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Money Monitor Pro iOS

Money Monitor Pro 简介

Get Money Monitor now, the most comprehensive personal finance management application!

You can track and organize all your transactions, accounts, budgets, bills, cash flow and payees in Money Monitor by easy operation but with powerful functions.

Money Monitor is your right choice if you want to track and control your expense and pay bills on time, it will keep all your finance at a glance, show you clearly that where the money comes from and goes. A must have app for personal budgets or business use.


⁃ Quick add income, expense or transfer transactions with or without recurring.
⁃ Edit picture, account, budget, category and payee and note for each transaction.
⁃ Mark transaction as cleared or not.

⁃ Eight default types of account and your can custom your own.
⁃ Track transactions of each account.
⁃ Show expense, income and balance amount of all your accounts.
⁃ Show expense, income and balance amount of each account.
⁃ Transfer amount from one account to another.

⁃ Customise Category and subcategory.
⁃ 10+ icons for categories and 40+ icons for subcategories.
⁃ Show total expense and income of all categories.
⁃ Show total expense and income of each category.

⁃ Create unlimited income or expense budgets with or without cycles.
⁃ Set budget name, amount, type, category, date range etc.
⁃ Rollover budget amount to next cycled budget.
⁃ Transfer available budget amount to another budget.
⁃ Track transactions of each budget.
⁃ Time marker to show the status of current date at each budget.
⁃ Show statistics info of total amount, already used and available amount of each budget.

⁃ Track both income or expense bills both repeat and not.
⁃ Custom remind time, date and sound of each bill, and snooze bills reminder.
⁃ Calendar view of bills.
⁃ Add auto pay bills.
⁃ Mark payment to bills in full or in part.
⁃ Add note to each payment for the bills.

Other Features
⁃ Search transactions.
⁃ Passcode protection.
⁃ Supports Touch ID as passcode.
⁃ World-wide currency.
⁃ Set your own week start day.
⁃ Powerful reports by pie chart to show visually all parts of your finance.
⁃ Custom unlimited reminders with any content.
⁃ Badge to show number of overdue unpaid bills and the bills which remind date are due.
⁃ Export data by email in form of CSV, HTML or PDF.
⁃ Supports AirPrint.
⁃ Support migrate data from free version.
⁃ Supports WiFi backup & restore.
⁃ Supports iCloud backup & restore.
⁃ Supports Dropbox backup & restore.
⁃ Supports Apple Watch version.
⁃ Supports 3D Touch function.

If you have any question or suggestion, please send email to Maxwellsoftware@gmail.com.

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Money Monitor Pro 下载

App Store 官网美版



Good app, but I can’t seem to put it in cloud. It’s getting better. I am liking it more and more.


I’m very satisfied with this app, it serves it’s purpose and it’s useful and practical.


Checkbook and budget all in one. Keeps all of your accounts in one place. It’s like having three apps in one.


Easy to use and full featured


Does what I need it to do, it probably does more but I haven’t played with it to figure it out.

Mad MuMan

Fantastic way to keep up with accounting for you money. No problems.


Spent months downloading and deleting a multitude of budget/money tracking apps, and this is the one that works for me. Pretty simple to use, easy to expand and have all of what I need. The Free-to-Paid data migration worked without issues too! Maybe not as “fast to add” like other apps, but it’s detailed enough for me to have good insight.


I like the Money App for helping me keep up with the expenses for my small business. Very easy to use.


I budget religiously and I’ve searched for the best budget app for years. Since I found this one, I’ve had no need to keep looking, because this app has everything I need to make sure I stay on top of my expenses and keep track of my money. It’s simple, direct, and easy to use to track all your money!!! A+

KKH 57

Works great!


I’ve been using this app for many years. I love that you can upload a backup to Dropbox or export to a spreadsheet file. Some of the newer features are a little awkward (the payer is the most prominent text on every transaction, so if you’re like me and prefer to organize your spending by category without adding a payer for every individual place you spend your money, get used to reading the word “unknown” as the title of everything you do…) but everything works, and can be made to work for you. The reports are really powerful for learning about your spending.

Beth Morrell

I’d tried budget apps, checkbook apps, and creepy “let me watch your bank account apps” and this is the best app for money tracking, ever. It’s gotten better with each update- thanks for the colors! This app is perfect if you want to tweak things and be in control of how expenses are recorded, rather than have a robot guess what I bought at Sam’s club. (Yes, Mynt, I’m talking about you.) thanks for 7+ years of making my finances manageable.

Poor Paw Paw

I have tried several APPS for budgeting and this is the very best one.


Easy to use, and easy to figure out all the features!


Title says it all – simple to use, not confusing, tracks all my accounts, etc. Best part is o can open it wherever I am and see balances without the password nonsense on the account sites. Overall an excellent product/app


Does what it should. I like the upgrade


What a “Super App”. Love it! Thanks Team.


