【图】TrailMix Pro – Run with Music下载
【图】TrailMix Pro – Run with Music
【图】TrailMix Pro – Run with Music

TrailMix Pro – Run with Music iOS

TrailMix Pro 简介

TrailMix works almost magically to detect the listener’s pace while walking or running, and instantly adjusts the music tempo to stay in sync. The result is a music app that “runs” along with the listener, speeding up or slowing down songs, while maintaining superb audio fidelity without producing the “chipmunk” effect.

“TrailMix is an awesome app to match songs to your tempo.” -iGeeksBlog

▪ Synchronize your music to match your pace
▪ Works at any speed: walk, run, sprint, or stroll
▪ Play songs from your existing music library
▪ Superb audio quality and no “chipmunk” effect
▪ Switch between automatic and manual pace
▪ Beautifully crafted, incredibly intuitive interface
▪ Built-in pedometer & timer functions
▪ Health app integration for steps and workouts
▪ Integrates with the Apple Music streaming service. (New in TrailMix 3.1.)

▪ Magic Shuffle finds songs close to your pace.
▪ TrailMix Pro also includes three customizable tuning modes for Magic Shuffle.
▪ The stats screen includes “Average Pace” information.

For downloaded songs that the user has purchased or imported, the app features automatic beat detection that works on-device. TrailMix works with all the music on a user’s device, in any musical genre, not just traditional workout songs. Our advanced recognition engine “listens” to the music in real time to sync the perfect tempo.

For Apple Music subscribers, we also offer a simple yet powerful experience that works well with streaming. Tap along to the tempo to manually set the BPM or try a handpicked workout playlist that’s ready to use with TrailMix. (Requires iOS 13.0 or later.)

TrailMix can detect your steps and make the song faster or slower to match your pace, returning to the song’s actual speed in an instant when you stop moving.

You may also choose to set the pace manually and lock in a song at a preset beat. Or play all the tracks in a playlist at a particular tempo for a more consistent workout. This “Cruise Control” functionality is perfect for runners who want to lock in an even pace, such as 180 beats per minute.

▪ Play any song, and its beats mirror your feet, with support for various music sources.

According to scientific research, “synchronizing movements with music enables athletes to perform more efficiently, resulting in greater endurance.” (Karageorghis & Priest, 2008, The Sport Journal). Automatic pace detection works anywhere, from the trail to the treadmill.

▪ Moving to the rhythm makes your body more efficient. Fatigue slower, become faster, go further.


AUDIO COMPATIBILITY: Works with all standard audio files (MP3, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, and AAC). Music not included.

LEARN MORE: Visit us at trailmixapp.com

Apple Music is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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TrailMix Pro 下载

App Store 官网美版


revive this app

How do I get this to work with Apple Music? Used to love it back in the day but now I use Apple Music and this app doesn’t work


Doesn’t work with Apple Music due to DRM. I feel so stupid now.

I am SO not a runner

If you like to walk or run for exercise, and you love your music–get this app now!! It is so motivating to have my favorite music in perfect rhythm with my pace. It automatically adjusts when I switch from walking to running. It would even work with cycling since you can set it to a specific beats per minute. I use this app more than any of the other jogging apps, and I use it to play music in conjunction with other apps like Couch 2 5K and Runkeeper. The music and vocals sound great–no distortion. This app is just outstanding! It helped me find the motivation to start jogging and train for my first 5k. LOVE the new updates. You should get Trail Mix!


It did, but then I bought the pro and I couldn’t play songs that I haven’t purchased and downloaded to my playlist through Apple radio, so I have no use for this app now.


I’ve been using this for years and would hate to be without it. It’s gotten me through training for two half marathons. Make sure you set it to “magic shuffle” to get a playlist based on your current pace. The stats at the end are helpful.


I usually have the app running on a particular pace, but it tends to crash periodically during my run. I see it hasn’t been updated since 2015. Are there any plans to put out an update for the new IOS? Is this a dead product?


Awesome app for any kind of runner that likes listening to music. Factors: It’s Simple; does exactly what it says it does. no more. import your songs into it, and hit shuffle. Music speeds up the beat to your pace. Love it!

