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FlyQ EFB 简介

FlyQ EFB is a top-rated aviation app because it makes your flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and uses larger fonts to increase readability.  Subscriptions start at just US $79.

The all-new “4D Predictive Weather” system uses a Timeline and Altitude Slider to help you analyze weather at different times – both past and future – and at different altitudes. 17 weather layers from both the Internet and ADS-B (e.g. Radar, Icing, Turbulence, PIREPs, Winds Aloft, Surface Winds, Surface Analysis, Satellite, and more), many tied to the Timeline and Altitude Slider, give you unprecedented pre-flight and in-flight safety.

Supports more than 20 ADS-B and in-panel devices including the Stratus 3, Avidyne, Dynon, Stratux, and more.

The exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) feature provides situational awareness you’d previously only seen in sci-fi movies. 

Our Slingshot wireless ChartData system means FlyQ supplies maps, plates, and apt diagrams wirelessly to certified systems like the BendixKing xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch.

The Visual Logbook and Post Flight Playback / Analysis Graphs add a whole new dimension to your flying. Optionally connect with your friends to “see” and even replay their flights. CFI’s can track student progress and remotely send endorsements.

Other key features include split screen, 3D synthetic vision, flight recorder / playback / export, plates on the map, more than 4,600 airport diagrams, rich Documents support, extended runways, distance measurement, fuel prices, NOTAMS, wind-optimized flight planning, and plates/diagrams for Mexico and Central America.

> Maps Your Way

+ 2D maps, 3D Syn Vis, Augmented Reality
+ Sectionals and IFR charts
+ Photo, road, terrain maps
+ 17 Weather Layers
+ Flight Track
+ Fuel Prices
+ TFRs
+ Obstacle and Terrain Avoidance
+ ADS-B Traffic and Weather
+ Extended runways with right-pattern indicators
+ Procedures on map
+ Rings / Extended Course Line
+ CAP grid
+ Heli and Gulf of Mexico charts
+ VFR Flyways
+ Syn Vis includes HITS boxes, EFIS display, TAWS, Obstacles, and AHRS support.

Night Mode preserves your night vision.

Split screen (iPad only) and single screen.

> Procedures

FlyQ includes the same Seattle Avionics geo-referenced approach plates and apt diagrams that we certified for FAA DO-200A compliance with certified avionics from BendixKing and Aspen. Split screen can show a map and a procedure simultaneously. Swipe to switch procedures or tap to list all procedures at an airport. Overlay procedures on a map. Annotate plates and diagrams with colored lines and text.

> Flight Planning that Saves Time and Money

1. Automatically uses recently cleared ATC routes (IFR only)

2. Automatically plans fuel stops based on lowest cost and uses expected winds to plot the fastest course, saving time and money on every flight.

3. CAP/SAR patterns

4. Exchange flight plans with Dynon SkyView, Avidyne, and Aspen.

5. Practice with X-Plane or MS Flight Sim / Prepar3D

> Weather

Amazing “4D Predictive Weather” uses a Timeline and Altitude slider to make detailed pre-flight and in-flight analysis easy. The Graphical Wind Optimizer uses red and green bars to show the headwind or tailwind at different altitudes. Also includes an extensive gallery of weather images.

> Airport Information

The Airport screen concisely shows key operational info, sat images, and runway diagrams on a single screen. weather, approach procedures, A/FD, and FBO info are just a tap away. Includes more than 4,600 SA Airport Diagrams.

> Data Manager

FlyQ makes it painless to download new data every month: spin and zoom a 3D globe to visually select the states you’re interested in.

> Try it before you buy it

Experience everything FlyQ EFB offers with a free 30-day subscription.

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FlyQ EFB 下载

App Store 官网美版



Best EFB for the Money !!!

Maj Watson

I use this app in my volunteer service in the Civil Air Patrol as an Observer and Scanner/AP. It is much easier to use than the default aircraft instrumentation, and more up-to-date. Have been using it for about 4 years now, and it keeps getting better. Includes CAP search grids and patterns. I recommend it.


