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PhoneCopy is the ultimate way to backup and synchronize your contacts from your iPhone or iPad. PhoneCopy provides free*, unlimited, cross-platform, smartphone and feature phone synchronization, with real time access to data via your web browser. Simply create your PhoneCopy profile, synchronize and you have all of your data safely stored in the Cloud.

PhoneCopy can also synchronize (backup & restore) your photos and videos to the Cloud and also among your devices. Please take a note about its limitations:
– Only the current (edited) version of the photo is synced to the Cloud so the original is lost upon restore.
– Only a representative of the photo burst is synced to the Cloud so the rest of the burst is lost upon restore.
– Only the photo (image) part of the live photo is synced to the Cloud so the video part is lost upon restore.
– Only some photo and video formats are supported.

PhoneCopy works with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and any other plaform you can imagine. Regardless of what smartphone, feature phone, tablet or computer you have you will be able to backup, synchronize and transfer your data!

PhoneCopy gives you THE BEST SPEED AND RELIABILITY. Contacts are delivered as soon as your synchronization finishes. Unlike regular backup services, you aren’t left wondering if your data have been saved. PhoneCopy shows you – through your profile – which of your contacts have been changed or just successfully synchronized. Even when you delete contacts from your phone, they will be moved to the archive, so you can always stay connected to your data.

You can synchronize anytime from anywhere free* of charge. Wi-Fi or your current data plan is all it takes to synchronize your data.

Unlike PC backup, PhoneCopy is designed for instant access anytime from anywhere. This means that your data is always online and reachable from any PC or phone connected to the internet. Likewise, your contacts are always reachable and you don’t have to wonder where you left your phone or backup copies of your data. All PhoneCopy data is stored on reliable servers until you need to access it. You will never lose your data, even if you damage, lose or forget your mobile phone somewhere.

* Free service is intended for personal use with limit of 500 stored contacts and two devices.

We would love to hear from you!

Email: support@phonecopy.com
Twitter: @phonecopy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PhoneCopy
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/PhoneCopy

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After the update you have to push the ted button to allow the photo backup then a box appears and click Don’t Allow then you can go past. Thank you!!!


Great app, used since 2014


This app are not downloading in my iPhone 8plus


It’s really easy to use and works perfectly


As usual issue solved by the support team in no time! Thank you👍🏻


Good App.


UPDATE (8/27/17): PhoneCopy is still a must-have application. As I said in my first review, I use iOS Contacts for LOTS of information like warranty details, serial numbers, medications, etc. Further, I like to use photos with my listings. And, plenty of information cannot be obtained again like backdoor phone numbers for doctor’s offices. PhoneCopy backs up everything easily. If required, and I probably shouldn’t say this, I would spend even more to use PhoneCopy. It provides me with peace of mind and the confidence to use Contacts for very important data. UPDATE: 6S problem resolved. PhoneCopy is back to five stars. Worth every penny and more. PhoneCopy used to be perfect. But after getting the new iPhone 6S and updating the iOS to the latest version, I’ve experienced a weird issue. I use my iPad as my “master” Contacts list and then export the list to other devices like my iPhone (Server To This Device). So, after I’ve sent the latest Contacts to the server and then get the updated Contacts from the server on to my iPhone, everything looks great and all the data is there. Sometime later, I’ll look for a contact on my iPhone and some are no longer there! For example, I’ll have 1700 contacts on my iPad and the server, but only 800 on my iPhone. This happens even when the app is closed. This is a bizarre problem. I use my Contacts app extensively for a wide variety of information, much of it, impossible to obtain again. Therefore, PhoneCopy, for me, is indispensable. This is a five star app and well worth the annual fee. I just hope they can identify the problem and correct it.


Been using this app to back up contacts for several years on my iPhone. Have restored few times and worked great. Thanks keep up the good work.


Been using for years, you can’t get anything better


Like the apple

Shaun on

Used to complicated mess, this just works. Windows phone to iPhone piece of cake.

Gift jugs

This app has helped me with moving my contacts to a different phone. I’ve done it on 3 phones and all of them have been successful. Very good app, I recommend you get it.


I have been using the free version of PhoneCopy for a few years now and the restoration of 100% of my contact info has been restored completely. Easy to use. Great app!!


Have been looking for an app like this for a while. Backs up all my contacts for when I change phones. Works great.


Thank you,best app

Super Mario Bandal

Easy to use, not confusing and a fast transfer of data with clean instructions. A must have

DJ Grant Petersen

Does what it’s designed to do and is trustworthy. Thanks.


This app is simple to use and it works. I have recommended it to several friends who didn’t know what to do about lost contacts when losing a phone or getting a new one. I have almost 300 phone contacts and don’t know what I would do without this app!


Wonderful and extremely helpful app


So happy this app is available for the iPhone. After reading the reviews, I was convinced to download and sync my contacts.


From the moment I first opened the app on my iPad in order that I might sync my contacts until now — thus over a period of extended use –, I have experienced no disappointment, and remain very pleased with the app.




The best app to keep your values. I been using it to save all my contacts since i use smart phones. Wont change for any other app.


The app is fast & works great❗️


Great app, does everything it’s meant to do easily and without errors. I’ve been using it for about two years without a mishap since I lost my contacts on my phone prior to getting the app.


Store your contacts to share with any kind of device. Never had any problems with it. Upload/Download is that simple!


Never worked right. Double entries, added dates, changed dates on copying entries. Just more effort in cleaning up after a synch.


Very good and fast


Awesome app.. Easy and quick!!! User friendly 100%




Simple and works

Jasoom The Best

تطبيق رائع




Helpful app 👍


Simply fantastic job. I transferred all my contacts from windows phone to iPhone. Really happy with the app 😊.


good app




thank you, guys. you saved my day


Originally d/l on my old HTC Incredible phone…then got it on my iPad. Upgraded my phone to an iPhone 5s and the Verizon store had no idea how to get my contacts from the HTC to the iPhone. I spent at least 1/2 hour there while they futzed with d/ling multiple apps that didn’t work. I told them to forget it, came home and did it myself with phonecopy…and it just worked. Thanks for a free app that actually works!


More than once I have needed the backup


The only best app


It’s grate app I like it


Added wife’s iPad and synced her and my contacts and calendar in less than ten minutes. Wonderful


Since the last update, my contacts won’t sync. Every time I try to synchronize my contacts, I get an error message. Please fix.


Just copied contacts from broken IPhone to new IPhone. Sooooo easy! Thanks!!!


What an easy way to back up your phone. Great work.


the new icon is very ugly. Otherwise is excellent


Great application!


Love it-quick and easy


nice proqram and thx


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