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Garmin Golf 简介

Add another level of fun and competition to your game with the free Garmin Golf app. Download it to your phone to compete with your friends and fellow golfers. Each round can take on a tournament feel on any of more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

Compete in weekly leaderboards on any golf course, or you can set up your own tournament event and invite multiple friends to compete. Players can also live chat with each other and post their results for others to see.

With the following devices, you simply upload your round through the Garmin Connect app on your phone or Garmin Express on your computer, and you can review leaderboards and stats in Garmin Golf:
· Approach golf watches: S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S10, S20
· Approach golf bands: X10, X40
· Approach handheld models: G6, G7, G8, G10, G30
· Fitness watches: vívoactive, vívoactive HR, vívoactive 3, Forerunner 935
· All fēnix 3, 5 and Chronos watches
· All MARQ, Descent, tactix, D2 Charlie and D2 Delta watches

The devices below can also upload scorecards in real-time directly through the Garmin Golf app:
· Approach golf watches: S40, S60
· Approach G80 handheld

If you don’t have a Garmin golf watch or handheld, you can still download the app and participate in weekly leaderboards and tournaments by entering your score manually.

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I mostly use the watch for information, but it’s good to have the app as a back up and a secondary source of information. The one thing that the app needs to do that it doesn’t do is track more swing data from the sensors that you put on the clubs. Right now it can give you the club distance after you walk it off but I can’t give you any intelligence like swing speed over club face angle.


They should add gps to the app so you can see the distance to any point on a particular hole. Yes, you can get the yardage to the green on your watch and to some hazards but it would be helpful to get a more detailed look on the app. I wish they had more statistics. Just seems kind of basics. I’ve used TheGrint app for a while and there’s a much better breakdown of stats.


After a year or more of syncing issues it now works as advertised


I like the app. It works well with my Garmin Approach S62 watch. I don’t like apps that make things hard or complex. This app along with the watch generally makes things easy including shot tracking, club performance (even without the C10 system which I also got), scoring and distance. There are a few minor issues. First it’s impossible to import anything from other apps, so if you are switching you either have to enter manually or start over. Second the standard club lofts are not editable. They’re all wrong for my new clubs. That seems like it should be an easy fix. Third, I used club performance tracking first and then added the C10 system. All my club performance stats seemed to get wiped out. Then the next day the came back. Not sure what happened. Other than those minor imperfections I like the app a lot. Especially for use with the watch.


This app works very well with my new S40. I really am enjoying it. I got 6 rounds in with it. I encourage everyone to go for it and purchase the watch with the app.


I use the Approach s40 and it is wonderful! Give exact yardages to the green as well as layups and green side bunkers. App is a great way to learn more about your rounds and more about how you play!


Garmin app knows I golfed, but vivo active3 recorded scores don’t always transfer to the golf app.


Im only giving 4 stars b/c recently I’ve had to re add my Approach S 20 (multiple times) as a new device to the app for it to sync. Never had to do that before Garmin got hacked for ransom ware. Other than that it’s awesome. In fact every Garmin product I own is awesome.


I played the first round and It would not track distances or count the score. But after downloading both connect and connectIQ, it worked. I guess you need to go to a golf course once or twice to let it find the satellites faster. Only thing I wish I could tell it, is if my shot was anything less than a full swing or a bad shot.


I have been using the Garmin S62 for a few rounds. I find it to be very accurate with distance. Love all the features it has. I highly recommend this watch.


Just awesome


I am surprised this app is rated 4+ stars. The foundation of a good app is there, but the execution is half baked. For this app to really be of use from a shot tracking and playing statistics perspective (which is what will help golfers improve) here are some much needed improvements Garmin should make: – The ability to edit the number of putts – The ability to add custom clubs beyond the stock list (7 wood isn’t even a listed option) – Tracking basic stats like sand shots (see other successful golf tracking apps like GolfShot or The Grint) – Edit shot type (full, punch, chip, etc.) so a 40 yard 4-iron punch shot out of the trees doesn’t impact your average distance and caddy recommendations – Optional satellite images of courses rather than just poorly drawn images Without features like this, the watch is basically just good for GPS. The shot tracking features are all mostly worthless. If that is what you are after, Arccos is a much more refined solution.

