【图】VCNB Mobile Banking下载
【图】VCNB Mobile Banking
【图】VCNB Mobile Banking

VCNB Mobile Banking iOS

VCNB Mobile Banking 简介

Vinton County National Bank mobile banking app allows you to do the following from your smartphone:
• Check balances
• Make transfers
• Make deposits
• Pay Bills
• Find an ATM

Learn more about Vinton County National Bank at www.VintonCountyBank.com. Member FDIC.

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VCNB Mobile Banking 下载

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Easy to use ! Love it!

cootie king

I get that we have to renew our passwords but every time I do it the temporary password they email is wrong half the time. Then when you need to fix it suddenly everyone is unavailable. My husband and I are currently locked out of our banking app so we have no way to see our current balance. Thanks. One of the worst banking apps.


Very poor won’t update

Grand Tara

It should give more info like on a pc. I can’t sign in 50% of the time ?


It would be nice if the fingerprint Touch ID didn’t need reset after every update. If Fidelity can manage to keep the fingerprint ID working from update to update, I should hope that you can too. No one else has my fingerprint. It’s not a security “feature”. It’s a pain to deal with.

Mere yay

After update it won’t even load which is so disappointing ugh fix it please


Convenient when it works but unfortunately, that isn’t very often.


Great looking app and everything you need in mobile banking.


Easy to use with great new look

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