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【图】Giant Food SCAN IT! Mobile
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Giant Food SCAN IT! Mobile iOS

Giant Food SCAN IT! Mobile 简介

Shop how YOU want with Scan IT!

Quickly turn your mobile device into a scanner with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Control your trip and have a faster checkout with these easy steps:

1. Register your card and a valid ID at the Customer Service desk.

2. Use your smartphone to scan and bag your items as you put them in your cart.

3. Monitor your budget as you walk the store.

4. Faster checkout by simply scanning the barcode on your mobile phone at any register

In-store tutorial video and in-app instructions available for first-time users.

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Giant Food SCAN IT! Mobile 下载

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MarkO 8018

Too bad this app doesn’t have the option to store a credit card. Maybe it could be added as an upgrade to the app.


Love the idea of using this app, but unfortunately as others have said, I was unable to use it. I connected to the giant WiFi as instructed, but it kept telling me there was an error when it got to the preparing to shop. If I go back to giant I will try again and will update my review.


I tried logging in with my giant account, and it doesn’t recognize it (tells me my username is invalid). When I try to register it tells me my cards already associated to another account. This is ridiculous I don’t wanna have to get a new card just use the scanning app.


I was unable to get to the point where I could scan an item. The app kept on getting stuck at the step “preparing for shopping’. During these times when I want to get in and out of a grocery store quickly with minimal handling of groceries it was disappointing the app can’t be used. I found the logistics of moving around Giant during Covid-19 has been better organized than other grocery chains so I will continue to shop there anyway.


Downloaded it, connected to Giant’s wi fi and it didn’t work when I tried it.


I downloaded this app to try to limit exposure on a trip to the grocery store due to social distancing guidelines, but it kept saying I needed to connect to the store WiFi. I was connected and it still would not work.

Rohn Patel

Impossible to login with my card. Simply keeps saying invalid username password. There is no back button and the navigation is extremely confusing.


*****Revised: not all Giant Stores support this. There isn’t any signage and no message on the app so difficult to know. I found out by talking with store manager. Great idea. If it worked. Also the people in the store can’t assist because they know nothing about this app. Back to Harris Teeter!!!


Will not recognize Giant WiFi even when connected.


In general I like using the scan it app (when the WiFi works at my local giant). However, the app does not support audits of my bag. Every time I’m selected for a store audit I have to rescan all my purchases using the store gun and then hand the gun over to an associate to audit my selections. It’s a complete time-waste that negates any time I’ve saved using scan it. There needs to be a better way to conduct audits.


I used the other giant app to save all of the coupons that I needed at home before I went to giant. Got to giant and opened scan it to add more items. Error message #1 saying I needed to download giant WiFi. I did #2 error opened it and clicked on scanner button and it said processing. Closed it out and tried again and it still didn’t work. #3 clicked on another button and it still didn’t work. Don’t bother downloading!!!


You get audited every 5 – 7 times that you use this app; they automatically assumed everyone using this app is a criminal unless proven otherwise by wasting your time while waiting for the staff to manually scan your stuff to make sure you didn’t steal. But what I hate about this app is that every time you get audited, it locks your reward card and in my case the staff did not correctly do the audit and my card remained locked. What is more ridiculous is that no one in the store has the ability to unlock your card so unless you contact the corporate office, you can’t use your reward card or any new card associated with the same phone number. In my case, considering how much of my time had been waisted while waiting for someone to audit my stuff, and the fact that my reward card became useless, was enough to take my business to amazon online groceries. I know they don’t treat me like I’m a criminal. This app is the single reason my family stopped shopping at this store.


I was very leery about downloading this app because of the poor reviews but this thing is great. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to get connected to the store’s Guest WiFi but once I got that working, it was smooth sailing. You scan each item with your phone’s camera as you place it into your cart and when you get to the register simply click Checkout and scan your Scan-It barcode. Some items won’t scan but you scan those at the register before you pay. After you scan the barcode and the register loads your scanned items, you get a voice prompt telling to scan any additional items that you either didn’t or couldn’t scan with your phone. Then pay as you normally do at the register. This app is fantastic!