Dez e Ray

I like the app and will give 5 stars once this glitch is addressed. I’ve had my Approach 20s for two weeks now and have played around 10 rounds with it. I’ve enjoyed the watch and app when they’ve worked together. However, my last 3 rounds, while saved in the watch, did not migrate to the GGolf app. First of all, I’d like to see my score from yesterday as I didn’t keep it on a card. At this point that whole round is gone. Secondly, I’d like to see where I need to improve. A handy feature when the watch and app work well together. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I’ve turned the watch off/on. Disconnected reconnected the Bluetooth. Disconnected reconnected the Garmin connect app. Tried syncing both GGarmin and GConnect app to watch several times. I get notifications from phone to watch. I see my steps and “activity”. It’s only the scorecard that doesn’t sync. Without that it makes the watch good for distances only. Which is not worth it. Please fix this issue!

Half an Ironman

I love this app. I’ve been using it with my Forerunner 935 this year and the data has been a great help. I don’t play a ton, so I’m still getting a base line, but it’s helped focus my practice and improve my game. My only complaint is that I can’t my watch doesn’t live sync to the app, so I can’t use both on the course. If they could get that programmed in it would be a 5 star review.


The app takes a long time for data from watch to link to the app.


I enjoy the app, very easy to use and my scores download very quickly. We need to add more stats on too the app for better play on the course!


So far so good. I’ve just started using the app but I really like all the features so far. A++ for Garmin.


There are some good features on this app, however those features are useless when the app does not open. For about the last 3 weeks I can not access any information. Whenever I click on the icon the green Garmin Golf screen comes on for about 5 seconds and then immediately shuts down or crashes. I do not want to delete the app because over 2 years worth of scores will be erased. Could someone please help or suggest something. This problem happens on both my iPhone and iPad.


I like the info from the rounds. Works well with my Garmin watch. Struggle editing shots and adding clubs not listed.


I have the Garmin S10 which does not have Bluetooth capability. However the app is still worth it. Rounds will be entered into the app when you sink with your computer, or you can enter them manually. You can also make edits if need be in the app. Totally worth it even without the various bells and whistles the higher level Garmins offer.


Accurate yardage with vivoactive 3.


Easy to use and you can go back and check your stats anytime

zzaa p

I run this app with S20 and Iphone8 The watch connecting to phone has had issues in past, newest issue is getting saved round into Golf application Using the connect app that transfers to golf app is jot working, golf app just grinds in transfer without a time out or error message Also wonder why i cant comment without giving any stars


I love it great job!


I recently bought S 62 watch and it is fantastic. However I have tried numerous times to access the app and it just continues to crash.I have deleted it a couple of times and reinstalled it but nothing works. The error message on the app says that they started doing maintenance on July 23 for 20 hours. 20 hours? So they gave up on the weekend?


App has been down since July 23 for a 20 hour maintenance. It’s now July 26. Where are my rounds from this weekend??????


Just downloaded yesterday this app. Created account, and attempted to log in, first several times said log in failed. Then told me I was locked out. Requested different password, recd New temporary password but again failed, tried a few more times then said I was locked out. This was attempted over a two day period. Can I rate this with zero stars?


I am shock to see that I can not log into the app. It has been sign in fail every time. Eager just to return the watch and get something different where the company is going to make sure all avenues are working all the time, and not be down for days on end.

Landings Golf

Easy to use app that connects to garmin connect and my forerunner. Very easy to input data.


I have one of the original Garmin sport watches and I love it. It is the VivoActive. I use it to track all of my activities – running, walking & golf. I even use it in conjunction with My Fitness Pal from Under Armor. They sync up to give my net calories per day.


Love the app and the link to the Fenix 6. In tandem I get the most out my work outs, golf and keeping in step.


I have used this app for two years. When Garmin decided to take all the golf functions off of Garmin Connect and link them to this app they RUINED it! It is more or less useless since all it does is record your rounds. You can get the same function using the GHIN app and at least that app will give you useful stats such as GIR averages, putts per round etc. This app won’t even give you hole by hole averages even though the data is right in it easily available. This tells me that Garmin couldn’t care less about its golfers using its hardware. I like using my Vivoactive HR for golf and its golf function works well but the app supporting it, this one, is a loser. Step up your game Garmin!


