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【图】3CX Communications System
【图】3CX Communications System

3CX Communications System iOS

3CX Communications System 简介

Remote-enable your workforce with 3CX. In combination with 3CX installed at your office or hosted in the cloud, this app allows you and your team to use your office extension from anywhere. After installing the app, scan the QR code shown in the 3CX welcome email (subject: Welcome to 3CX!) or in the web client.

Important read: This app is only for use with 3CX V16 and is not a standalone app.

More information: https://www.3cx.com

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3CX Communications System 下载

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Y Land

This app had worked great for me. I work in a school and have to be able to answer the phone wherever I am in the building. It won’t connect anymore since updating to iOS 14, so the app is useless until this gets fixed. I look forward to an update thank you 3CX!!


3CX Platinum Partner here, unbelievable that 3CX hade the best softphone app into the worst softphone app with just an update


Calls drop when switching WiFi to cell and back. Calls getting beeping and drip if a cell call comes in while on a 3cx call and the lack of ability to be logged into to multiple 3cx accounts


iOS 12.4, personal phone, not company, and 3cx v. I have no other apps this unreliable. And in this age of remote working, it is important for it to connect reliably. It does not. Notifications are set. All of my apps automatically update. I read posts describing this symptom and they suggest it having to do with a beta version. That’s not my case. Please fix this.


I was so happy with this app before it was updated. Now I cannot change my stratus from my phone, extensions don’t show up and it doesn’t inform me when the call is coming in through the app as opposed to my personal number. This is very disappointing. Please fix it!


App is no longer working since I updated it. I can receive and check my voicemails and I can make calls, but I’m unable to answer calls. This was working fine until I updated the app. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!


Can make outgoing calls but cannot receive calls. Used to be able to receive calls but I’m not sure what happened here…


The app is very intuitive. Most of the complaints from reviewers are in relation to cellular quality. That is the nature of a pbx mobile app. It is dependent on stable internet connection which can be affected by a wide array of factors. The app works really well and supports video chat.


We have been using this app for our office workers in addition to their desktop IP phones. It works great and very convenient to all no matter where a worker is. The vice quality is super!


Before this last update we could use the app fine and now it cannot use it at all. Please fix this issue asap


Lost the ability to paste to the app (on iPad)


The app crashes now when I try to select and call a number from my recents list. It seemed like it was fixed with one update then broken again on the next update. I have to click the info icon on the recent call, memorize the extension, and then dial that on the keypad of my iPhone.


I am a blind colleague, working for the street trust. And this update now, has completely broken voice overs accessibility. When you try to swipe left or right and when you also tried to click on things nothing happens. So for now I would recommend that you wait until three CX updates this app. In fact I would recommend that this update be dropped now, and replaced with a whole fresh update that is 100% screen reader accessible. Thank you

Argh iTunes and giml

The biggest challenge is that the app assumes you want all the same notification settings on your phone as you do on your desk phone. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be woken up by sales people calling my office phone at 5am on Saturday. If that were the case I’d just hand my cell phone out. This app needs to embrace the fact that people’s cell phones are different than their desk phone, and allow different notification profiles based on a completely unique set of hours that don’t require you use “system hours”. Though, even that would be an upgrade.


3CX has so much potential but they don’t focus on the customer experience and journey. They build from a technical mindset now and not the Steve Jobs customer centric approach.


We’re on the latest server release (not beta) as-of July 16, 2020 — version, and this app is dropping almost every call, across about a dozen reps. We had to move to the Mac/PC app; this release is garbage – do not upgrade to it if you can avoid it!


App has matured very nicely and is quite usable. For those saying you can’t sign out of app now – you still can, just different place. Accounts, uncheck your extension/name. Same as Android.

3cx App fixed

Need to fix to transfer to VM from iPhone app


I can’t received any calls at all, only able to make out going calls, only incoming calls on my mobile. I clicked on “Also ring my mobile”, but nothing worked. Horrible app.


Other users on here must not keep systems up to date. I use this all the time, and multiple clients do as well. We maintain their servers for them. Perform regular maintenance and you won’t have an issue.


Ever since the new update the app revisions are horrible and not user friendly on the iPhone XR Can’t transfer to an extension with out typing the number which unless you have a list in front of you, you have to toggle back and forth to find the ext. Can only transfer to voicemail with *4 and ext and can’t hit name and voicemail like before so again unless you have a sheet with your ext or memorized then you have to toggle back and forth. When having a long list of employees it’s not easy and takes long. Not ideal app for the remote user. It’s not as smooth working and easy as the old version. Very junky in my opinion and will be looking to switch to another company. Wish developers would leave things alone and not make life harder on someone to use an app.

Adam L

I use this app for work while working from home due to COVID-19. The newest update constantly drops incoming calls. My coworkers are also experiencing the same problem. My coworkers will transfer calls to me, and when I go to answer, it says transaction failed. This also happens with any incoming calls. I am fine with outgoing calls. This wasn’t as big of an issue until last week when the latest update came out. Please fix this as soon as possible. It makes working from home very difficult. I’m also not of a fan of the transfer menu changing. I now have to enter an extension, rather than simply click on extensions.


