【图】Photo Slideshow Director下载
【图】Photo Slideshow Director
【图】Photo Slideshow Director

Photo Slideshow Director iOS

Photo Slideshow Director 简介

Turns your photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on your iPad/iPhone with photo slideshow director.  

There may have lots of photos from wedding, birthday party, travel etc. one of the best ideal way to share these photos with family or friend is to build a stunning slideshow video with your favorite songs, then you can play the videos on big screen TV or upload to cloud.

Making slideshow with photo Slideshow Director is as easy as 1,2,3. Just add photos, video clips and set a background music, a professional looking slideshow presentation
is ready for you.

Key Features:

1. Make photo slideshow on iPad/iPhone easily

With a few taps and drags, you can turn your photo collections and music into live and dynamic slideshow with ease. With slideshow themes, you just need to add photos and music then your slideshow is ready for showing. You can also add text narration, adjust transition effects to customize slideshow.

2. Export slideshow to HD movie

With a simple tap, you can encode the slideshow to 4K video so you can transfer to PC, upload for sharing. The video encoding is very fast with hardware encoding engine. You can watch the slideshow movie on TV via AppleTV AirPlay too.

3. Make music video for your favorite songs easily

With the music sync function, you can create a slideshow music video for your favorite song easily. Just add song and photos, the app will sync music and pictures automatically.

4. Powerful yet easy to use photo editor

Photo Slideshow Director has a powerful photo editor. With just a few taps, you can crop, rotate and flip the photo in slideshow , adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast, apply beautiful stylistic effects to photos , remove red eyes, add text or drawing on photos. All these photo editing functions will make your slideshow amazing.

5. HD full screen slideshow presentation

Photo Slideshow Director is designed to show the best quality of your photos, all photos are processed with highest quality settings and played with best result. the output slideshow video is as high as 4K, with the new iPad, iPhone, full 4K video output is fully supported.

6. Wireless transfer

After exporting the slideshow to video, you can easily wireless transfer the video file to your computer with a browser.

7. Ready for TV output with Apple TV, Apple Digital AV Adaptor or Apple VGA Adaptor

Photo Slideshow Director is ready for showing on ever bigger HDTV screen. The output image resolution is 1920×1080. Your photos will looks great with highest quality on big TV screen when you mirror your iPad/iPhone to Apple TV with AirPlay or connect your iPad with HDMI cable.

8. Mirror slideshow to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay or AirPlay compatible device.

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Photo Slideshow Director 下载

App Store 官网美版


NVU is a killer

So close to perfect. Getting support to answer questions is non existent. So a near perfect and done video will sit because the guidebook is bad and No one in support will answer


Loved this app and have used it for years. I would have given it 5 stars….until the last update. Why did it have to change!!? I want the old version back.


Loved this app until the recent upgrade for so-called “ bug fixes” ! You have made it literally IMPOSSIBLE to edit the videos created. Even the User Manual does not apply anymore to the application. Go back please to the ORIGINAL editing features!


Useless. Could not add music at all. Can’t believe I paid for this. Ended up finding a free online slideshow maker. What a scam.


Been using it for long time … I’m satisfied with my videos.


Horrible app! Doesn’t play music as advertised and crashes constantly. Stay away!


I tried over and over again to make the music come through but not sound. I was using my own song which it allowed me to download.

shely reyna

Love it❤️


I paid for this app and my photos will not load. I tried to email customer support to get help and have not heard back.


This app has the capability to produce beautiful slide shows using your own music. There are several different transitions with the ability to individually adjust how long the transition and photo are on screen. There is a separate section for sorting which makes adjusting the order of the photos quick and easy as well as a delete photo function. I have just one request. Please enable the code for removing the status bar during the playing of a slide show (iOS 13). The status bar at the top of the screen is quite distracting! Otherwise, an excellent app.


Would not load all of my pictures…and then the pictures either went by too fast or too slow, no matter how I timed the spacing. And then I’d get 30 second gaps in between images. Waste of money.

