【图】Five Guys Burgers & Fries下载
【图】Five Guys Burgers & Fries
【图】Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Five Guys Burgers & Fries iOS

Five Guys Burgers & Fries 简介

Skip the line! Find the closest Five Guys Burgers & Fries restaurant, place your order, and pick up your food today.

1) Launch the app and find your Five Guys.

2) The first time you’ll sign in or create a new account it links up with our online ordering site at http://www.gofiveguys.com

3) Order your food – don’t forget to save your order as a Favorite for next time.

4) Go pick it up! Skip the line and head straight to the order pickup counter at the store, tell them your name and get your food.

Online Tracking Opt-Out Guide: https://order.fiveguys.com/online-tracking-opt-out-guide

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Five Guys Burgers & Fries 下载

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Fix this!


This is our family’s #1 place to go for a great burger. We don’t eat out much but when we do this is our go to spot. Absolutely love there fries best in fast food hands down. The app has also worked great for us so far!!!!


Credit card scanner never works. The app will identify any credit card I put in the view finder and put a solid green border around it to indicate it was recognized, but it never actually carries the card info over. I have to cancel out and manually type in the cc info. Also, why is billing zip a text field? It should be a number field like expiration month and expiration year.


Particularly for fundraiser purposes


We order a pick up, when we got there we waited for an 40 minutes smh


Better than others I have used. Actually easier than ordering at counter for me.


I’m just not a fan of leaving my credit card on file at hundreds of websites. But the downside is I have to enter my details every time if I don’t. I know Apple definitely takes a cut but I’d see myself ordering more of Apple Pay support was present.


My store offers curbside pickup but it’s not an option on the app. Also it says it will send you a confirmation text that never comes. You DO get an email, but it makes it sound like you’ll get a texted link to let them know you’re coming. Nope.

Five Guy Patron

I have used this app several times and found it would be faster to walk-in and order at counter than order on line. Every time I have placed my order online then walked in to announce I was there for pickup and have people walk-in order at counter and get their order quicker and when I did get mine the burger meat was not hot. Some how app orders are treated differently. I have decided to just walk-in and order.

Dale Wetzel

in Bismarck, North Dakota, using the app to order generally does not save you any time. The app works fine, but the execution at the store is fair to poor. On one occasion I ordered 45 minutes ahead of time and when I arrived, the order was not ready. It was a cheeseburger and a hotdog, not very complicated.


I know you do them, but there’s no way to order them in the app. 🙁

JimZ A2

Where is Sign In with Apple and Apple Pay? Stop making us manage accounts and having to type in credit cards into servers. Ridiculous.


The app is solid and does what I need it to. There is one dumb thing that happens when I try to order a Diet Coke, it tacks on an extra $2.58. What is that about?


Not to sure why they have curbside when every time you get there and call them, you get put in hold for 5 minutes or more and end up going in to get your order!

23 north

This app is b*#| sh%#! There always have troubling with make order. I think they mewer fix that.


This app was quick and easy to order food on. It was so easy to customize my order. It might be the easiest food ordering app I’ve used!


It works very well especially during this time of social distancing. I love how you can customize your food so easily.


Guys, You have new branches open… your web map is updated, but your app has not!


The only payment option in the app is for a credit card, which requires prompts not available for gift card users. I prefer to place orders with as little contact as possible out of respect for the employees. Perhaps gift cards CAN be used, but if so, the card, the app, and the website are no help.


Five guys is always great, the food is wonderful. My only suggestion is making it clear where curbside pick up is. Thank you


Where the deals at? Only reason I use these apps to order food is for the deals. Guess they have catching up to do.


I’m trying to open your app on my iphone and it will not open. I deleted it and downloaded it again but it still won’t open.


Ordered food for three on the app, drive across town on a rainy night, arrive to find doors locked at 7:15PM. Call the number on the door, and they say they’re closed for the night!! A burger place is closed for the night even before the geriatric crowd’s dinner time has passed. You took my money on your app, the web says you should be open, and you claim you’ll refund me. You’ve seen the last of us!!