The S20 provides excellent basic functionality for golfers including distance during round and tracking and reporting of stats after. There were some issues during winter of 2020 when the app wasn’t working and the watch wouldn’t sync with the app on phone which were annoying. However the watch still functioned great on the course. Once the issue was resolved its been working well. Really like the extra functionality features on this watch!


Great app that provides very useful data that can be used to improve your course management.

Manson Golf Profesh

I love the garmin golf app and the watch. The only simple concern I have is looking at the weather on my watch asks me to open the app to refresh the device. Is there a way to have it auto refresh? All in all, love the watch and would definitely recommend.

Dr Ross G

Removed stats when went to separate app. I liked the old app better. Less stats now. Why give us less info with an update?


I have been using my Garmin S20 with the CT10 club sensors for the past few weeks. The hardware, software and gps system have worked flawlessly. The system is easy to use, works very reliably, is clear and simple. I have used similar products that missed shots, got confused, posted incorrect data and often distracted me from the game. Garmins system never distracted me and provided useful data at appropriate times. I love this product.


Very easy to pair with S40 watch. Love being able to review my round and look at overall stats. Having handicap tracked is nice plus being able to look back at scorecards again before playing the same course.

pop atton

Has trouble syncing all the time.

Gots problems

This app won’t sync scores from my approach g8. Completely worthless and I had high hopes. I wish I could get it less than one star.


Have used this for 2 rounds so far and I love what I see. It really helps knowing your distances which will make for an easier club selection for your game. I have shed 4 strokes the past 2 rounds just knowing the distance.

War pigs 11

I keep been using my garment S20 along with the app for about 3 months. The app works good tracking your round. You can look at each shot after you have finished your round. I’ll give it 5 stars.


I love the stats and shot measuring that it gives me. I love that it’s a watch, and I love the app and website. Occasionally, the shot tracking is a little off, but it’s still great. I do wish that “short” and “long” could be added to the choices for “fairway hits”. Sometimes I misfire and don’t get to the fairway. The choices are fairway, left, and right. Not being able to pick “short” messes up the accuracy of that whole stat. Still, I love it.

Outdoor guy111

I switched from skycaddie to Garmin after purchasing a Fenix 6. Skycaddie was great, East to use and a detailed app that showed numerous stats. Like a LOT of stats. Now with Garmin, I can’t even see penalty strokes after a round. Using the Fenix for yardages and the like is great. Very well made product. The app however, is very disappointing and I really hope they can upgrade this product.

Galactic Grandma

I’m technically challenged, but even I was able to get this going without having to call the grandkids 👍

Roscoe Gatt

I have the S20 for about 2 weeks. It took a little while, about 2 rounds to figure exactly how to use it. The yardages are close enough for my caliper of play. Much better looking down at my wrist than hunting in my golf bag for my Range finder. After the round it’s fun to see a diagram of how far and which club was used. It also took the place of my fitbit.. The fitness and sleep monitoring is right on.


Overall the Garmin watch and app are so easy to use. I tried apps on Apple Watch but the dedicated to golf only combo is so much more seamless. Love it.


I really enjoy this app no need to visit the clubhouse “if not needed 😉.” It’s a score card in your pocket


Love that it keeps my strokes and distances. Haven’t been able to play a course that isn’t already pre-loaded on the watch, which is a huge plus. The only thing I would love to see is an overall course map.


I have a Garmin Venu. I bought this $400 watch instead of a cheaper Fitbit because I loved the golf features. Except that the golf app is horrible. It shows all my shots, and even the flag, as being behind and way to the right on the map. I’m a bad golfer but not that bad. I cannot even see what my drive distances are because the tee where the distance is shown is off the screen. You cannot zoom in/out, feels like a 2007 app. Btw, I reached out to support twice about the issue, never got a response. I have deleted and redownloaded both the connect and golf apps multiple times. I cleared the golf course cache on connect. Nothing has helped. If I could return the watch and get arccos instead I would.


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