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When you pay with Benefit you are paying with a purpose!

Purchase digital gift cards and instantly redeem them online or in-store, or give the perfect gift to a friend or family member. Choose from 100s of America’s leading national brands like Starbucks, Target, Walmart and Amazon. Up to 20% of each transaction will go to support a school or non-profit of your choice. Give to the things that matter most without spending a dime beyond your everyday spend!

Let’s raise funds without fundraising!

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Has been a great app for the last couple of years. Today I cannot open the app. It just keeps crashing and will not open. Frustrating when I’m at a retailer ready to spend my gift card and the app won’t open and just crashes right away.

yellow limo driver

What an easy, great way to help our parochial school!

mi reviews

My cards used to update themselves, now I have to ask for a receipt to do the math from to enter a new card balance amount, that slows the whole process down that used to be quick and easy as well as paperless, now I have to take the paper again


I love this app it gives me a way to contribute to my church and to my alma mater which I would normally not be able to do. One thing that bothers me is the amount of time it takes for the money to transfer from my bank to the app. I find that very stressful and would love to see that change. Other than that though it’s amazing I really love it!!


I like the concept. I don’t like having to print for certain retailers though. I wish there were a way to update the balance manually. Also which there was a way to get reminded when you are in a store that is on the benefit app. Maybe if you are in for longer than 2 min get an alert or something


It took a couple weeks to get this set up and I’m still having problems. Seems like it is a fantastic idea that will work well eventually. Customer service was a bit condescending and unfriendly.


I have been trying to get this app to work. I first tried to use my bank account and they needed a picture of me holding my ID. So then I used my credit card still not approved. Love the idea, but it’s not simple to get set up.


I love this app! Use it all the time. Will love it even more when they let me buy for Von’s Market. I don’t like having to print out a sheet from the printer. But still love this program!


Sometimes I forget to use this. Can I get reminders based on location? An optional notification could pop up that says hey- I noticed you’re at Lowe’s or Starbucks remember you can save 5% with the Benefit app! This may be sort of invasive though. Could be an optional feature. . . I’d like to be able to choose what stores would activate this though. It would be annoying to constantly be notified about Starbucks because there’s one on every corner in some cities.


This app is always shutting down accounts and declining transactions for vague reasons that don’t make sense. They won’t allow my husband and I to each have our own account. No reason. Just because they said so. Also, really rude customer service. The one person that I’ve spoken to each time I’ve had a problem with the app replies as if she’s annoyed with me and makes snarky sarcastic comments. Very unprofessional. If my kids school didn’t require me to use this, I wouldn’t bother.


This app is so convenient. I frequently wait until my items are rung up, then enter the amount of gift card to cover my purchases right at the register. It only takes a few seconds so it doesn’t take any more time than using my physical debit card. And our school earns money with each purchase. My only complaint is that only printed gift certificates can be used at Safeway and that can be a hassle for new cashiers.


At our private school we are expected to earn $450 a year for the school in “fundraising money”. At the end of the year if we have not earned the money, we have to pay out of pocket. One of the ways we can raise money is by using script (or e-script). I found it extremely cumbersome to buy gift cards all the time for script and I never could figure out e-script. So when a friend told me about this app I was really excited! It was a little tricky at first to get it set up, but now it is a breeze to earn money for the school. Only problem is that I frequently forget to use it when I’m out shopping and it’s frustrating that places are use the most, like Amazon, only pay out 2%.


The app is difunctional as it is difficult to process a new card. Even worse is customer service.


Definitely the best fundraising I’ve ever encountered and I have been involved with groups for years that relied on fundraisers. This is the easiest way to not have to spend money to raise money.


Love this app!! So easy to use.

Thrashers mama

This app makes earning cash back/ fundraising so easy. I’ve already earned almost $10 in just a few days just by buying gift cards for purchases I would have made anyway. Love it!

Youre what ure

In all purchases it won’t allow you to use less than $10 and it doesn’t update balance automatically. So sometimes you may forget to update manually and may lose some money for not knowing the balance left.


Fantastic app! Easy to use, great selection of stores/services


Overall, decent. It’s just annoying having to wait 24 hours to verify a card. The whole point was is that you can make purchases in line quickly through the app. Can’t do that if I have to wait to verify a card.


I have been using this app for only a few months, and I’ve generated over $30 to St. Jude. It is SO easy to use and quick to checkout at retailers online and at the register. I will continue to use it to pay at more retailers so I can raise more for St. Jude, and encourage my friends and family to do the same!

abby helping sammies

Contribute to your favorite nonprofit without costing you extra just make everyday purchases from ton of retailers by paying with gift cards bought through the app


Love the app. Easy to use. Gives to my son’s school!


Worked for about 48 hours and then nothing but continuous error messages. Contacted support and they kept saying it was my bank declining the card. I called my bank and that was not the issue. Support still could not help so I’m giving up & deleting. Great idea if it worked.

DB wants old version

The app worked for two days then stopped working. I received three different error codes and when I contacted benefit with the codes, Amy Boyd, the customer representative never had any helpful advice. In the end she told me there is nothing she can do and to stop using the app.

