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JapanTaxi 简介

With more than 60,000 taxis covering all 47 prefectures (*1) of Japan, JapanTaxi is the ultimate taxi app you ever need in Japan! Tap to call a taxi, make a reservation or find your fare instantly. Paying your fare is easy! Connect your preferred payment method (credit cards, Apple Pay or other payment options) to the Online Payment feature to order, ride and pay blissfully hassle-free!
*1 As of October, 2018.

About JapanTaxi App
1. Call a Taxi
Select your pickup location on the app to request a taxi. You can customize your order by selecting a drop-off location, a number of vehicles, type of vehicle and payment method. When your order matches with a nearby taxi, it will give you an estimated time of arrival. It’s that easy!

2. Make a Reservation
Place an order in advance and give yourself a piece of mind. After selecting the date and time, just follow the same steps as “Call a Taxi.”

3. Fare Finder
Go to Calculate Fare and enter pick-up and drop-off locations. We will show you an estimated fare and travel time. *The actual fare will vary depending on traffic, road conditions and route taken.

4. Airport Fixed Rate
Travel smart with our Airport Fixed Rate! The flat rate taxi service is available in selected cities and the fee may vary by participating taxi company.

5. JapanTaxi Wallet and Cashless Payment Options
Link your payment method to your JapanTaxi account and pay your fare seamlessly. The Online Payment feature accepts credit cards and other online payment services. (*2)
*2 As of August 2019, the following services are available; Apple Pay, credit cards,d payment and Google Pay.
*3 As of August 2018, JapanTaxi Wallet is available in 4,500 NihonKotsu taxis equipped with the electronic tablet within the 23 districts of Tokyo and Musashino city and Mitaka city.

・This application requires network service and GPS.
・The current version requires iOS 11 or newer.
・Orders placed through this app is the same as requesting a taxi by a phone call. As such, some taxi companies may add a Radio Dispatch Fee to your fare total.
・Ride availability depends on an area, weather and road condition.
・Fare Calculation is based on the calculated route offered by Google Map Service. Therefore, the actual route may vary. Estimated fare does not include tolls, radio dispatch fees, and/or reservation fees.
・Please check the participating taxi companies and service areas before making an order.
・Some of the in-app functions are only available with participating taxi companies. Some taxi companies do not receive drop-off location data or offer advanced reservations or cashless payment options.
・Campaigns are not affiliated in any way with Apple.

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In Situ

I had a minor emergency last night and needed to go over to a nearby hospital after midnight. Nothing important (minor toe injury, fine now) and used the JapanTaxi app on my iPhone for the first time. It’s really nice. It would have taken forever to stand on the corner in my neighborhood and wait for a taxi at that hour. I was able to set up what they needed in just a minute, and the taxi came in 5 minutes. Same on the way home. And you can see the location of the taxi on a map while you’re waiting. You can just select to “come to my current location.” No input is needed. You can rate the driver. And there is a center to call into and they immediately know who you are and the number of the taxi you used. I called them from the hospital because I dropped my hospital card in the back while paying for the ride with my iPhone. Anyway, I highly recommend the app.


Tried to use it several times in different places and always get the message that no taxis are available. Friends get the same result. Payment system also doesn’t work when in a taxi that is supposed to accept it. Must only be working in small areas or I have suspicions about the positive reviews.


This is is the best way to get a taxi in Japan.

Sakua Mama

予約後、時間を変更したかったのですが、アプリでは出来ず、タクシー会社の番号にかけても一向に繋がらず、結局間違った時間にタクシーが到着。運転手さんにはご迷惑をお掛けしてしまいました。時間や日にちの変更に関するアプリの充実を。 アプリで住所を指定する時に、正確な住所を入力することが出来ませんでした。これも至急改善を。


Recently stopped working with overseas credit cards. That wasn’t previously a problem. Apple Pay transactions fail most of the time. If cash is the only option then Uber is a much better option when available. Cash is a relic of a previous generation.


When will we be able to register with a US phone number?


I recently moved here and got a phone but cannot register for an account. The number I was given is locked to the previous owner for his/her JapanTaxi app. There is no option to dispute or put a ticket in to release the number to me so I am putting the one star review here.


Why can you only use this app if you have a Japan number?

Varuag Arora

Not able to register US number, keep getting an error that registration to foreign numbers is suspended. What’s the point when you’ve to get a Japan number to use the app.


Not allowed if you have a foreign phone number. Then why allow it to be downloaded by foreigners? Remove the app front the store. I will use another app and spend my money with a different ride service. Guess you guys don’t want my Yen.