Ken CS

Was searching for a simple app with all the basic functions. This was the only app that I felt gave enough control without making it too complicated to use. Really well thought out functionalities and a lot of adjustment options for slides. Would have appreciated a capability to fade in/out the music so that recorded videos can be heard (if preferred). Looking forward to future updates.


I made one slide show. Worked fine. Tried making another and the program would suddenly shut down.


Down. Loaded app to IPad Pro, downloaded songs from the cloud and the app puts the song in slideshow, but other than title, and duration there is no music. Any suggestions?? So far one star until this issue is handled.


I cannot access many of the photos from my iPad to load onto the slide show app—only a handful are available to choose from. Very disappointed.


This is the only slide show app that can shuffle all my snaps with full control of transitions and display time. I use “fade” and a slow one minute time per slide. Anything else we is just annoying. The iPad Pro is always busy.


Super upsetting. Is there a solution for this? I’ve searched & have found nothing.


This app is awful. It was user friendly but could not convert to phot library or be exported. There was supposed to be an option to export to Facebook and YouTube, but they were not even options. The music feature didn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money! I had to download iMovie, which was free to do my project.


I had high hopes that this app would be the one but not so. .Unlike other similar apps, it allowed an unlimited number of photos to be added to a project-great! 172 photos added super easy. .The photos were a little clunky to reorder in the timeline but you can do it – mediocre. .Music was easy to add- also great! .Trial run the video was good except you can’t hear the music to know if it is synchronized properly- mediocre. .Then I try to publish the video, saving to my photo gallery- mega fail!!! It crashes every time. App just quits with no error message. Re-started app, rebooted phone….nothing works. The video is un-shareable


Crashes everytime I try to create something, paid 4 bucks for nothing


This app is so terrible! I spent hours trying to export all this work I did for nothing. There’s something wrong with the app and it’s not letting me export it. It freezes too. Then they charge 19.99 to download the app on a Mac pc. When I did this it still doesn’t work! I’m extremely angry!!!!!

Brian 45678

This app worked perfectly for a long slideshow. The ability to incorporate multiple songs and manage a large number of photos sets this app apart from competitors.


Won’t play Dropbox folders as slideshow.. scamming


So frustrated! Spent money on this horrible app. It won’t load at all to even try to make my video. Have tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing is working. Hoped to save time, but nope here I am making the video the same way as always and spending wayyyy too much time on it.


I just paid for this piece of crap and it won’t even open. Opens for less than 1/2 a second then crashes!! How do I get my money back?!!!


Crashes and freezes.


It wouldn’t let me access 95% of my photos. Editing was non existent …never worked. Pay extra for trimming music each time..simply awful!!!


I like this Slideshow app to make end of the year slideshows for my students. It’s been hard to add the necessary photos because the SlideshowPro app doesn’t read all the photos I have on my iPad. I have over 4,000 photos, and the app says I only have 1,023. I wish this problem was fixed. I had the same problem last year too. I even tried putting my photos onto Pic Collage since that’s one of the options to choose pictures from, but the photos are still missing. I’m sadly trying to find another way to make a slideshow.


I am disappointed to have spent a few bucks on an item that simply doesn’t work as described. The app only accessed 81 of my hundreds of photos which obviously isn’t great and doesn’t provide me a method of accessing FB pics either. So at this point I’m thinking operator error but it’s impossible to say considering the manual is written for for an iPad not the iPhone I downloaded the app to. The app needs some work yet as the concept is valuable.

spikey 1

My head is going to explode right now!! I just purchased this app and wanted to add photos from my photo app to make a slideshow but this app only shows half the pictures in the album I’m trying to create the slideshow for!! 🤯🤯🤯. I even created a new album with the pictures but used a different album name and that also only shows half the pictures!!! 🤬 why is this app only showing half the photos in the album??? If there is something I’m doing wrong, please let me know. I have to have this slideshow ready in 4 days!!!