For those of us with sensitivity to light, this new update is amazing with new DARK MODE!! And the functionality of this bill calendar is the best out of every app I have tried (and I’ve tried a lot). I truly think this is one of the best ones by far

Tracy K 1

Makes it possible to manage every red cent!! Just get it. You won’t be sorry!

Thal Su

New version is not easy to use


I liked the app better before the latest update. It was much quicker to log.


Been using this for years and glad that it now has a spot to enter check numbers and the cleared check box option should be put back the way it was. Wish this app was on android

Jewel crazed

Great for seeing where money is going and then getting spending under control


I’ve been looking for an app like this that has “time stamp” when listing a transaction and this is awesome, love all the features. Thanks


I use this mainly to keep up with all my side jobs and expenses. The latest update kinda of muddied things up by adding features, which will be useful I guess, but all the last entries have an Unknown category now. So, unless I go back and change each entry manually, they won’t be updated. I wish there was a search option when choosing an account. Currently one must scroll through the list to the account desired. Not a problem unless the list is as long as mine is! Would be helpful to be able to start typing the name and have it show up. Overall, the app is very intuitive and easy to use. A lifesaver!


I love this app!! It has more capabilities than I use, but if I wanted them, they are there for me. The update a while ago took a little while to get used to (old habits you know) but I am used to it now and to be honest it’s more functional. Thanks for a great app!!


Awesome easy to use app


I have used other budget account tracking apps. This one has it all. Want to know where your money goes – track spending on it. Want to know where too save your money – it will show you that too. Break out spending weekly, monthly, yearly. Budgets, bill paying all with-in one app. Use it, you will really enjoy using it.

J Edward

I have used this app to replace my iphone check book, credit card & money market monitors. I am very happy with the results. Like the new format – very colorful & user friendly


Great App


I have used in past and trying again since update. Nice clean organized look. Would like to be able to NOT include some accounts in total balance.

JC Quinones

I switched back to the iPhone because Android didn’t have anything similar. That’s how much I missed it!

Che Dont Play

I’ve been relying on this app for the past several years. Has definitely allowed me to avoid overdraft fees. The update looks great.

Paul Jarosik

Has performed without issue with good reporting features


Easy app to keep your finances straight without the old paper. Simplicity!!!


I’ve been using this app for years now. Perfect tool to keep expenses and stay on budget.


It does what it supposed to do. 5/5 will continue to use.

aj cool colon

This app helps me keep track of all my accounts and helps me understand where my money goes instead of wondering where it went. I can pull reports per month with dollars and percentages by category or by location. I didn’t realize how much I spent on online shopping, especially the online giant that promises 2 day shipping. Money Monitor has helped me stay on track with my budget and let’s me know if I overspend in a certain category. The only downside that I have experienced is that you have to manually key in everything. I wish it could connect to my accounts and auto populate information. Overall Money Monitor is easy to use and has been vital to my everyday life. I can plan ahead and keep track of every penny that comes in and out.


To keep all my income and expenses


I use this app for my other personal accounts & it does what I need it to do.The updates makes the app look so much better. Thanks for the improvements.

Katie P2

Love this app!


The app does most of what I need except the ability to add split categories in one transaction. It’s a basic function they’re missing. In the last update, they also put icons over the reconcile checkbox by default, so that every time I want to reconcile a transaction I have to manually turn on the reconcile box, rather than making it a simple setting that can be turned on/off once. The icons are useless. DEVELOPERS: Please add category splits. It’s kind of ridiculous that you haven’t already. And get rid of the pointless icons.


I don’t remember if I paid anything for this app or not; if I didn’t I should have and if I did it was worth it! I switched to this app about 4 years ago after another financial app I used for many years stopped being supported. Once I made the adjustment to this one I was completely happy with the functionality and the additional features it offers. I use it to keep track of my checking account, multiple savings accounts, retirement accounts and annuities. It is easy to enter transactions, view reports, search, and even schedule routine/recurring transactions. Very happy!


Would definitely recommend!! I’ve been using this app for years and it has helped me keep track of multiple accounts. Easy to use and personalize!


Been using this for years. Works great


Simple to use. Helps me manage my finances and stay on budget.


I would like to see quarterly and 6 months option on recurring menu. When I close a month it reopens so I have to scroll to the current month. When I close off those months it removes transactions that hasn’t happened yet. Other wise I love this app.


Love it


Been using this app for 5 years find it easy to use. Allows me to track spending and monitor how I’m staying within budgets.


I’ve used this app for more than 2mo now and so far, it has been very useful. I’ve replaced my physical check book with this app. I recommend this app. Update. Category should default to blank instead of Auto all the time. That way it can be left blank, instead of always changing it from Auto.


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