【图】House of Mice Lite下载
【图】House of Mice Lite
【图】House of Mice Lite

House of Mice Lite iOS

House of Mice Lite 简介

Help mice steal cheese and defeat the cat! House of Mice is a game that tests your speed and ability to solve puzzles.

– Drag or swipe the mice with your finger to make them roll as billiard balls.
– Collect all the pieces of cheese.
– Avoid or break the obstacles to get to the cheese.
– With your final roll hit the cat to complete the level!

– 27 levels in 3 stages.
– Different types of obstacles that require all your skills to solve.
– Easy and simple gameplay – just swipe or drag the mouse.

– Break or avoid boxes.
– Move objects and electrical sockets.
– Control magnets and wind fans.
– Create your own route by using cannons and pipes.

Enjoy hours of brain tickling fun with House of Mice.

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House of Mice Lite 下载

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Jarod Earl

Can no longer play with iOS 11

J4ck 24

Good game


not fun!! get spy mouse same thing just way better!!!

OwO wookies

😡😤i cant believe it😖😖😖😖 I was downloading it, then when it was all done i looked at the icon and it said installing, then i went into the appstore i tried opening it and it didnt do anything im furious.



Ehhh Its an okay app

In my opinion it’s really just like cut the rope, plus it crashes on my ALL the time!!! Overall it’s a pretty good app just please please fix the bugs!


Same thing over and over again.

Emma Kenyon

Every time I click into the game it will load for 5 seconds and then will go back to my main screen:P




It works only on iphone 5 and IPod 4th.please fix it for the other people😪


Crashes on iPod touch 4g iOS5


This game is so fun! I wish the Full Version was free!! and cut the rope is a GAY game!!! -Mouse of the House lite


I wonder if anyone notices if this Is pretty much Cut the Rope


This game is so fun but it is challenging but when it is not challenging it is awesome to beat the levels. And haters go ahed and hate this game but it is awesome 🙂


Its a pretty good game!!!!!!! 🙂

i rock my own socks

Um so I’m just throwing this out there…it doesn’t work it closes out right after the intro thing


its bad when u go in it exits out right away


Its a great game because its very fun. I lik it u will too!!



Zoo wee mama

Works great if it’s on iPhone 4


Fix it now idiots but looks fun


It’s awesome but it’s not loading I had this game before:l

Slayer pro20

This crashes when I tap play fix it now!!

Jeebob Joe

I love this game!! It’s so addicting I can’t get enough of it!! I’ve seen better games in all but this is one of those can’t get enough of games:) peace out:)

Abu jassem

When I press “play game” it crashes…


I cant rate it cuz its not loading.!!

John St

Super graphics and really addictive game

lost my pics

It fun at the beginning but then it gets boring. But it has never crashed me if it helps I have the iPod 4


Really nice. No problems. Challenging enough for the lite version.

Team CurienSonic

Please fix.


Enjoy your mice getting all the cheese and pounding the cat! It starts easily but it gets tougher and tougher on every level up. Be smart and know where to bounce your mice or you may not be able to reach the cat! I love it!


this is a very cute game… the graphics are great!!! Sort of like Angry Birds, only with cats & mice. I loaded it on my iPad 2 because it’s easier for me to play than on my iphone, but I will be keeping it on my iphone as well for those times when I need somethign to fill time. Just have to be careful not to laugh out loud!!!


This app crash alot but when its work the game is actually ok its kind of fun and passing the time but its getting boring after a while!


As the title says, it is easy to figure oit the solution to this game, but quite hard to actually do it. Graphics wise, this game is great.


Its free, so what do you have to loose? Download it and give it a try. Some of the mechanics take a little getting used to, but overall its an enjoyable experience. Give it a shot!




I wasn’t sure what to expect after downloading this, but the game is great. It is a lot like cut the rope but with some very key differences. Always loved the mouse Vs. cat dynamic ever since Tom and Jerry.

hazel eye beauty

doesnt even let me play


like app


Free version worked. As soon as I bought the full version, it doesn’t load now.

Diesel Don

It’s fun untill they want u to buy it!!!!!!!!

teve P

Best game ever

Shorty 17

Don’t waste your time downloading this game.

oranges caramel

not fun, boring


Love it


This game is a chunck of crap it crashes


Kinda boring


Rip off of cut the rope. Buy cut the rope instead.


This game is a pice of awesome


Just got the game….. IT CRASHES!!! >:o


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