【图】Life Of Wolf Simulator : Hunt Feed and Grow wolves下载
【图】Life Of Wolf Simulator : Hunt Feed and Grow wolves
【图】Life Of Wolf Simulator : Hunt Feed and Grow wolves

Life Of Wolf Simulator : Hunt Feed and Grow wolves iOS

Life Of Wolf Simulator 简介

Ever Wondered how a wolf live and survives in the Jungle? Lets find out. In this Game you will learn how to live in a jungle and survive in the Jungle as a Wolf. You will be a part of a pack in the start, you will learn how to hunt and how to survive from your Alpha. Once you are done training and you are strong enough to challange your Alpha you will have to fight your Alpha and win to start your own Pack.
Game Features:
– Natural Forest Enviornment
– Natural Snow Enviornment
– Interactive Graphics
– Latest AI
– Smooth Game Control

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Life Of Wolf Simulator 下载

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At Level 12 you play but after you’re done with the last level which is level 12 yeah you’re done with everything Play it again and again and again and it’s not fun




It’s not the best but it’s old maybe you should add more levels, realistic models, and where you can be the alpha! It will make the game more fun, plus we all seen that wolf model and it ain’t very realistic… maybe make your own model, you can make it more realistic by doing that, plus maybe make it where the whole pack goes to hunt instead of just one? And make pups in the game, I ain’t trying to be rude or anything just giving advice :3


I am 8 make a game for me and no hunting. I downloaded this just to review it and rate it! So not sure I will play even if I was 12… HELP! And run free of those older kids games:) bye


Turpo rocket games make WAY better games than you 😹😼😹😹😹😹I’ll think about rateing it better if you make a good game like turpo rocket games good luck with that!!

elsa snip

Dude you can’t give a game to player if the game only has 12 levels! Even Brayon would read a book than play this garbage! This game is as crapey as beat jumper! But craper!


I don’t really like it the reviews sounded fair so I got it and it is boring I do not recommend this app I’m a girl and they do not have a girl wolves and there is only 3 wolves to pick from and I thought u get to like raise a family but boy I was Wong I’m deleting this app


This game is alright I guess. The graphics aren’t the best, and I don’t really like the whole idea of “kicking out the alpha”.


This game is bad because u need more level so it’s not a game yet it’s a game but it’s not a real game a real game is a game that takes long to complete so keep adding more level but u should do something u should make stats so add more stuff in the game cause I completed it in 5 mins also wolfs live in the forest not the jungle


This game is so lame I got it and it got boring and more boring 😕😕😕😕😕🙁🙁🙁😕🙁😕🙁

The Cats Nest

Like, WHAT ARE THE COINS FOR? And I had to do all the leveled 10 TIMES since there is only 12 levels! One star is final. If updated, I will write another review about how I like it, only if updated.


I don’t like this game because of the grammar the quests and the poor quality like the way that you get three quests in a row that are the same thing second lions are extinct in the jungle second wolves do not live in the jungle 3rd so with elephants they live in savannah and jungle not forest ugh this game needs a lot of updating and the pictures made me fall for it ugh

hello woe

I am a girl and all the names are for boys and i think I should be able to choose a name u rite


HATE THE GAME worst game ever


So I enjoyed the levels but it seems the app creators don’t work on the game anymore. There are 12 short levels and WE NEED MORE! Anyways I have to say that this game has glitches. 1. The first quest wont let you drop rabbits 🐇 and feed your alpha. 2. I noticed that when I go running out of the den I sometimes turn around and it’s so annoying. 3. I don’t like when you fight the lion because it only hits you at one angle. 4. I die for no reason and I need to do the quest OVER AGAIN! This is why I put 2 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ -ps thanks for reading. Have good day


It is hard to move around and we should de able to do what we won’t to do on it


This game is too short and easy I was on the last level completed it and thought there was another one but there is only twelve levels that are too easy ps.turning and walking at same time hard


I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or something but the wolf keeps freezing and all I can do is hunt and it’s so hard to hunt hope it works better for u guys but until I don’t freeze and it gets a little bit easier I’m deleting this game maybe even for good there is more funnier and easier games then this😡😡

ashy and wolfie

I was really fun but it was to short


Ok I know I sound a little harsh, but it’s one of the worst games I have downloaded. First off, there are only 12 levels at the moment and you can’t play how you want to. You need to follow the instructions. Second off, it does this weird glitch and it like teleports you back and and it’s very hard to move, and you don’t go through the process of living like a wolf, and the title says “life of a wolf” so don’t download this game, you will regret it. Oh and if the producers try to make it better, I might try it again, but seriously, don’t download this app.


