【图】HiGrade: Cannabis Testing下载
【图】HiGrade: Cannabis Testing
【图】HiGrade: Cannabis Testing

HiGrade: Cannabis Testing iOS

HiGrade 简介

Instantly test the quality of your cannabis flowers straight from your phone. Three photos are all you need to get a real insight into the health and quality of your bud. No lab equipment is necessary! Analyze your plant’s quality and %THC by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and HiGrade’s proprietary testing algorithms. Turn your camera phone into an accurate, portable testing station so you can better understand the product in front of you.

For the personal consumer:
By understanding exactly what the levels of active compounds are in each plant, you are empowered to take control of your medication and monitor your personal dosage. Be confident that your weed is free of harmful pests and mold and of the highest quality.

For the professional grower:
HiGrade PRO is the ultimate on-the-go lab and cultivation center. Turn into a master grower with personalized cultivation advice that enables you to diagnose and treat plant disease, balance nutrients and find the optimal time for harvesting. Be able to test all of your flowers for active compounds so you can accurately maintain quality and consistency. HiGrade will turn you into a master grower, helping you to grow healthier plants with higher yields.

To activate HiGrade PRO you’ll need to purchase the HiGrade Kit, which comes with a unique activation code as well as a smartphone accessory that will turn your phone camera into a high resolution microscope. The HiGrade Kit gives us a better view of specific plant structures so we can accurately analyze and diagnose your plant in real time using cloud-based algorithms. Use your unique activation code to gain access to all HiGrade PRO features.

We’re your buds’ new best bud.
Download HiGrade today.

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HiGrade 下载

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This is way more accurate than I thought it could possibly be.

French Canoli

Tested a couple buds so far, tested a bud twice and only got a difference of 1% in THC testing. So far seems like the scope is working.


I like it it’s really helpful and I really enjoy using it!!

appalachian g man

Having fun good tool for us back yarders


Impressive and mind blowing. Very nice tool for growers A must for every grower to have HiGrade for good quality. Save time and cut manhour of works. Awesome 😊


Easy to use when you figure it out


I need all the help and guidance I can get, HiGrade helps me Know I’m looking good healthy! It’s important to know if I have problems starting with my plants, great preventative maintenance! Thanks


I have been testing flower for about a week with this unit. I will be sending the same samples to the lab soon. I will report back when results return and adjust the rating as needed. After using and testing at a lab I have found HiGrade to be worth using. It is fairly accurate but sometimes way off the lab.


I LOVE my HiGrade camera🤗 Use it all the time and it always says the same thing as Leafly!!


5 star review


Love it




Very good app


Don’t purchase a subscription from these people. I’ve been waiting for my plastic garbage scope for about a month now. They kept acting like they couldn’t ship it due to the virus till now they tell me they won’t ship it because I canceled my subscription. How pathetic. Don’t support these scammers.


Very informative in deciding when to harvest


This is a cool system, even if just for personal enjoyment, but worth every cent. It’s improved too, so I recommend it.


The bud rating and THC meter are useful but if you ask a question you’re going to get a general response that’s been pre-written. You don’t get a specific, personal response which you should for the price.


I am really interested! This is awesome


This is the best thing that i ever received.

lil deno

Great product and is working wonders,very happy with purchase! Gives same results every time if you re test


I love my HiGrade you can learn more from you bud.


Great product

death to 3

I just received the scope. I tested a few of my strains and I believe that it’s pretty accurate. The test can off by 3 percent either way. Make sure you test preferably in Sunlight or under a bright white light. As far as the growing and harvest advice I’ve got four plants all very close to harvest time so I’m interested to try out this part of the service. But so far I’d say it gets 4 stars


Hey this gadget if pretty dang accurate!! Love it!




Really enjoy my device so far. Not growing at the current time but sure it’s going to be a valuable asset when I do


Loving this trying to see how accurate it is though I wish I could find out I’m really loving it is all I can say even if it’s off still can tell when it’s time to harvest


Not bad for a novice like myself. I get close to if not dead on accurate results based on content labels on the dispensary bud.

bud grower 88

Great product with awesome delivery time.

troy maynne

I love this device a lot no cap especially for my plants it works just how I imagined it would and better hope everyone else has the same experience I did🙏🏼🎉


I purchased this app with high (pardon the pun) expectations. I have submitted several “grow questions”, already knowing the answer, to see what HiGrade responded. I have submitted a pic of a Cal deficiency, mag deficiency, plant hermaphrodite. All the responses I have received have been the same “nute burn”, which is not a deficiency. Save your money. I am going to try and return this app since it is pointless.


Seems a little brand new with coming soon on info, other than that, seems like good app to use

R Gram

I love it


I am a cultivator on a state licensed farm and can I tell you this app has helped us with so many issues we were running in to without knowing. We highly suggest practicing vocationaly for our new hires with this app and lense to really learn from experts. 5/5 can’t wait to see the future of this app.


I would have liked for the tool to identify the strain. That would be cool


I just got it in the mail today and I’ve been playing around with it, its been super easy. I have some bud that I got at the dispensary Stardawy and it was accurate 21% THC. This is pretty cool, when you just want to make sure what you’re buying is what’s in the container. highly recommend it, will give it away as presents for sure!


Correct every time. Check the lab was checked it with dispensaries. Yep it works


They get back within minutes I was nervous at first but def worth it


I have no complaints

jah aka tumtum

It on point updates the app and the device will be cool in the future

Jesus iPhone 5c



Great app


Not sure of how accurate it is but it’s cool nonetheless.


Finally a microscope and ai joined to test thc on plants, is your dispensary claiming super high thc levels? Well put them to the test, results may surprise you. I just got mine today. Can not wait to test the local dispensary claims lol I have a feeling that this is going to paint a different picture then there actual advertised labels. Need faster response, would be nice getting a message from an actual person letting you know that the grow questions was received and being looked into. Like idk add a chat feature for contacting the people giving out advice? Overall revolutionary app. If this continues to go as is I can see how this can be the next big thing for cannabis testing. If it catches on So I tested some dispensary bud. First test, 26% look at thc label and get this it is 26.95% first test outlook looking good. Love it. Please contact the 420magazine.com staff. Many home growers on that website. I am one of many,new growers. So I think that website would be best for marketing to growers. All 157,000 of them. Contact teddy Edwards on the site. And if all goes well, remember your friend scottylikesbud for introducing your company’s to one another. If this works well, (I have a feeling it will) Updated, Is this kit also good for measuring thc content in sugar leaves? If so is there a way to do so? Or can it be done in the future?


Loving it


As I progress through my first grow it is comforting to have an expert opinion.

K OBrien

I really enjoy this app checking my buds after each grow . I have even compared labels from medical cannabis and then tested with this it is right on most of the time .


I love how easy the app is to use and how informative it is!


Kinda giving the same number but I just like


this is so worth the subscription price! This team is helping me immensely with my home grow. be patient with replies, always within 12 hrs response time to inquiries. app keeps getting better. thanks guys, great TOOL to get the job done.


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