ. I’m a Catholic and it has raised some valid questions about what I thought I knew. Read your BIBLE!


Love this app. Use it to spread the gospel.


I am glad to have this app on my phone. It’s always with me! Love the graphics, good information.


This app is very moving, words written in such a way that touches your heart and can set you in the right direction. Very cool moving pictures that are refreshing and peaceful. I’m so loving this app ❤️ it is very different from others, something that you would like to share with others that might not understand the gospel.


Thank you for this app. It is a great reference tool. I hope it brings people to Jesus.


I love God’s word. If only we would all keep it.

Israel 316

It crashes before it turns on

Mr Church 812

The app is crashing before it can open on iPad mini first gen. Fix quick! Updated: still crashes before it opens…


God app .. Great resource and easy to share with the one asking a reason for the hope hat is in you. I don’t agree with the “anti-science” review. A moderate view is taken of both creation and science. Sometimes even science slips into more of a faith based belief system.


I pray that God would use this to share His love with those He is calling through the sharing of the Gospel by faithful believers.


Do you think you could add the ability to accept prayers from other people.


Really wanted to download this app but it would not start to download. Pretty disappointed.


I am a Catholic and I liked the app until I read the FAQs. Then instantly deleted it when I read what he said under “What denomination should I be?” about the Catholic denomination.

Lincoln Plowman

This is a great iPhone application. We are blessed to have the use of it. Is it perfect? No. Could it be better? Yes. But so could every application that Apple offers. Some raters need to quit pushing their homosexual agenda on Christians. Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the LORD. Ad*ltery is a sin. So is theft, idolatry, coveting, lying, &c. Does God love all of us? Yes. Does he hate sin? Yes. Thank God and the developers of this application. Praise the LORD!


As a minister of the Lord, I find this app to be a blessing in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for one of my many resources used to illustrate and teach biblical truths. Very easy way for our youth to understand basic theology and biblical truth. A true blessing for those that are growing in the Word. Thank you and God bless!


Its a great idea, but to reach a broad audience, the format should be shorter and more direct. It should answer other questions that people have like “religion has caused more wars and death than any other reason. Why, then, should we have religion?”. It should provide factual evidence and links to them to prove the bibles credibility and your scientific hypothesesi. You should definitly have a page devoted to being gay and christian, and shld address the fact that God loves everyone, gay or strait. This apps background and foremat shld be updated and more modern; more pple will use it then. You should answer alot more questions. And express Gods LOVE more. This could be a great tool to show atheists scientific proof of Gods existence. But you need more evidence. This could also be a great way to quickly answer christians/nonbelievers questions of which there are many. It could be a great way to get the Word out and help people evangalize. Your app needs to change if you want to effect more people.


This app for some reason will not launch for me. It gets to the loading screen and crashes every single time. It looks like and amazing app, I’m merely hoping I get to see it at some point.

Ryan Bird

Love the truthfulness and explanation of everything. Great work!

Real life southern b

I am very happy, it gives me daily prayers am with the other application I have for bible study they really work well together. I have always wanted to read the bible all the way thru, now with a combination of these two apps I might actually stay on my goal! Thanks for the app!


Great app!!! Love it!!!


Shows you what Christianity is really about!!! <

j diver

Very anti science and not factually correct.


Literal interpretation of bible verses that are taken out of context. Very bias.


I love that the sinner’s prayer is so easily available whenever you encounter someone who needs it. And FAQs has awesome info. This is a GREAT app! Praise God!


I like the app. But when Matt. 4:17 says to “repent” it is referring to changing your mind (this is what repent in NT means literally in the Greek) about God and believe, not to change your actions. When you change your mind about God and believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior a by product of that faith in him is a change in action.

Movie Mamma

Great to have everything right where you need it


I’m going to be honest. This is a great app it has an awesome question and answer section. But it’s not with out its flaws. The explanation of the Gospel is wayyy to long. It’s needs to be shorter, you don’t have to necessarily go in to all the greek an Hebrew. Just go over the fall of man and what Jesus did. Other than that, is a great app worth downloading and giving a read. I’m not going to say its perfect. But then again only One is perfect. That’s why you should download this


I deleted this app pretty quickly after reading the description of other religions. I am Catholic and the author’s negative and inaccurate description of the religion, made me doubt the accuracy of the whole work.

Chipman the Big Bird

Crashes within 10 secs after launching the app. Not useful if I can use it.


Best bible app I’ve ever found.

Jsp of awesome

This app is amazing especially for going on mission trips thank u 4this app

RIsing in faith

I used this on a night when my faith was feeling rocky that night. I spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation and I feel so great now. Such a great app that is a great tool to assist us with the Word!

Saved Too

This is a well done biblically honest app and the FAQ’s are a must read!


I. Want this app in The K J V


It is a great source of information to help strengthen a believers faith. It is also a great as a tool. This app’s material can be used to help non believers understand God.


I found that it is true to what God has inspired of men to write. I have not found any man made stuff but only truth of God’s Word. As said by many others it is a great tool to use for study and to witness to others with along with your Bible and prayer. Good work and may God Bless your efforts. I don’t have much money but I did buy this app and will try again to give it is God working threw you.


This is very clear and explained well. I like the FAQ section. Lots more bonus info. Many important scriptures handy in one place. Good app for all Christians or those who are curious about Christian faith.


I like the app and the info, a constant reminder of the word and how it is the bread of life


Thank you


Can it be for iPhone 5 and iPod 5 screen too?


It definitely gets down to the point. It’s an eye opener.


I think this bible was fantastic because we all won’t to now we love god.

Andrew aka47

Straight to the point using bullet points. Bible passages to back up teaching. Love for all to come to The Lord, this app is a good tool to use.


Great app! Glory to God!


Very good app to understand the Godly things. Thanks to the developer.


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