【图】Skatematic Skateboard Videos下载
【图】Skatematic Skateboard Videos
【图】Skatematic Skateboard Videos

Skatematic Skateboard Videos iOS

Skatematic Skateboard Videos 简介

Now optimized for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus!

With 30,000+ skateboard videos, and more being added daily, Skatematic is the most extensive FREE skateboard video app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Watch the newest and most popular skateboard videos full screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

There are videos from your favorite skateboard companies, pros and events including: Girl, Plan B, Real, Thunder, Independent, Lakai, DC Shoes, Emerica, Zero, Mystery, Baker, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Street League Skateboarding, Andrew Reynolds, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Jamie Thomas, Eric Koston, Grant Taylor, Tony Hawk, Thrasher Magazine, Slap Magazine, Ride Channel, Crailtap and many more.

Features Include
– 30,000+ videos
– Latest, Featured, Popular this week, Popular this month, Popular this year, Popular all time video feeds
– Pros and Channels sections
– Search
– Share your favourite videos Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Email, Air Drop and more!

“It’s like Hellaclips, but for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.”
http://www.skatematic.com – Skateboard news and videos updated hourly

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Instagram: @skatematic

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Skatematic Skateboard Videos 下载



Mrs H Clinton

Videos crash within the first 15 seconds


All the skate videos you could ever want in one place. Can’t ask for much more. Job well done


amazing app but needs a new layout and organization system


So sick

Myles Weatherspoon 1

The best and fastest way to watch skate videos and keep up with all your favorite pros


The Best App Ever


Great app to watch both popular and unseen skate content. 5 stars!


Love checking out all the new stuff out there. But I can still go back in time and check out all my old favorites! I Love This App!!!!

Aint fufu lame shizz



I am an old man of 38 years of age. This app. Is amazing. I can’t express enough how much fun it is to watch our culture grow. The Union is strong, and will remain so as long as good people raise good kids. Growing up I didn’t fit in anywhere. But with a board under my feet I gained self confidence ,self awareness, and knowledge. This app. Is great because after the daily grind. I can come home and regain some perspective. Thank you for that!

Bruno vega

Skatematic always have good content and helps skateboarding get viewed by many. Yea.


constant fresh content to keep you stoked on skating.

Deven Wharton

It’s not letting me get on it keeps crashing plzzz fix it I have I phone 4


App crashes whenever I open it because of the update, I have IPhone 5C, please fix it!!!


It’s probably the best skateboarding app out there but this new update won’t let me open it on my iPhone 4


This app is wonderful, now I don’t have to go to any other place except here and it changes my skatelife


Love the app, use it everyday. Videos are freezing when fully buffered. Don’t pause but video and sound stop. Pause and play gets them going again but same thing keeps happening. Won’t use as is. Iphone 5, 8.1, latest app build. Orientation doesn’t seem to matter. Please fix, hope this helps.


love this app skate videos all the time keep them comin in from every were


Always got the new videos.


Skatematic post the best skate videos!


Best skate videos app out there


It’s dope.


Dig it… Get it.


great content, easy interface. I really enjoy using it in my spare time to find some videos to watch.


Greatest app I’ve ever had! A skaters dream! My sprained ankle has been way more bearable thanks to this 👍👍👍


So sick!!


So many sick videos !!!


Best app


Your one stop destination for your favorite collection of skaters! I wish you had some of the Pro skater Brian Wenning 🙂


The videos are from youtube and other places but the good part is that it is all right there.:)


Unlike, youtube. Where you gotta type in everything & search for stuff. Skatematic has it all on the site. So, you dont have to browse thru countless vids to find what you want. It has a great archive of videos to watch. A great app\ site. Strictly skating. All a skateboarder can ask for. You can find yourself spending countless hours watching video after video. &, you don’t have to worry about running into something that doesn’t concern skateboarding. All in all, if you just wanna get lost in skate videos. THIS IS THE APP/SITE TO GO TO.


A less saturated version of hellaclips. And an app version. Love it

Daniel Acosta

If you’re looking for skate videos, you’ll find what you want here for sure! Such a wide variety too


Definitely get it if your a sk8er


All skaters need this app. This is like the skater social network


Keeps you up with all the Skate Videos


Great overall app, it has all the new videos and is easy to operate. If you skate you must have this app 👌


One of the best skateboard apps ever made!!


Updates frequently, videos always play, and many to choose from. Nicely done

Killer of swag

This app is perfect 4 sk8ers!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew starke

I love this app so much. The videos are real good skating. It’s easy to use and there’s always skate videos to watch! It’s fun for skaters and anyone who is interested in skating! DOWNLOAD IT

Ben jay man

It’s dope to have new skate videos to watch everyday and all in the same place. Rather then having to look at different sites to find them.


Great for killing time, getting pumped before skating.


The app is awesome! Great videos which load in seconds. Get this app!!!! @TankBurt


Pretty dope app! Way easier than going to all the different websites.


It’s a grate app where you can watch skate videos all day long but sometimes it opens this web site that doesn’t work and when ever I want to watch a video it opens the dumb web site


Just deleted because of all the double-click popups. No thanks…

Chancerella 19

It is so cool I think I could do it in real life is the best so when you see this game mortised you feel like being is my Dreams doing it in my So I think you should get this app is the best for you and me . sleep but me I feel like I’m doing it right now and I believe in myself like when I see them do it I think I can do it So that’s why I liked it is Videos thing is like so so like a tease me like how did do like if I wanted do it I did just look on here and just my head Do it in like it makes a really good so I kind a like a really really good because it’s like if you wanted to Ali or 360 after Derek is like a show you right there writing 🙁 that I get a video so that’s what I like.

Skate everything

This is by far my favorite app on the App Store. Just an idea,(it would be soooo cool to be able to cache videos).


This app is so rad! Giving us the daily updates on all the skate videos that come out. I can’t seem to get off it !


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