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【图】Little Baby Horse
【图】Little Baby Horse

Little Baby Horse iOS

Little Baby Horse 简介

Your own foal – a dream that makes the heart of every horse fan skip a beat!

And this long-held dream will now come true with “Little Baby Horse”!

Create your own dream horse: Choose from a wide variety of different coat colors, accessories and boxes and experience a great time together!
Look after your sweet little foal and make sure that your dear one always has enough food in its feeding trough. Delight your beloved horse with some treats and a bit of tender loving care.
Does your cute fosterling loves to wallow in mud and dust? Then it’s time to groom and brush your horse and to spend some time together.
So sparkingly trim, your foal is ready for a photo shooting! Collect your pictures of your sweet foal in your own photo album and share your best pictures with your friends via facebook and e-mail.

• Create your own dream horse
• Experience the “coat color magic” and choose from a wide variety of coat colors and patterns
• Pick your favorite accessories for your horse
• Choose from different boxes for your horse
• Take photos of your darling and collect them in your own photo album
• Share your photos via facebook or e-mail
• Share many wonderful moments with your sweet horse and build up a close relationship

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Little Baby Horse 下载

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horses 109

I love this game! Omg I played it for 2 hours straight! But I think it would be cool if you could do races with the horse. And the sound effects are kind of annoying. But overall I love this game! I recommend it you guys and yeah.👍🏻😀

chater bunny

Okay so this game is a piece of 💩. I don’t want a game this crappy so I just deleted it oh and for the people who want this game three words DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!💩👎💩👎💩👎💩💩👎💩👎💩👎👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎💩👎


I don’t really want this app because you are not giving me coins and you didn’t give me coins when I opened the app


It’s cute but way to laggy. There’s really nothing To do because you can’t do anything over the lag.


I got so excited when I saw this game at first. On my iPad I tried downloading this game, but wouldn’t stop loading, and then it just glitches out and goes back to the home screen. The same exact thing happened with my phone. PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES AND BUGS!


I down loaded this game a week ago. I played it till it got boring it don’t tell u how to cuddle with ur pony or play with him, they want u to do this so it can trust u. & they want u to get the heart up to 5% in a weeks time it has not moved one bit. & every time I turn around it needs fed or the poop needs cleaned. At least make the food life & energy life last longer than a minute. I’m thinking about deleting it. I down loaded another horse game that’s more funner. I wouldn’t give any stars but I won’t accept that so u 1 star 😡. U got a lot of updating to do to make this game funner & easier with better instructions how to play with ur pony.

How do I start

Ok so, first off this game when you load it has no tutorial (which is somewhat good because tutorials could be annoying). But you then don’t know how to do anything and have to figure everything out. Next thing, is just not right. THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ANY COINS OR DIAMONDS IN THE BEGINNING!! So you just have to pet the horse until you get coins. The horse also gets SO dirty SO quickly. But it is pretty cute. So I guess 50/50(fifty-fifty).


Don’t know what to do??????????????😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡


….. I’m getting bored. There is nothing to do on this game. Wth?!


It is so slow and then it CRASHES.So FIX IT.):{


Read the title

Luckys mom

Sorry, but it is. I love horses and this game is just plain stupid!


When you get on it it says to start kissing it (what the heck) and then it gets all dirty and hungry and tired and when I went to go clean my foal I had to buy it (with fake virtual coins) but i only got coins from kissing her and supplies was like 500 coins and I didn’t want my horse to die so I deleted this stupid app DO NOT GET IT!!


The fame can’t be all that bad but I never got to play it because it crashed while loading.


Okay, so When I downloaded this app, It didn’t even show up on my screen. So I was like, okay, it didn’t download. When I went to the Appstore, it said it was! And now I have to figure out how to delete it!!!! But honestly, I can’t rate this. I haven’t played it. But if I had played it, it prob. Wouldn’t have deserved ONE star! *According to other reveiws*


I hope you didn’t give up on fixing this game cause it seems like it would be a really fun and adorable game. Yes some people complain about a few things but you already made the game just perfect it. 2 stars for now but I’ll make it five if you fix this game, please.