Paige macaroni

We ordered our food at 6:32 PM The app said it would be ready at 6:40 and at 7:05 it was just ready


App doesn’t have jalapeño option or just all the way options!

always on

40 mins since order placed for curbside and still waiting. Aweful


Other food apps let you announce when you’ve arrived and/or provide a time when order should be ready. This would help avoid arriving too early at restaurant and having to wait around 5-10 minutes.


5 Guys has the very best food. Their menu has many choices. The hamburgers are so juice and flavorful. The fries are the best I’ve ever eaten. They beat the fast food chain restaurants by a mile.


So I placed a mobile order in order to pick up my food and limit exposer to other people. I arrived for pick up 5 min after my order was suppose to be completed (per the app) yet the young people who worked at the five guys in McKinney TX had not even started on my order and asked me a lot of questions about my order before finally finding it. But what I think is the worst the two people who assisted me were wearing gloves and they went from making burgers to typing in the register back to making my burger without ever changing gloves gross.. I will not only never use this app that took forever to download again but I will not be returning to this five guys location…

coool coool

What more do you expect! Love Five Guys ❤️❤️❤️


I ordered 5 guys through the App. It offered me delivery no mention of a third party till I paid. Then I was sent a link to DoorDash. I haven’t heard good things about DD. I ordered couple hours ahead. I received a link to my DD person. After over a half hour late, we called the DD person. They don’t work there and haven’t for some time. We called the store. They wouldn’t help us because they say we ordered through DD, BUT WE DID NOT! I ONLY ORDERED FROM FIVE GUYS! The manager was absolutely no help. I called the customer service and they just gave me a quick apology and supposedly a refund. I’m waiting on that. How can you offer delivery and not tell the customer it’s DoorDash? Then act like I ordered from DoorDash. Stupidity It’s extremely disappointing, I just had surgery and my husband’s blind. So here I sit hours later with no food. This was supposed to be a thank you to my husband for taking care of me.


Loved this location ever since they opened. The staff is friendly, helpful, polite, and very professional. Now, we order through the app and get it delivered. What could be better??? I can’t think of anything and I bet you’re gonna think so too!!


The staff is always professional and friendly! Food is great and restaurant is always clean!


I used this in the past and it was quick and efficient. For the past month, it won’t even open anymore and is unusable.


I would like access to the full menu, for example being able to choose which type of cheese on my cheeseburger


This app was very easy to use but I wish they would allow for tipping after the order is received instead of just at the time of purchase. I hesitate to tip before I know that the order is timely and accurate.


The app constantly tries to use location services as though it is a mapping app, but 50% of the time it does not locate the closest store. More than once I’ve had it place an order at a store that was not where I was headed and had to cancel and refund an order.

J G Brennan

Add Apple Pay


Obviously the food is great and this App is simple and to the point. Quick and painless.


Worst five Guys I’ve ever been to


I’m setting in the parking lot 5 minutes before they open. try to order and it says you can’t do pick up. They open and now it says 15 minutes. So the folks walking in can order and get it right away and I have to wait 15 minutes. Placed an order at Jersey Mikes from your parking lot. Drove 2 minutes away and picked up my order.


Food is good but the music that was being played was offensive. I won’t eat here again if they continue to play that type music. It used to be an oldies station.


i am mad that’s all i didn’t get what i ordered.


Well designed app. My order was easy to input and complete. Would recommend adding Apple Pay


5 guys in BG KY Sadly it’s rare to go to place of business and see employees happy to be at work, most don’t even try to be happy. Thankfully 5 guys in Bowling Green, KY is one of these rare places of business and they actually make u, the customer, smile! When u open the door you are greeted with a hello and genuine smiles. The fact they are happy at work shows a lot about how they feel about their job and their environment, I love that! I will choose every time to take my family here every time it’s an option well over anything else!


Doesn’t allow Apple Pay or option to add “all the way” for toppings.


Works every time. Easy and intuitive. Helps me order Five Guys burgers = favorite app.


App doesn’t work unless you’re on wifi. Why would you make an app that differentiates between cellular and wifi in the first place? Not too smart.


We got there right before they closed. The service was awesome and are food was made Fresh!!!! Best burgers in East Texas!!!!!


I like fiveguys very much but I wish they have a reward system like BurgerFi. They both taste similar with a little originality on both sides but I like how BurgerFi app has a lot of promotions and reward system.


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