Turns out to be useless for a tourist.


I’ve been told this app works great on Mainland Japan, but if it could come to Okinawa too that would be amazing

Aly oop

The developer has suspended The registration of foreign numbers. So if you aren’t from Japan this app is useless.


App will not allow foreign phone number to register. Disappointing.


Unable to change reservation times need to cancel (not possible until one hour before) and reserve again. Arbitrary “boost” fare when making advance reservation for example 1610 in an area where taxi are available required a 980¥ boost reservation yet 1710 at the same place didn’t (go figure that out). Only use if desperate


Wish this app worked ever. I can’t go below one star. I have try it for 2 weeks and I have never got a taxi from it. But thank them for trying

Yuki Itoh

This service is only reliable in central Tokyo, and useless in suburban districts.


Driver was great, even waited for us when I put the wrong pick up address. He was super courteous and picked up all our luggage. Took the fastest/shortest route. Price was very good as well, actually less than what I thought for 6km. App was super easy to install and work with when requesting a taxi.


So the driver has no clue where destination was or how to find it. He charged me in person even tho the app charged my credit card also. I can’t contact support cause they have no way to contact them to resolve the problem. Seems like a good idea but poorly executed


Didn’t work in Hiroshima or in Tokyo Waited ten minutes trying to find a taxi and the app said none available. Uber app got me a taxi instantly that came in less than two minutes

tmspmike 2

Japan Taxi started off great for my trip to Okinawa, but including the past 3 days, they’ve had a 50% success rate. I’ve requested 14 trips-7 were unavailable. An example- I’m standing in downtown Naha tonight, just off Kokusai dori. “None available” at 1900-Ish? Not happy. They’ve also sent me to “cash only” cabs, which defeats the whole purpose of the app. Got a canned non-response. Therein lies the problem.


Please add an option for type of taxi. Some times a wagon taxi or van taxi is much needed. Keep up the good work!

US user 1033

One has to register to use this app. The first box on the registration form is “Name”. It seems to be easy enough, except it rejects anything I type in this box. There is no explanation on whatever format the “Name” has to be in.


This app is a life saver. Makes it easy to set destination and removes any chance of miscommunication due to language barriers. If using outside your hotel remember to disconnect your WiFi otherwise connection will likely be slow. This app was extremely helpful and fares were good too.


Everything you expect from a ride hailing app. Call taxi. Message driver. Embedded payment. And all this in English, so easy to use for tourists and foreigners. Foreign credit cards can be used for payment.


I want to like this app — it seems well designed, even for a non-Japanese speaker like myself. Unfortunately, when we booked, it displayed an error and took us back to the order screen. So we ordered again. After waiting a while, we realized there were two taxis book, causing a confusing situation between two drivers, and causing my fiancee and I to split between the cabs to resolve the situation.


Get this app in conjunction to using bus and train. It’s like Lyft in Japan. You drop pin where you want to be picked up then drop destination pin and they will contact the taxi company that’s closest to your pick up destination. You can see where the taxi is at and it’s way to you. It will give you the taxi company and taxi number. After pick up, you will show the driver your order on the app so they can confirm. App is fairly easy to use.


YMMV, but I found this to be easier and faster than uber. Eventually uber may catch up (and the uber black car only option is pretty luxurious and cheap) but the JapanTaxi app connects you to good drivers who know where they are going, itbreaks the language barrier down a bit and it seemed more accurate when I was using it. Definitely a must for any foreign traveller coming to Japan. Worked GREAT in Kyoto.


Tried to call a taxi at 3 different locations in Kyoto. Twice we had to enter all the pick up and drop off details before the app canceled the order citing “no pick up zone”. The third time order went thru but the taxi did not show up 3 mins past scheduled arrival, and we had to cancel. It appears that this app is not production ready for Kyoto.


I am trying to register with this app, but it won’t let me get past the registration page. It’s asking for a welcome code, but what is that? I received the four-digit code, but that appears to be something different. The reviews are so good with this app, and seems like it’s just what we need for our upcoming trip to Japan. I’ll happily change my rating if I can figure out how to get registered…


Highly recommended the driver was awesome and very polite. 素晴らしい経験でした。 私たちはとても喜んでおり、ドライバーはとても親切でとても礼儀正しいです。 ありがたい。 いつでも彼をドライバーとして強くお勧めします。


When I first tried this app a few months ago it was great. Now, every time I try to reserve a taxi for a future time, there is never any available taxi from any of the company choices. Also when I cancel the order and try a different choice, it tells me a reserve is in process and won’t continue. Great idea but never seems to work.