Violet bee storm

Ok so when you first get on you have like no money to feed your horse that is starving and tierd😴🍎 so all you have to do is press the heart and make your horse more tied bye pressing it to get money why even bother downloading it i mean i am going to delete it and if you love this game your weird


Ok after the game came on my fav type of foal came on. It’s like a second horse but virtual.my real horse is a red roan her name is shine


Doesn’t load. Crashes every time I open it. Got it for my little sister. She is not very happy. She was excited.


Well it freezes on me than I am back to the home screen so this is just like Thoughbred World so if u fix it I WILL BE SO HAPPY Thanks

my diamond

This app always is glitching and I hate so I don’t want to play but it brings you back to the home page I hate this app

Palm trees with coco

Don’t get the horse is freakkkkkkkyyyyyy🙀😵😱😰 I hate this app don’t get it will give your child a night mAre the horse is scary 😥

Horse person 72411

I don’t want to be someone who complain a lot and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but this game has some problems that need to be addressed. One of them are that the game quits put on you when your playing on it. Another is that there is an add that stays at the screen and won’t let you close out of it. A third is it won’t let you change your pony’s name. Please fix these things, if you do I bet it will be an awesome game.


Before and after the update I was unable to get the heart levels up. They literally never move PLEASE FIX.


Get rid of that ad so u can see everything and earn diamonds easier along with coins but pretty cute and make a photo album to see him

Tabitha kat

I think the games is ok but you should add more clothing, have more than one foal, visit other players, mini games to get more coins, to be able to train the foal, help the age and go out to the paddock


OMG DON’T GET THIS GAME. If you want a horse game get My Horse my user name is EliseLovesDan BUT DON’T GET THIS ONE


The minute I got my baby horse I deleted it 😵


How are you even suppose to get money! LAME!!!!


A little boring and plz update it to a better game not being mean just yeah…


I hate it the foal doesn’t grow and you can’t ride it and everything cost money


im so confused u should have a tutorial in the beginning or something please


Yawn city.


The horse is cute but not the game. The game is sort of fun just a little but the first time I played it I barley played it for 30 seconds. It’s sort of a dumb game. There is nothing to do besides dress your horse and pet it. Don’t wast your time playing this game If you created this app and read it sorry if this hurts your fillings but sit lame Add more stuff Make the horse grow up Make it so you can ride the horse

The hand wont leave

This is so stupid! How do you get coins besides spending money! You start off with 0! How do do ANYTHING???????? Fix it!


It’s horrible! Really,DONT GET IT! Only losers will get it! Go get my horse it’s fun. Be smart and dont get it. -.- Don’t listen to the good comments. P.s. on your computer get animal jam 😛




This is the worst game EVER don’t listen to other good reviews they are lying I bought it to see how bad it was turns out it was worse then I thought don’t get this game waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pony lover 67

I have not played this game but I look foreword to playing it!


It i boring waste of time

Nippers rocks

I love it the horse farts 🐴😝 It keeps crashing tho😔


I don’t know how many stars I should give this app because IT KEEPS ON CRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I would really like to play this game so please please fix it! 😐


This game this game is adorable!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!


It is dumb, I don’t know how to feed or brush the horse. Play my horse. It’s way better, my user is PeakyZebra285!

Kira the horse lover

This game stinks I can not even get coins I deleted it I hate this game if I knew what it was I would never have got it it is so horrible DO NOT GET IT IT IS BORING and again do not get it


I hate this game!


Whenever I try to play, I try to feed my foal, and the game kicks me off, I will get back on, and I never selected any food or bought any, and there is food in the trough! I can’t even brush my foal anymore! Other than that, all of the foal’s actions are cute. Also one thing that stands out is the foal looks real. That is the best part of the game.🐎


A little boring

Great Grant0

U have to pay for everything…… -_-

Jordan H rocks

It’s okay but I just got it and maybe later I’ll be better


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