【图】Salvation Army Family Store下载
【图】Salvation Army Family Store
【图】Salvation Army Family Store

Salvation Army Family Store iOS

Salvation Army Family Store 简介

Have clothes or furniture to donate? Want to discover some great deals?

With The Salvation Army Family Store App, you can do both, all while helping others.

Schedule a time for donation pick up. Find a drop-off location. And get a receipt for your donation.

Plus, get coupons and great deals for your local Family Store, delivered right to your phone.

Whether you’re donating furniture, clothing, books, household items, or even donating a car, The Salvation Army Family Store App makes it easier than ever.

This app will even keep track of the donations you’ve made, so you don’t have to.

Download the free Salvation Army Family Store app now. And see how your touchscreen can touch lives.

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Salvation Army Family Store 下载

App Store 官网美版



Seriously??? An app to tell me where donation sites are all across the country ….but not where to go shopping at your stores?? I don’t need an app on my iPad to tell me where donation sites are…..that I know. But when I’m out traveling I do like to know where the stores are, and what days they are open and during which hours.


Thanks for the opportunity to help and donate. This app was helpful to support the community. We have homeless people who need help and this was the way to do it by donating clothes and important tools. Thank you

The winged wanderer

Please fix the app as it doesn’t work.


This app is very broken, do not trust it for pickup appointments. Call your local store to schedule pickups.


This app has been helpful to us in facilitating donations to the Salvation Army. It could be improved in a few spots, but with a small amount of patience, it’s so easy to use! Please support this wonderful cause.

Pray without ceasing

Recent update is fantastic. Works great.


I don’t see any reason to give my info just to find a drop off location. Just an info harvest. Besides the map doesn’t show any locations – not even in a large city I picked. Locations, policies and hours would make this worth using.


Does what it says it does.


Would really be handy if you could use it to edit or update a pickup. At present it lets you see your scheduled pickup and lists all the contents, but you can’t make any edits. Only option is to cancel.


I’m disappointed that this app hasn’t been updated for 2 years, after all the complaints. I have 5 bags to donate, but without the app registering a location, and no QR codes on the drop-boxes (I went to at least 2 different locations), it looks like I might have to donate elsewhere. It won’t let me create a “ticket” to show what I donated, and the website was not any better. I hoped I could at least let someone know I was dropping things off, but I had to make do with leaving a message. When the app still worked, it made donating easy. I hope it’s fixed soon.


As other have said; it’s useless unless you fill out your profile, but when you fill out the profile it crashes. The reviews are over a year old and it’s still not fixed. All I want is a locator so I can visit and spend money when I travel. What a waste of space and loss of potential income


Isn’t even deserving of one star unfortunately, but you can’t choose zero. This app literally does nothing. Can’t do anything without a profile and you can’t make a profile because it crashes as soon as you click submit. I was excited to try anyway but very disappointed.

Loblolly lol

Would love to find a location to donate to since I just moved but the app keeps crashing when I try to create a profile as soon as I hit submit it just closes and erases everything…. Should’ve read the other reviews first I have no idea why no one has yet to fix this problem!!


Awful app!!


Literally doesn’t work at all. Nothing loads on any of the pages. Deleting right after this review.


Doesn’t work.


You have to create a profile before scheduling a pickup. I couldn’t even complete my profile because as soon as I click submit, the app crashes and doesn’t save all of your information that was entered. The whole reason I downloaded the app was because I experienced the same issue with their website.


Keeps force closing and will not save any information. Worthless


Map to find locations doesn’t actually show anything and the rewards page is completely blank even after updating my profile. So the two things I downloaded the app for don’t work. Will be deleting the app ASAP as it’s useless.


I keep entering my profile info which is required before you can schedule a pick up and every time I hit “submit” the app crashes.


Every time I try to use the map or ‘I’m at a dropbox’ option, it asks me to update my profile. When I submit, it throws me out of the app. Sorry. Really wanted this to work but it just doesn’t. 😞


I’m at a drop off and my phone can scan the symbol but the app doesn’t do anything and says can’t recognize location


Very easy to use!

Mailelani Samoa

I can’t do anything


Is always asking to update profile, when I do it simply closes the app. When you hit the locations button, nothing but a blank world map. Deleting


App makes it very easy to find locations.

Tracy Lou Who

You enter your profile info, hit submit, and then takes you back to your home screen.


Won’t let me do anything without updating my profile. When I try to update my profile by putting in the requested information and hitting the submit button the app closes and returns me to my home screen. No locations found when accessing the location map either. These are the reasons this is being deleted from my phone. Sorry. In theory this app would do everything I would want an app like this to do. Completely disappointed in its lack of execution.


Locator shows no results. What’s the point of this app?


Doesn’t work at all!


I downloaded this app to find Salvation Army family stores nearby when I’m out and about. Nothing seems to happen when I hit the ‘locations’ button/tab


It keeps crashing every time I go to save my info


This app is terrible, since the last update it won’t load the location map at all on my iPhone. Get your act together Salvation Army.

BellyDancerJazz Sing

I really want this app to work! However it keeps crashing before I ever finish logging my profile in. The location part of the app also doesn’t work it appears blank or give me a flash of thousands of red dots that aren’t possibly stores


This app crashes when trying to enter profile information. It appears that this occurs if you are entering an address outside of their support network. The app is useless due to this error and will need to be corrected.

Marks fish

I got this app to find thrift stores. It won’t show me any.

K Schneider

Needs filtering and an accurate store location database.


Crashed every time when trying to save profile information. Filled it out multiple times and crashed each and every time without saving info. Cannot do anything with app unless a profile is filled out so…. it’s useless. Deleted.

Jon 4576422

Please add an option to filter the map based on location type! I don’t care about drop boxes or corporate offices when I’m trying to find store locations…


Still not working……..


App crashes when trying to register just as all other reviewers have stated.


Crashes when trying to enter state information.


Can’t complete profile because it freezes on state. The app is useless. You need to fix


App Developers: please squash the bug preventing users from entering a state on their profile. A white box partially appears, probably a scroll down box to choose a state, but then the profile is frozen and nothing else can happen in order to submit the profile. Please update this app.


Diddo on some of the other comments. When I try to set up my profile and enter my state, the whole app freezes up. I’ll love to donate a lot of goods but I need this to work. I hope you can fix it.


When i try to enter my profile, it messes up when i go to enter my state. It looks like they intended to let you scroll and tap on your state, but when it pops up it is tiny and you cant scroll. I used to love this app to get my donations picked up, but not anymore. Please fix this problem.


Seems to be a bug in the profile entering screen. When you try to enter the state, it goes dark and an odd little box appears instead. Haven’t tried other functions.


These people are not who they portray themselves to be. Never, ever donate to this so called charity!


Need I say more? Don’t waste your time. Trust me. Or read the other reviews. No, really.

Charlie Jayn

You can schedule a pickup without a profile but it freezes trying to enter on.


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