Don salice

I was looking for something like this and it far exceeded my expectations! I am always running and try to hit the ground in sync with the music. This adjusts to me not the other way around. This truly makes running and walking fun again and something to look forward to! Download this! You will be incredibly happy! Possibly the best app I’ve purchased since 2007!


I use this regularly now along with MapMyRun (which deals with distance), runs are definitely easier.


I’m 57 and I had never raced before. Using the training plans with this app I ran my first half marathon and marathon this year. I accomplished my personal goals while doing so. Any questions?


So you have a collection of your favorite songs and you want to run or walk in time with them. This is the app for you. You set your pace, tell the app what songs you want to listen to, and the app will play them at your pace. Easily the best app available for your iPhone or Touch in my opinion. App will sense your pace and match the music’s beat; or you say you want to walk at 136 beats per minute and TrailMix will take the lead.


I love this app. When my mind wonders on long runs, it always refocuses me back on my stride and breathing.


Using this app for almost 2 years now and it is awesome. It made me fall in love with running and working out. While running you can set it to match your pace and while working out I manually set the BPM to high number so I can keep the energy up while working working out. I absolutely love this app!


Reducing rating. I still love this app, but it crashes regularly on iOS 8 on my iPhone 6+. It’s now almost unusable. And the usability issues from my previous review have still not been addressed. Original review: Incredible beat detection. This app always keeps my music in time with my steps, or at a set pace for me to match. I love it! After having used it for a couple of weeks, I have some feature requests: – Include the ability to increase / decrease the tempo in cruise control more easily then dragging the needle. When you’re running this is too hard. Maybe big + / – buttons near the needle? – Make the BPM displayed in the center of the speedometer both a toggle on / off for cruise control. Currently it only turns CC off. Would be nice to set the CC pace from your current pace without dragging the needle.


I just set it to 180 bpm – can’t wait to go running. Thanks!


I run everyday and finding music to run to is not an issue. This app will pull music from your entire library or will work with my own playlist. It paces the songs to me and is just an easy to use outstanding app. Definately worth a look!


I use this app in conjunction with Runkeeper. (Set runkeeper not to play music and hit play on TrailMixPro instead when you start) and since I do walk/jog intervals, it’s SOO cool to skip forward and a song pop on matching my pace. The pace matching also motivated you to be consistent. Oh and for audio nerds, the time stretch/compression algorithm sounds REALLY good. Not on par with Ableton Live or whatever, but definitely really smooth. Hardly any artifacting even when doing extreme pace changes. HIGHLY recommend.


On a whim I signed up for the 5k Corp. Challenge in Boston then realizing I have not run in over a year started freaking out! Thankfully my good friend Mary recommended Trail Mix to me to speed along the training. Truthfully I have only used it a handful of times because I am a cyclist so I keep putting off running. However I am about a week and a half before my 5k and find that running with Trail Mix is the best thing ever. It keeps my running at a steady pace because the music adjusts to my running seamlessly. My biggest complaint is that my dog isn’t cooperating more but I think maybe next time I’ll just run without him, unless you have a doggie version for the furry friends that is? Great product that I highly recommend to anyone who likes running or walking! Regards & Thanks guys, Rosie


I think this is the coolest app ever!!! I love the magic shuffle one min the music is on super speed the next slowing down!! Counting steps all the time!!!Everyone in my house uses it!!!

Soccer chick146

This is a great app ! This helps you go faster because you can run to the beat! I love this app!


This app makes me Run faster and farther. Awesome app


This is a great app. I never use the built in player anymore. My random playlists are mixed so well with the tempo matching feature. Thanks for making this!


Does magic with the songs Great for long runs


I dont know whether its because Im using it in an iphone 4, but it keep crashing in the beginning of the songs…


I didn’t believe it would work until I tried it and it works efficiently. Good app for jogging/running.


Keep u on your toes in how real about oneself3⃣


I’m using the “couch to 5k” training routine where you alternate walking & running, and trailmix is the PERFECT companion app. Whether I’m walking or running, my music is always at the right speed to accompany me and boost my energy. I love trailmix.