I been using FlyQ for many years now for VFR flights to some very remote locations and I’m continually impressed. The attention to detail and constant improvements make me glad I chose Seattle Avionics. And, you can’t beat the price.


As a CFI/CFII, I can say that this app is extremely intuitive and intelligent! I would put it against any of the other EFB’s out there, as well as being a much better value.


I like Fly Q and I have tried it a couple times over the past few years but struggle with it. I watched a lot of tutorials, which helped a lot because the interface is not intuitive. It was difficult to make a flight plan while in the air if I had to change something. The traffic feature has the size of the other planes too large which is misleading for how close they are as well as they block the ability to click on the map to gain information about particular airspace and airports nearby. Sadly it also deleted a few logged flights for some reason. I couldn’t find where to have a CFI sign off my Flight Review in my log book. I would still give FlyQ another try in the future.

Alien Mind

I ran ForeFlight, tried others. Found FlyQ, ran it for 12 months alongside FF. I truly think anyone who stays with FF is insane… FlyQ with it’s not more than 2 clicks’ is by FAR the best. The new weather heavy release is fantastic. The responsive of their staff to both trivial and serious e-mails is both prompt and efficient. Looking forward to even more new features soon! Try it, after a little learning curve, I’m sure you’ll sign up and allow your FF the lapse as I did. ( oh, and it’s cheaper too…).


Great app. But it has a few bugs and crashes from time to time.


The app covers about everything I use flying, both VFR and IFR. I use it professionally with the AHRS feature as a safety backup that is remarkably accurate and compares closely to the Garmin glass I fly with. I also use it as a VFR reference for my private flying; the Merlin provides timely weather through ADS-B plus it adds a safety backup should other instruments fail. Easy to use and fairly quick to learn.


I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now. As a recreational pilot, picking an app that fits to it needs can be daunting. The features are plentiful, and switching isn’t always easy. I started with this app because of its user friendliness, and the data I need being handy and accessible quickly. Over the years, the product has been enhanced constantly with useful features, most recently a large weather package. I’ve renewed my subscription again for a few reasons: 1. Stable platform – very few, if any, crashes when in use, even with a 3 year old iPad. 2. Continuous improvement of the product. 3. Familiarity has remained with new releases, avoiding a complete re-learn on my end. 4. Compatibility with home-built stratux ADS-B in (less of a differentiator in 2020+) 5. Customer service is excellent.


Great app overall, I have other EFBs that I use time to time. But I keep coming back to FlyQ. Keeps getting better and better with every update. One feature I would like to see different/change Is the way we enter the route, I really like the way stratus insight EFB and foreflight does it.


Using it for 8 years…..my best buy for an aviation product….I can no longer fly without my FlyQ….I love all the update….very friendly app…..keep the good work.


I have been using this for about 4 years now. I started with this and Foreflight at the same time w/ 30 days trial and loved this one hands down. It is very intuitive to use for non-professional pilots, while foreflight is good as well but more geared towards commercial pilots. Over the years, FlyQ has come a long way and like one pricing subscription over “Chinese menu” for foreflight. I love the choice of multiple ADSB receivers over limited with other app. Hands down, great app that continues to add options.


This application contains more than what I need. Previously I used the other one (F…F…t) but the price raise to the heaven. I evaluate this one and I think that it’s better, and the price is perfect, also always send a sales offers with good price. Works perfect with simulation softwares like Xplane, FSX. Important they have a lot of training videos. Also the support is a 10 for me. 👍Jose E Ortiz


X-Plane user. I used program two years ago and loved the features. X-planes not have very good maps and I prefer to travel the sky’s with true mapping and weather reports, since I fly with Real Weather program on sim. Thanks for designing such a Great program Ken Casida


Many new features make it even better. The weather information is very complete and easy to use. The new adsb weather is a plus.


I switched to FlyQ when Boeing bought Foreflight and have not been disappointed.


I’ve been using FQ for 5 years and found it to be reliable and simple to use. One improvement I’d like to see: don’t require the iPad to be awake and the app loaded when downloading charts. If I could start the process and let things run in the background, it would be a lot handier. Second, I’m concerned that the trend to more features and social media is cluttering up the clean, simple user interface that made the app useful. There’s only so much real estate on an iPad and my fingers aren’t getting any smaller. Throw in a little turbulence, and it’s way too easy to wind up in a function that I didn’t want.