This app basically turns Taxis into an Uber (as the Japanese gov. screwed up that company pricing them higher than local cabs). On the drivers side not much to say, if you know about Japan’s taxi drivers, complete hit or miss, the app however… it’s pretty much stone age. The only positive about it are: -Direct pay -Not having to give direction Other than that it’s pretty terrible: You could be standing at a full taxi stand downtown Tokyo/Sapporo/Kyoto (from personal experience) and the app tells you no one is available. You literally have to re-do the search selecting every taxi company independently… I won’t go into the details but it’s same, accuracy, interface, eta, etc. Crap. Basically current Japanese tech: Stuck in the 70’s and completely outdated

taylor travels

I wish I had gotten the name of my driver. He was with me through thick and thin. The language barrier, and my remote hard-to-find Airbnb, May have left me at home, had it not been for this exceptional person. Thank you. Thank you for yet another impressionable interaction during my lovely visit to Japan.

sharing frustrated

I waiting more than 25 minutes and the taxi never showed up. The app would not allow me to cancel. Stared I needed to call taxi company. When called, no answer.


Works well, but you can’t sign up with your Western name. You need to translate it into Katakana before you can complete the sign up. Its not clear in the app which makes that seem optional (“if you can”). It’s understandable as the driver needs to identify you at pickup. Fortunately Google Translate is the solution!


Tried to set it up and made it through the profile, however, in the name field it had the cryptic option of ‘ put your name in katakana, if you can’ Well, for obvious reasons, I can’t! So I used Standard alphabet. After everything completed, the register button was grayed out! Checked everything, all fields got a blue tick, except my name had a red exclamation mark. Which did nothing, after pressing it several times. Now, the last field is for a coupon code, which I don’t have/need! Besides that, all error messages are in katakana! This whole thing reminds me of most other so called ‘foreigner friendly ‘ Japanese apps! I tried it on an iPhone 8 and an iPad 4 Wow, just got info through Apple that the developer replied to my review . As sure as gold, the link took me straight to a contact page in Japanese!!! Didn’t help at all! Not for foreigners!!

Kromer krominkthius

Super easy and convenient. Seamless transaction and saved us a 1km walk with luggage through Tokyo in late August. Will definitely use again.


I would have rated much higher because it was very convenient when I didn’t know where I was going, but now anytime I place an order it either is extremely slow, or it will say no taxis are available..


I’m from the USA. I know no Japanese so it’s hard to get around. I love that I can map where I want to go and then click on the taxi icon and it goes straight to call a taxi.

iryne t

I’m traveling with my children for the first time to Japan. Although we take the train system most of the time, we would take this taxi service to get to train station when we don’t feel like walking in the heat. This service was so helpful. The app was easy to use. All the drivers were extremely nice. They gave exact time of pick up arrival time. Definitely a must have app when you are in Japan.


I’ve tried to book a number of rides both immediate and scheduled. Every single time, I get a message that there are no taxis available – even when I’m trying to book an immediate ride, I still get this no taxis available when I can clearly see taxis driving nearby on the map view!! Great idea, but the app is nowhere near on par with other ride hailing services. I hope this can be fixed, or the availability of taxis (using this app) can be increased so one day I’ll finally be able to book a ride. Until then, I sadly can’t recommend this app.


Need a more effective way of locating clients

a good resident

It used to display taxi fare when ordering taxi but it doesn’t anymore so you don’t know the price in advance. What’s the point?? Terrible.


How can we use if we do not have available SMS in Japan?

Tarty pop

Could never register. It would never validate my name to continue the process.


So far, I think this app isn’t even worth “free”. I cannot get past the registration. It won’t accept strong passwords created for me and it won’t accept passwords I create. I tried a password reset with a 19 character password, and it wouldn’t accept because it needs 6-20 characters. So I tried 6 and got the same message. I give up and I’ll just stick to hailing cabs on the street while I’m here.


This is friendly for foreigners to use, as it eliminates the language and payment barrier, as well as the cultural barrier of hailing a taxi. Note that there is sometimes a few imposed on top of the regular fare; so if you’re able to hail a taxi without the app, it will probably be cheapest. Has some issues in Kyoto, where certain areas appear to be unreachable by regular taxi. Also, some taxi companies require you to call them should you need to cancel your ride.


App is totally worthless. Can’t register an account or log in.


Unable to register due to an unknown issue with the “Name” field. It seems that a lot of others are having quite a few issues with this app as well.


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