Frustrated in MD 1

I tried to reload this app to my new phone and it won’t let me sign in even though I have an account and the Giant Food card. I had to reset my password, which happens, but then it still wouldn’t let me sign in. Then when I tried to reset my PW again, it didn’t recognize my e-mail. What’s going on?


This app used to work great and I loved it. However, it no longer connects to the WiFi signal in the store. Very disappointed and I wish they’d fix it.


Doesn’t work at the register, I don’t understand why they bother! Sams club do not have to go to the register at all. Press pay and leave, someone at the door use a laser and register the bar code as you leave. Wish Giants would get it right first before offering the app. Fire your tech guys, get someone smarter to fix this, other store have no problem! Shame!

giant hunger

While the app isn’t crashing on opening, it now insists that one connects to network that doesn’t exist in the store. If you connect to any of the in store networks -even the one that the scan it wands uses— that do show up and click scan item you get the message to connect to the non-existent network.


This app used to be great, now it doesn’t even work 😡 In July or August 2018 it started dropping the ScanIt WiFi after every time I scanned something into my cart. Then it started crashing mid-shopping trip. Now I can’t even connect. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and still nothing. Super disappointed especially now since since they changed the configuration of our self checkout and my reuseable bags don’t fit in the bagging area.


With this app, I don’t need to use the in-store scanner, which doesn’t work sometimes. But, it is time to consider optimize it for iPhone X


Totally useless app. My store has crappy scanners so I wanted to use the app. Not so much. Wouldn’t connect to the store wi-if at all, and kept timing out. Simply terrible.


App now crashes every time I try to use it. 100%. I have used this from the very beginning. But now it is unstable. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


Tried everything. Useless


Connects to the mobile scan-it network reliably but for some reason will not authenticate my account about half the time. Sometimes if I kill the app and bring it back up it will authenticate it but usually not. Next time it will work just fine. Very frustrating.


Why does Giant Food insist on annoying me by sending me coupons in the mail that can only be used if you download their app that doesn’t work. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s the only supermarket and pharmacy (other than CVS) in Marlow Heights I would shop somewhere else.


This app is works very rare. Usually it could not connect to the server. At Penrose Giant in Arlington, VA the app could not connect to the server and was showing the same problem every time. I tried 10 times to connect and got nothing.


It won’t even accept my card the register does. Not worth my time

Big1 Scott

Employees in the store are no help at all. Most have never even seen it, even the managers. So if there is a problem you need to ring up your order by hand and delete what you have on your phone. There needs to be a change to the Location Services Permission. The only option is Never or Always. Won’t work unless you give it permission. Always will eat your battery when you are not using the app. I can not afford the battery drain constantly for an app I use once or twice a week. Needs Laocation Services ONLY while using app opption. I used it everytime I shopped before this problem was introduced. As an update to my review the app seems to be working better. However it Desperately needs to have an option for Location service ONLY WHILE USING APP! Pain in the butt to go to settings to Allow Location then back to Never allow. Always allow eats the battery. Please fix this. Then you will have a 5 Star App.


The key factor: Which store you go to. There is a Giant I can go to, several miles away, where the app works just fine and will take me, fairly reliably, from the front door through check-out, even paying WITH my phone at the register. That’s when it’s great. But that’s not the store I frequent. My go-to is much closer, and while it seems to have the same equipment, this app is useless there. I can connect and reconnect the phone to the network, and the only thing this app gives me is excuses about not being able to start the shopping trip. This is when the app is absolutely worthless. This would suggest that the problem is with that store’s network setup, but good luck getting something done about that. It might be nice to keep it on your phone if you find a Giant set up for Scan-It, just in case it works. And you don’t mind going out of your way looking for Giants set up for Scan-It.