Stinson Voyager

I have used the FlyQ app for many years now. They continue to improve the app with added features, backed by excellent information videos on the new features.


Believe me, for the price it’s the best EFB app. Foreflight users constantly ask me about this.


You can tell that Steve, the CEO, is a pilot and programmer he really understands what is important in an EFB. I do like the flight tracking and the social media aspect of it too. Great work!!!


I have used FlyQ for about 4 years. I was very happy with it then and even happier with it now. It has been a fabulous addition to my flying. Easy to use. Great display of the information I need. I highly recommend it.


As a VFR-only pilot, it does everything I need it to do, and for much less than Foreflight. My only gripe-lette is that I cannot get charts on my Android phone. Talked to Steve about this when I saw him at the AOPA shindig @FDK in May. I hope they eventually act on this. Blue skies, all! Mark Johnson


I would like to use this app but it won’t accept my drone number.

flying trucker dave

Easy to learn. Constantly improving, most versatile.


I live in USA but I wanted this app to use it in South America for the coming fire season. I got the surprise that the app does not have data on that region. I contacted customer support for a cancellation and refund the same day. They only communicate through email and the only response they sent me was that they do not control refunds and miss guided me to do it through the apple store. I found that Apple does not manage this subscription. I wrote a second email to customer support explaining and looking for solutions, they never responded back. I feel like a victim of a scam. I would NEVER recommend this app to anyone. I am stuck with a useless $130+ /year subscription service and I can do nothing about it. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY IT.


Very good product, a lot of thought put into it

Couve flyer

Seattle Avionics has really done a great job building a disruptor app in the market dominated by ForeFlight. That said, I think they wasted a bunch of time going in the social network direction while ForeFlight continues to update and release developments actually focused on flying and pilots. Maybe they’re working on that next….


I have tried ForeFlight, as well as FlyQ. This app is better then having a copilot. Well, unless it’s a blonde co Pilot. You can get lost in all of the ForeFlight pages. FlyQ is intuitive. Easy to come back to your chart. Weather and airport information enlarges at A touch making it easy to read. The app includes tools that you have to pay a premium for in other applications. FlyQ now works with stratus 3 If you have stratus 2S, you’ll have to upgrade or use stratux. I’m not sure about German and others. I wasn’t sure about ADS B But now I wouldn’t fly without it


Have used for over a year now. It is a valuable tool to decrease cockpit clutter and be better able to manage flight resources. Interface is user friendly and intuitive. One tap does most app navigation.


Very easy to use with all the information you need for any flight right at your fingertips. I love the navigation features and quick and concise destination airport information. What would I ever do without it.

nickel one

This pilot app is simply the best electronic flight bag for VFR pilots available.

Straight Tail 172

I’ve been using FlyQ for several years now and I really like it because of the essential features and ease of use. I compared FlyQ to another EFB app but found the other app had more features that were of no interest to me and it seemed a bit more complicated than it needed to be. Also, FlyQ includes geo-referenced charts that the other app didn’t in its basic product (you would have to pay for the higher priced version if you wanted this feature). Like one other review that I’ve read, I’m not crazy about the Version 4 release. I’m a firm believer in the KISS principle. For me personally, a few tweaks to the pre-Version 4 release will really make this an outstanding product. Lastly, customer support at Seattle Avionics is very good.


Use it on iPhone and iPad, on the ground and in the air. Keeps getting better.


I have been an enthusiastic user for several years, after being turned off by the overly complex competitive products. Now FlyQ version 4 has started down the path to “bloatware”. Features that are of no use in the cockpit are being added. This will likely create the chance for getting into the wrong parts of the program at the worst times. It will increase the iPad resources needed to run the program. Descending into the bloatware morass has been the fate of many successful applications like Microsoft Word. I will continue using Version 3, but I doubt that I will be able to do so for long. I hope a light version like Version 3 will be made available without the superfluous features.