I got stuck on the second level because I couldn’t put the rabbit down, please don’t waste your time with this


Guys I hate the game I don’t understand it at all I’m starting to hate wolfs too.


I just started this game and i just finished it it’s only 12 levels and that is sad.😭😩😭😩

f game

It is sooooooooooo glitchy


this game is so boring I hate so much beacuse there’s not that many level and when you finish the levels you have to do it again in my opinion that’s really boring

angel juliet trotter

I know it’s not realistic and I know that people don’t like it that much but my sister does she’s five and she always plays on level two and she always says “I’m not gonna feed them even if they’re hungry because I am in charge” she’s think she’s in charge of the pack and she loves it it’s kind of hard to move but it’s still a good game

love randbow

It’s good but there should NOT BE LEVELS!


I love this game more then anything it’s the best game I’ve played👍🏻


It’s not so good because I CAN NOT find the alpha and it just ends😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😢😢😢😢😢😢🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕😕😕😕


I’m Sorry , but this game is pretty bad. The controls are awful as well. The Models are ok. But that’s all … There was one review that made me wanna say , omegas are in packs but they are there to relieve stress for there pack mates. They do this by getting attacked by there mates witch helps the pack. An omega is maybe the lowest rank in the pack.

wolf of the Queen do

I did it all LOVE THE GAME it’s tricky but it’s Okay💕❤️🤗


Do we have to pay real money for the wolf?

Ticci Toby 674

Sooo ya 4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ well bacause it wasn’t the best it’s 4 stars. You should add more realistic features, and it took me a long time to finger out how to pick up and set down stuff you should add controls so it will be easier. Thanks for reading my comment! Eney way it’s a fun game you should download it. Thanks!!!! Ima the only one who was creeped out that the babies were like spinning when like they were following me like they were in the ground!!!! But other than that it’s ok 👍




This game is way worse than wildcraft. Just saying. So the person that wrote the review saying everyone is stupid to think this game is dumb.. why don’t you look at the screen for once?

caya clark

Okay So, lemme start, first off when I first played the game I was like, whaaat? And then I was like, okay who made this, this game needs to update, UPDATE IDEA: better grammar, more realistic , more prey. Pretty bad update idea… ANYWAYS. this game only has 12 stages… I think, so that’s all what i need to say.


This game lags to much i wont even let me move when i turn and i can barely attack in this horrible game


I just started playing horrible and I’m so not happy about this game because it has not much time


Can there be a free play? ITS NOT FAIR you have to play mtions why it wrong hate the GAME I wish I could give 0 stars


You will love it if you like wolfs it is tricky but you can get the game if you want for me I love to play it and lions in the forest.I’m not happy with that but I can play the game good please make more levels 12 and add that you can make friends who is a lion and you can chat to animals and sneak up on pray oh and the levels can you make them to 💯 please.😢🙂and you can howl only if you are alpha and you can play as different animals and you can have a base. Please…..🙃😢🙃😢🙃😢🙃😢🙃


This game is trash I try to open it and the thing that pops up is a dam angry birds ad and won’t exit off the screen.

Lilah S

Oh please don’t make it scary music 🎶 it scar’s me out a lot.

snow gil

This game is bad because it dose not look real and you can not hunt a lot of stuff

drop food and mate a

When your on leval to how do you drop the food and do you get a mate and pups I LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH people who say it is trash there wrong they think what they think don’t make this game not be a game because some people really like it love it like me and my best friend Lucy and my friend Arddry so be proud of yourselves this game is awesome amazing LOVE IT so now you know i love your game in all but you need to make way more levels then 12


It was good, but there needs to be a lot more levels, or for each wolf, different stories. The controls were hard to use but other than that IT WAS AMAZING


I like this game but the problem is that I don’t like that there are only missions and I would like it if there were a free mode or at some point when you complete the levels it becomes a free mode and I completed all the levels in three minutes! -mittens 🐺🦄🦊🐣🐱


There’s only 12 levels!It gets SOOO BORING!Also,every time I try to run it turns in the other direction.


I am on level 2 and I can’t find any rabbits

the piece of poop

This is a great app but there is a few glitches.on level one you have to follow the alpha wolf but when ever I try to follow him I get teleported back to we’re I was.if you have bad temper don’t get this app!🐺


So when I am going to hunt or anything it keeps teleporting me around so when I am on the last level like going to the 🐘I am close then I am somewhere else and in the snow land or anywhere I keep getting teleported around so pls fix this game bug Yours truly wink ps not my real name


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