Alles Family

Loved the app. Really intuitive and easy to use. Great way to spend and give at the same time. How come no one else thought of this?


Straightforward. Easy to use. Relatively easy to navigate. Flexibility regarding payment options. Explanations easy to understand and find.


It’s a great cause but not great app. Slow to load, sometimes fails to scan. Not sure how to track the balance on a card.


This app makes it so easy to earn money for your non profit group. Purchases of gift cards is instant so you can literally buy one for the amount you need while in the checkout line, get an instant digital gift card which can be scanned by the cashier on your phone or you can enter the card number and PIN online to use your gift card.

I noble

I love that I can go to my favorite stores and raise money for my sons school!


I used to line up with other parents on Tuesday mornings at the elementary school to buy certificates that earned $ for the school. Now I can buy the same scrip on my phone. I think all PTSAs and booster groups should use it.


We use Benefit Mobile regularly to raise money for our high school band program while purchasing things that we need to purchase anyway. Terrific app!

Salted caramel fan

Would love to see more gas stations and local retailers!


Our church uses this for raising funds for maintenance projects. About 10% of the congregation uses it. We get about $300 per month, just shopping like we usually do at Safeway and Amazon. You can have the percentages paid to your favorite charity, into your kids’ college fund, or your “let’s go to Maui” fund. The idea behind it is simple….instead of a credit card company receiving 2% to 5%, you get it by using this app. The gift cards come out of your checking account, much like using your ATM card. The stores like it because they get paid before they actually make a sale. We have given gift cards as birthday presents at stores and restaurants near our friends and families.

CA Home

This app allows you to purchase a gift card for one of their many stores while you are standing in the checkout line. Then, you show the cashier your phone screen, and they charge the gift card on the spot. I often make the gift card for the exact amount on the cashiers register, down to the penny. Safeway is the one store that makes you print out the gift card and use the paper version. Everyone else allows you to scan from your phone. I also get the e-gift card for all of my transactions on Amazon. This is a great way to raise funds for your favorite school or charity.


Easy to use with GREAT vendors!!!


It’s a no brainer!


Love it

Davey d 1

I live is a small town and don’t have access to many of the businesses that offer discounts, but I’ve still saved almost $100 in less than a year on things I would have bought anyway. The company issues me an e-check every month and I’ve had no problems of any sort. Very happy, so far.


Easy to use and the school earns money at the same time on items you regularly purchase! Win, win situation!


I literally use this at least 10 times a week. Super helpful if you enjoy the outdoors or are fixing up your home. And for all your Amazon purchases! Looking forward to the direct deposit option.


I use this app for everything!! While spending time with family and friends, I’m redeeming money to help me get through school. If I manage to use Benefit for everything I can, I generally receive $25/month back for school! Listen people… you are already spending the money!! Make it worth a little more! I am so thankful for this app! It truly has helped me put back money for books and tuition!

Nana to the rescue

I’m in California – they are in Rhode Island. So far this year since October, I’ve “donated” over $42.00 and I’m about to buy another Amazon card. Although using a credit card “donates” the least, it still donates. I think it is a wonderful idea.


the app has two payment methods- your bank or a cc. bank is recommended, but i could never get the app to alllow my bank login info. finally got connected, but when i tried to order a card, i got another error. this one ended up being a FLAG FOR BANK FRAUD and my account was “frozen” until i contacted customer service. decided app wasn’t worth it, so emailed cs and asked for info how to deactivate my account. they responded in less than 12 hours! so i gave 2 stars for the quick response but deleted app.


Initially, very impressed with the roster of partner companies. Lots of places that I already shop. Next, I was floored by how fast and easy it is. Work your way through the initial set-up and bank validation, and then you are home free. Alter the way you pay for goods and benefit your fav non-profit in the process.


I am working on an idea for a non for profit to use this app/advertise! They are not part of it and I will introduce the idea in April. I would truly appreciate if someone could help me better understand the all and its benefits. This is wonderful and I cannot wait until I am able to help them raise revenue! Thanks.


Love this app, so easy to earn $$ for what you want! Only feedback is that the gift card balances don’t update automatically, so that is awkward and less than ideal. That is an improvement I would like to see. You’ll get 5 stars then. 😊


I raise money for my kids sports expenses on this app and it helps a lot.


So far I haven’t been able to buy any gift cards but it seems pretty good I can give money to my high school athletics team and get money for my education ( college ) im not sure if when u buy a gift card it only gives parts of the cash back to every thing or everything gets money back wether u have to benefactors or 100.


Love using my phone as my wallet — Honestly…this is like the Starbucks gift card app (in that you get to pay with your phone), but instead I can shop ANYWHERE! I. Love it.


Just discovered this app, and I use it all the time, so easy! And our school benefits. Ordered pizza delivery, got the total, clicked total on the app and paid with a code, and the school got 5%. Ordered uniforms online at lands end, school go 10%. Needed a giftcqrd for a friend, ordered on phone, printed, saved time and school got 9%. Waiting for the first payment but I alone raised $20 in one month!


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