The speaker button disappeared with the new update. Also, the un-register feature is gone. Those two features need to be fixed now. It is a pain to come into the office and have my mobile phone ring, computer ring and desk phone to ring. I would un-register the app when in the office and re-register when working remotely. Why ruin the app by taking that away. And oh my goodness put the speaker button back on.


The mute button doesn’t work . You can put the call on mute and the other person in the other line still can hear you . Can you please fix it . Thank you .


Really not happy with update which was automatically installed when I updated my IPhone recently. I can no long change background color on the app. Now it is only in white. I prefer the option of gray, black, or white.


My app was working good until the latest update not its completely useless and has completely F&@ked up my day to day


I can no longer receive calls through the app even though all systems are up to date. It says incoming calls and messages are disabled. Literally the only functionality that’s needed. They need to reverse the update until the issue is resolved….


App is unreliable and frequently does not work, and is poorly/not intuitively designed even when it does work. The underlying system (which works with a web client or hardwired phones) is no better. Our company adopted this product and platform about a year ago and it’s been nothing but a hassle. I definitely feel like we were duped and would not recommend this to anyone.

Cheesburger Lvr

We had trouble from time to time but since the most recent update the app does not work properly at all. Calls do not come through until the last ring and unable to pick them up. Very buggy app. Frustrated!


Since the update I can’t receive phone calls it disconnects them after the first ring. I call people back and it drops the call. Why was the update not tested before? It looks like there is a ton of stuff that went wrong with this new update. Please fix ASAP!

Molotov Ed

Most of the negative reviews are from people who have not kept their server up to date. 3CX has warned about the coming change for some time. That said, if you’re all up to date, this app works fantastic, my whole company relies on it for field work and it has never let us down.


The day my phone automatically updated the app, it disabled my incoming calls and chat messages. I have a note in the app telling me to “update 3cx phone system. Incoming calls and chat messages disabled.” The app is updated and I have not option to update again. I even deleted it, reinstalled it and it’s still not working. Due to Covid, I’m working remotely and this is the only way for me to receive work calls from clients. This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.


Previous version had the option to unregister the extension but maintain the configuration-toggling the feature on/off. This was handy for disconnecting the app (from personal cell phone) from the office phone so the office phone still functioned normally for colleagues and personal phone was not ringing on PTO days. Now, the only option is to either delete the configuration file (then find a computer to display the QR configuration and reload each time you want to re-register with the app) or change status to “away” or “do not disturb” which then hinders the office phone for colleagues. This renders the app unusable for my organization.


This app is horrible, I cannot answer calls and when I do it only prompts for “call back”. If I open the home screen it says “Please Updated 3CX Phone System. Incoming calls and chat messages are disabled.” When I search for the update there is NONE. Then while I’m on a call, connected to WiFi at that, my phone disconnects and do a beeping noise for almost 2 minutes. I highly wouldn’t recommend this app.

Annoyed with 3CX

Why does my iPad now run the iPhone version of the app? This is much less usable then it was yesterday.


can’t recevie ios push


Before the update with the “cool” black/dark background, everything was working just fine. After the upgrade, I was getting a “you are unable to answer inbound calls or messages” crap. I deleted the app and reinstalled, now it will not scan the QR code.


How do you not test this main feature! It worked until my app updated. Fix please. Urgently.

Josh Noble

Since the update yesterday we are experiencing the following issues – Push Notifications are completely broke – Unable to take call in the app – it won’t even ring when the app is open. Please fix ASAP as we and some of our clients rely on the App


This is by far the worst chat system and mobile app I have ever seen in my life. No spell check, no ability to share files, and a terribly unreliable app that normally doesn’t work. Even when I get the new update it says I am offline anymore and can no longer receive notifications on my phone or calls. All of you guys do yourself a favor and get slack instead…


After newest update the incoming calls are no longer able to be accepted. Please fix!!

Boss Babe 69

Drops calls. Freezes mid call. Not for professional use. Doesn’t reflect well on company image.


After updating the app with the new update, first of all I like the new looks but what good are looks if the app doesn’t even work. I can see on the web that the calls are coming however on the app it doesn’t show up at all. However if it does shows up it just goes away before I can even answer the call. Please fix this issue urgently. iOS: 13.5 iPhone XS MAX


Unable to transfer


It works most of the time if you have good internet connections. However the app is poorly designed. It’s like the person that designed it doesn’t use it. As a phone app the most important is making and receiving calls then accessing your vm and then everything else. Why bury vm access in the settings menu?When a call comes in I either answer it or I don’t as it pops up. If I don’t answer it the next most used function is to access vm. So 90% of the time you would normally explicitly open the app is to make a new call or access vm. The entire missed call section is rarely used because I’ve received a notification of missed call already. Please change the recent calls section to vm section and put the missed calls in settings instead.


Iam sure its a good setup but iam not tech savy enough to see the point. I have a phone. just call me using the phone like we have been doing all along.


Great when it works but keeps disconnecting from system. Calls drop. Last week, we had lines crossing.


This app is not reliable. It will just randomly stop working. When it does work, you are able to choose a ring tone, but there is no volume control. It is ridiculously loud and obnoxious. It is so bad it’s almost not worth it. And the call history is spotty and incomplete. One Star is generous.


I love the app but it needs a better spam filter.

Christa Heller

Calls no longer come through on my iPhone unless I have the app open at the time. This was not an issue a few weeks ago and all of my software is up to date.


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