This app is perfect for my treadmill workouts. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to adjust to the proper timing, but it is great to have music that keeps time with my steps instead of me having to find music that syncs with my workout!


It just speeds up or slows down the song to your heart rate so it makes the songs so horrible. It is a terrible app. If I could not give a star, I would.

Angie and Elara

I love this app. Hearing my favorite songs speed up to match my workout speed or to slowdown for my cool down is such a motivation. I live having the beats sync with me and thus I tend to work out longer. This app is a must have.

Jay 4 Today

This works well. Play any of your favorite music and it will speed up or slow down to your pace. Great for making movement and exercise more enjoyable.


Really helps keep up a steady pace. Love it!




This is the first time that i would rate an app for iPhone. It serves it purpose. You walk, you jog or run, the beat of the music will just follow you and make your cardio run easier because you don’t need to follow the beat of the music, the tempo will just suit you whatever your speed. If i can rate this more than 5 star, i will do it. Thanks. Long time for me to find this kind of app for runner enthusiast like me.

Karen Johnston

In the website, you learn how to set “cruise” at whatever pace you want, say like 180 BPM. You just touch the indicator and move it to the pace desired. To reset it to follow your current pace, touch the center of the dial. I’m looking forward to music instead of a metronome beating!


This is by far the best running/pace app I’ve found thus far and well worth paying for. It will either find music to go with your pace or (my favorite) increase the beat of your music to set the pace you want to run. It’s easier to use than other apps with similar goals and it works. That said, it has recently been crashing on me. It can go well for half an hour to an hour OR it can crash four or five times in that period. It stops moving from song to song and doesn’t respond if you try to move to the next song manually. If you close and re-open the app, you just get a black screen with three small dots in the middle (it seems to be trying to load, but doesn’t.). The. Only solution I’ve found is to totally shut down and restart my iPhone, which I don’t want to have to do repeatedly on a run . Please fix this! I love this app and want it to work well.


Works great. Been looking for an app that changes the beat to match my stride rate. This one both changes the beat automatically, and can be set to a target BPM. Listen to ALL your music again when you run!!


I use this app every time I run. I didn’t give it a 5 because it doesn’t integrate with iRunner (or other fitness apps) very well.


I didn’t like this app. If you really enjoy your music, hearing it at a different beats per minute (BPM) than it was originally recorded is irritating. I would prefer an app that allows you to set the BPM that you walk or run at and the app searches your library for songs that play at or within a few BPM’s of that timing. It would sound better and help you keep a certain pace. This app slows down or speeds up with your pace but doesn’t motivate you to stay at a set pace.


I was a little skeptical at first, but this app works fantastically. When I moved from the treadmill to running outside, it was hard to not run too fast to unconsciously match the beat of my music. This app helps me run at my own pace and still feel in sync.


So much better than fooling with bpm


What about iPhone 5 screen support? Thanks in advance.


I just used it for the first time this morning, but it is very slick. Definately kept me moving.


I’ve always had a hard time running to music as I tend to adjust my pace to the music. Just had one of my best runs ever trying out this app! The adjusting tempo kept me distracted and entertained, and also hearing my favorite songs slow down when I was tempted to walk encouraged me to keep going. Love it!


Great app and great support…THANKS!


It helps me keep my pace. Funny how it totally slows down if you stop for push ups or something. Really like it though!


So amazing app!! Really cool !!


Omg I use to do something like this the hard way. Doing this always kept me moving longer. This is a blessing. I’ll shave these lbs in no time for sure now!! The gyms music stinks lol. So glad to have an iPhone! I got it free but it’s WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!! Shout out to the developers!!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I wasn’t sure how it was going to work and giggled out loud as I started running as the tempo of the music increased. Amazing!!! I love running to the beat of the music and was constantly changing songs to keep myself going. I don’t have to do that now. I am able to listen to any song and not have to change songs because of the tempo. I love it!


This is one of the greatest apps I have ever paid for. It is definitely worth it! I would highly recommend it to anyone!


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