Natera l

Herramienta indispensable


I have spent countless hours trying to make a slideshow. It doesn’t load all pictures in the picture file that I select; many songs in my music file will play but just not the one I want to use; the iPad keeps freezing up while I am trying to create the slideshow and lastly I can’t get it to encode the slideshow into a video format so that it will store in my photo directory.


App does not support DropBox as advertised. I would like my money back. I would give it zero stars if it was allowed.


I have used this app for awhile, but now every time I try to use the app it crashes! Don’t know what you’ve done in updates but they aren’t working! Please fix!!! 5/19/18 I’m still waiting for your app to be fixed! It still crashes ever time I try to open the app. Please fix!!!! 2/22/19 I have tried to load the App on my iPad again and see if I can use it again but it still won’t let me open the App and use! What’s wrong with the iPad version? It works wonderfully on my phone but my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and I really need this to work on my iPad? Any suggestions? Please, please help!


If this works for you, good luck. We purchased this over a month ago. Photos do not show up in app. I have emailed support (3) times for help. They have never replied. If you have issues you are on your own. I would look for another product, if the app fails to locate your photos, well, there is no way to create a project. We used ver. 6.31, buyer beware.


Not user friendly. Very difficult to find editing capabilities. Can’t add music… I don’t know if any are as good and easy as they claim… I haven’t been able to add music and can’t find assistance


This app does not have features that it reports. There is no “web album” feature that lets you connect with places you might have pics stored like Facebook, Dropbox, etc. Tried to reach developers but got no reply. Keep looking for another app, this one is not what it seems!


Crashes EVERYTIME you try to change the theme. So you’re stuck with the one theme. Not worth the money if you can’t even customize the video how you want. 😡🙄


This app is the best slide show editor that I have used so far, that being said, after spending hours looking for the perfect song and pictures, when I finally upload everything into the app, I discover that I have missing pictures. If I upload 100 photos, it may only upload 72. And it’s totally random, if I start over, it could upload more or less, it’s never 100%


After trying several photo-slide Show apps this one gets my vote for ease of use and good prompts for the user. Thanks for creating this amazing slide show maker.


Doesn’t upload doesn’t play the music freeZes biggest waste of money ever.


Cannot get music to play with slideshow and cannot export to video. Great functionality, but does not deliver on advertised features. Support department is unresponsive.

Forced to rate

I want my money back. I’ve spent over two hours trying to figure out how to upload this ‘project’ (which I have to reproduce every time I want to try something different) to Facebook. There is no button in this Export list that says Facebook, and the number of pictures in my photo albums dwindles with every usage. Grrr


Not sure why…but it only opens up a few photos…at first I really loved this app…even paid to go Pro…now I’m on the search for something that will access my full gallery so I can make an appropriate slide show….disappointed at the time…hope it gets fixed😩


I just got this app and did not work, can’t access all photos…


What’s the point of purchasing a slide show app that I can even use all the photos that I want from my gallery. At this moment it is only giving me access to 32 photos and I have well over that. This needs to be fixed ASAP. This app is trash and I honestly want my money back unless they have a fix for this.


Thought this app was really cool until it crashed constantly. Absolutely frustrating.


I was VERY disappointed to find that Slideshow Pro does not support linking to my photos in DropBox. I even checked the online manual – no DropBox linking. This is NOT was was shown in the App Store, which clearly advertised support for Dropbox Wes albums. DO NOT PURCHASE if you want to show slides from DropBox, which is the only reason I purchased this app. It does support Picasa, Facebook and Flickr — I don’t need those features. I wasted about $5 purchasing this app.

jdnxh undc

I made a video – everything went well and it exported to my phone with no problems and good quality. However when I go to post it to social media pages, or send it to someone else via text, it’s blurry. really disappointed 🙁

Anns Husband Glen

I am just hoping to find an app that simply allows the selecting of a dang PLAYLIST from my iTunes library on my phone to play with the slides. Why is that too much to hope for???


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