Outstanding product. Great platform IFR or VFR. Information is clear and easily accessible. Highly recommended for the beginner and the seasoned professional.


I’ve had this app for several years now. I really like it as a less expensive alternative to ForeFlight. However, it has ONE MAJOR POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FLAW. The translated METAR and TAFs often do not include rain and thunderstorms. The raw versions do. I’ve gotten myself into some nasty weather a couple of times because of this! I sincerely started to doubt my weather interpreting skills until I finally figured out this discrepancy. I’ve approached the company on this, and they say they’re looking into it. Check it out and BE CAREFUL! A side note…..the desktop version does not seem to have this flaw.


Just downloaded this app to try it out, and I want you to create a login for their subscription. Well enough, but every time I try to create a subscription, the app response cannot connect to the Internet. I’ve tried it on cellular only and Wi-Fi only on the connection that I can easily verify is actually connected to the Internet, in the app still gives me that message. Looks like I’m going to quickly delete this right after downloading since I can’t even try it out.

Stink program

I am using this program and paid for it. During flight or on my desk flight planning the FlyQ program keeps crapping out on me. I think that I will go back to ForeFlight, with which program I had NO issues at all. I won’t advise this program to anybody.

Stratux Believer

Great company support. I especially like that they support Stratux (That’s ADS-B receiver that the experimental pilots started). Program works great.


I demo’d a number of EFB programs (including Foreflight) before settling on FlyQ. I’ve found FlyQ to be an excellent program and intuitive to use. Perhaps Foreflight would have a slight edge for professional pilots but as a private pilot I find FlyQ has everything I need.


For a lower price, you get features FF charges more for, such as tracking your aircraft on approach plates, whether stand alone or overlaid on the chart. It’s easy to use, flight planning very easy. Easy in the cockpit.

RockDawg RV9A

Not only is FlyQ EFB easy to learn and affordable – it is accurate and reliable. I use mine with an iPad /Bad Elf / Stratux. Returning home once unwisely got on top of a cloud base and was sweating it out. Fly Q EFB gave me accurate real-time info on what fields were VFR. Obviously I made it. Recently bought a fancy plane with a fancy panel. Bringing her home for the first time -the new “buttonology” got the best of me. Smartly I had my faithful iPad/Bad elf/Stratux autonomous FlyQ set-up. I’ll never leave home without it!


I have used FlyQ for years and added the Merlin a year ago. So much great information at your fingertips using the IPad. The Support Team at Seattle Avionics were superb when I needed them. Satisfied is an understatement. GoldenEagleflyer


Have used FlyQ for about 4 years. Biggest asset is how fast I received responses to questions. Effortless upgrade to the IPad Pro.


Started with the free trial. No credit card requested. Worked with it for 30 days and fell in love with. Great product.


Very concise user interface which is not crowded with options as with other EFB-type software, even on a small screen footprint. This is a big plus when trying to fly the plane and navigate the EFB-user interface. Looking foreword to a weight and balance feature with pdf/png/jpg Dropbox/google-drive/mail upload feature. An inflight glide-ring might be a plus feature in a future release. One of my favorite features is the indicated wind-speed vane relative to the airport runways. A relative crosswind reference for each runway might be nice, however, the lack of that feature doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of it’s current function. I currently subscribe to both foreflight and Fly/Q. Fly/Q is by far easier to learn.


I use my EFB app for IFR training. I appreciate that georeferenced position on approach plates is available on the relatively low cost VFR/IFR plan. I have been very happy with this app on my ipad mini.


I LOVE FlyQ. It was easy to learn. It’s thorough. It has everything I need for quick access. It works well on my iPad. I just can’t imagine flying without it. And Seattle Avionics is an enormously nice and responsive company if you ever have questions.


The app is great but would totally kill ForeFlight if this also ran on Android. Apple is loosing market share and as people are switching to Android devices this app should run on both. There are a few aviation apps that are locking pilots into keeping their IOS product just to run their app. Please don’t lock us into overpriced hardware from Apple.


This is really a great app. To tell the truth I really didn’t realize just how integrated it was until I checked out the video tools and started playing with it.


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