I don’t know if it’s the app or the Scan It wifi in the store but the app never connects so I can’t use it.


The last update rendered my app useless. I loved this app. It made getting out of the store super fast when busy. Yes you get audited some times but it’s worth it.


That app good for what it does but needs a lot of refinements, the whole app isn’t updated to fit phones like the iPhone 6S Plus and the app itself runs slow to start scanning and generating barcodes


This app has worked well in my local Giant. It’s easier than trying to enter my phone number to get a scanning wand. This trip, my order was selected for an audit. After trying to figure out how to let the app scan the items needed to clear the audit, the store manager had to start over. This app cost me ten minutes vs saved any time.


App didn’t work for me. I connected to the store’s wifi but the app would not let me scan anything


App works really well for scanning as you go, which is great if you bring your own bags and stay organized thorough the trip. However, once you get to the checkout there was no way to enter your card number at the register to connect the Scan It order (the register didn’t read the scan from my phone). There was also no way to add items to your order, which would be helpful in the event the Scan It process can’t read a barcode. Lastly, please add a ‘Delete all from cart’ in the app so folks with my experience can wipe out a shopping trip for the next time.


Doesn’t even talk to the Giant app in which you can make an actual shopping list. That seems like a pretty major oversight, developers. Come on! You are paid for this, after all!


I initially downloaded the “old logo” version, and as has already been mentioned, my store is not listed. That’s probably why, when I went shopping, I couldn’t connect to the Scan It network to use the app. Now I just downloaded the “new logo” version and when I scan my bonus card I’m told it’s invalid. Even when I tapped in the barcode numbers, my card is invalid. Great app idea. I would use it all the time if it worked. Hopefully major fixes are coming soon, and please add ALL Giant stores to the database.


Badly in need of update!

Not happy AT ALL rig

My preferred store is not listed and the app won’t let me bypass this! Definitely a problem since there are many more than five stores in my entire state. I’m only giving one star since I can’t give zero.


Working again after IOS 8 update, but not quite where it was. Rapid scan option seems to have been dropped. Also barcode scanning does not seem to be as robust as it was. Code is sometimes not picked up and needs to be re-scanned.


Used to work pretty well. Same as other reviews, camera turns on but it won’t show an image. In general this has worked pretty well for a year or better. The issues are at the store. They lack enough scales and it can be difficult to find the plu codes. Giant seems to be going downhill of late. Feels like cost cutting is over taking and customer service is sacrificed.


The camera function does not work. Also, store locations need to be updated.


I used this app all the time on my 4S, but when I upgraded the phone to iOS 8, the app is no longer able to scan–there is no image shown from the camera when scanning, even though I gave it access to the camera.

Paul Derby

App launches and connects to store WiFi, but app doesn’t seem to connect to the camera so the app is useless.


See subject line. Please fix app.


I downloaded the app a while ago and didn’t get a chance to use it. Then, when I did about halfway through the store, the app deleted everything I had and told me my cart was empty. I then had to rescan everything already in the cart.

Trail Magnus

This app was great until Giant updated it’s software and now the app doesn’t work.


I had no problems with this app. Every item rang up with the correct prices and easily transferred to the Check It register. I really like it!!


This used to be good. I loved the old version but, the latest update has failed twice in the checkout line. The interface is confusing, inefficient and visually amateur. The sole purpose of this app is to save time. So, it is unacceptable that it cost me 20 minutes more than if I had just scanned everything at the register. Try again please!


There was so much hope with this new version but it is still fatally flawed with audit handling. Why is this so hard, Giant??? I have been using this app for a while and was reasonably pleased with it. But it is now stuck in an audit required mode and no one at the store or in Giant tech support knows how to clear it. If the app would let the cashier scan their card like a handheld scanner there would be no issue. Alas, this is a fatal flaw.


This new app is so much better. It scans super fast and check out was easy.


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