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We use a GPS location service in the background in order to send you offers and specials based on your location. Disclaimer: “Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

Pearl River Resort in Choctaw Mississippi – the Best Mississippi Casino Hotel and Spa Resort Experience, offers everything you need for the perfect getaway!

With the new Pearl River Resort app you can explore in great detail everything there is to do and see at any of our properties: Silver Star Hotel and Casino, Golden Moon Hotel and Casino, Bok Homa Casino, Dancing Rabbit Golf Course and Geyser Falls Water Park. You can find specials offers, event information, view photos, make reservations, share socially and so much more! In fact there are more features built into our app then any other casino app in the market.

One of the most exciting aspects of the app is that you can play our interactive slot machine for FREE and you are a guaranteed to be a winner… win anything from free meals to entire weekend stays and it will never cost anything to play! Think of it as our FREE GIFT to you.

Download Pearl River App today, win free prizes and get amazing offers and specials from any of our existing properties!

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The best casino app ever


I like the app so much I’m headed there now to play some new slots.


Haven’t won anything! Windcreek is better and they don’t charge you when you run out of funds to play. I like your choice of games better but have no funds to play them


Love my slots


I like the app and esp. the slot game. I took a star because once a prize limit is reached I am unable to swap. I am also unable to view my prizes. Looking forward to using the prizes I have won.


Once you get four rewards you can’t delete any if you win a reward you might be more interested in using. Looks like a problem with the app but it’s fun to play


Doesn’t save rewards. No way to log in or have a record of prizes won


Addictive and fun. Winning a prize is exciting! Always enjoy visiting the casino😁though!!!


Great place to stay and play ❤️

Lil Louie Loves 88

We have really enjoyed out stay here!


I enjoy the app and enjoy Pearl River Resort very much!

A haraway

Love the slot play!!


Love the app! Still waiting on my free nights stay but I’ve enjoyed playing the slots and winning discounts & freebies!


This is a unique app but I will not be playing it anymore until the issue with the prize deleting and swapping is fixed. Husband and I both played and both had the same issue with app not letting us delete or swap prizes. Very disappointed


I like the app. I’ve been playing the slot game and have won some prizes. Haven’t yet redeemed them. However I tried to swap one out and had problems so I took one star for that. You can do your hotel reservations and everything. I like Silver Star Casino and am enjoying the app.


Nice app. Has potential. Could be better. Wish there was a way to link your rewards card to view your monthly rewards. Or even on the website be able to view rewards.


The app is a lot of fun and informative about the casino.


I absolutely LOVE the Golden Moon! The High Limit room is very nice. There’s great food & drink at all times for everyone. I go almost every single night of the week!


I love the okay now option and all the prizes!!!!


Calendar of events, info on restaurants, fun slot with real rewards.


Love to play all the wonderful games they have to offer


The app is really neat, and I like how there are links to contacting either casinos for things like special promotions and getting hotel reservations!


It’s fun and it gives rewards. No app does that!


Heading there now!!! Love the app and the resort👍👍


Awesome fun!!!


Can’t wait to go for the first time EVER tomorrow! If the casinos are as good as the app, we will LOVE IT!! Wish us lots of luck!

Niya hayes

This is a good app. I have enjoyed it since I loaded. I can’t stop playing. I have invited everyone I know that go. I just hope they start sending me rooms and buffets and gifts cause they never do. I would like to get a weekend of free rooms to go for a over night trip soon.


Great app and good prizes


Great app. Always enjoyed the trips there, great machines and food. Would recommend this to anyone


Excellent , love the app, love the resort, great slots, great food and THE best entertainment . Love going there and playing the app on my phone❤️


Needs more games to play and better prizes


I love this app

Courtney Crook

First time here! Love it


Great app


Slots are stuck spinning the same combination over and over. At least the prizes aren’t already expired. By the way, how do you get that “free drink” when the Villa is permanently closed??


I enjoy playing the app is great and you get a chance to win free stuff


Love it


I like the app, just wish they would give better prizes for the time I spend playing….


I love this app it gives u real rewards for when you go to the casino


Just won a bag of popcorn! Thanks pearl river resort!!!


Really enjoy getting down for some sweet tea! XD


Lots of fun

De De05

I really like this game. I just wish I can read a free hotel room on the weekend.


I like the ease of play and the information available.


I could play it forever. However, multiple times over and over, it didn’t pay out when I hit two of something. Also agree with others that free popcorn or non-alcoholic drink won’t get me to drive three hours.


Most casinos i visit are next to other casinos. This one is all alone but I still love coming here. Plus their app is pretty cool too.

Dat Gem

The app is okay for what it is


This app would be awesome, if it would let you register it keeps giving me an error with fonts. Smh

Big Willie Stylen

I love the app but cannot see my rewards as it keeps loading and will not open. I’d rate higher if not for this issue.


I like playing the games. I just wish the more you play, the better your prizes would be. Also, need a variety of games to play..


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