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AT&T Secure Family Companion™ iOS

AT&T Secure Family Companion™ 简介

Peace of Mind Just Got A Lot Easier

AT&T Secure Family Companion™ is a free companion application for installation on your child’s device. Secure Family Companion is designed to work with the AT&T Secure Family™ parent App.

Features enabled by installing and pairing the Secure Family Companion
* Locate Family – Track your child on demand or on a regular schedule, for example every day after school
* Location Alerts – Receive alerts when your child enters or leaves a location, like school or practice.
* Location History – Review where your child has been over the previous seven days.
* Limit Screen Time – Block your child’s mobile data and Wi-Fi, on demand or on a schedule you choose.
* Content Filters – Block inappropriate Apps and websites by age or customize your own settings.
* Web and App Activity (NEW) – Timestamp history of child’s App usage and Websites visited.

AT&T Secure Family App
AT&T Secure Family Companion is free and only works with the purchase of AT&T Secure Family, available in the App Store for $7.99/month (includes up to 10 lines)

AT&T Wireless customers – pairing the AT&T Secure Family Companion is recommended to get all the features of Secure Family. If you do not pair a companion device, features are limited to AT&T network-based location, scheduled location alerts and location history.

AT&T PREPAID wireless customers and customers of other wireless carriers – pairing the AT&T Secure Family Companion on the child device is required to use any of the Secure Family features

Other important information about AT&T Secure Family:

– Secure Family Companion is a free App but it requires pairing with another phone that has the AT&T Secure Family app installed, which requires a monthly payment. See AT&T Secure Family for details of payment and cancellation.
– To view, modify or cancel your subscription, go to account settings in iTunes. No cancellation of the current month’s subscription is allowed. No refunds or credits for partial subscription terms.
– There is a compatibility conflict that can prevent the addition of AT&T Secure Family Companion to your child’s device if you have AT&T Mobile Security Plus running on the same companion device. If you wish to continue with the purchase, you must either remove AT&T Mobile Security Plus from your account or downgrade to AT&T Mobile Security Basic on the companion device before adding AT&T Secure Family Companion.
– AT&T Postpaid Wireless customers – Secure Family and Secure Family Companion app users must be on the same account. Only authorized app users have permission to locate a family member.
– Devices running the Secure Family App or Secure Family Companion App require iOS v.10 or higher.
– Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life.
– Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas. The collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information through this application is governed by AT&T’s Privacy Policy found at: att.com/privacypolicy. View the AT&T Secure Family website at att.com/securefamily

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AT&T Secure Family Companion™ 下载

App Store 官网美版


The Queen of all

this app truly does brake bonds with your children. DONOT download this disgusting app. also there are so many ways around it, it’s quite hailarious.


Parent keeps forcing me to install it, i can’t fight back or else he’ll take my internet away from me. Lots of bugs too, don’t fix them.


the dam app makin my phone slow, its garbage, dont get


Take it down


this app has been ruining my life. my mom never trusts with me with anything and ive had this app for over 3 years. she always askes why im always so sneaky and its because of this stupid app. now everything i do is bad, anything i say is bad, and blames me for everything that is happening on my phone. please just rate it low so its off the app store, it would mean alot.

atnt is stupid

It’s bad it brakes people trust so it bad

Winter Glass

A lot of people may not be getting the fact that “pairing” = Bluetooth. I admit I didn’t get it the first few tries but I’m not pressed for time, I’m in a quite place, I’m setting up my parents phone and I’ll be the one tracking them (which feels sort of weird). To anyone reading this turn on the Bluetooth that’s why it says “have the other phone nearby” and you’re good to go just follow the prompts. Other than that,


Go to settings then click screen time then click on Content & Privacy Restructions the click delete profile now all you little 8 year olds can be free of this lol



chicken lady bocca

just no❤️ if you’re reading this get as many people as you can to write one star reviews for this app. once an app has 1.0 stars it gets deleted. at the moment it has 1.2 stars


This is probably the worst app to put on your kids phone. It ruins the phone and it slows down your kids internet so much

buttface buttcrack


Boss boy RR

Two pack of absolute trash. Can be easily deleted.

zoe ophelia

i hate it here

marray crestin

This app slowed my and the rest of my family’s WiFi down to a crawl when installed. As a parent my struggles with these apps have made me think there must be a reason. Stop stalking your children and do better.



I literally do nothi

I had taken the VP* off, it was really easy you just have to go to setting and turn it off or delete the connect. However, I got a new phone (same number, idk if this is what is causing the problem, and if it is it needs to be fixed). Basically she found out I had gotten rid of it and accused me and I quote, “[of] HACKING THE MAINFRAME!!”. Basically, It won’t connect again to my phone and now my very very paranoid mother is giving me a motive that if she can’t track me or block anything I’m doing (which is literally nothing bad all I do is watch YouTube all day). I also would like to bring up that I don’t go anywhere. So I’m confused on why she need the tracker?? That she will be taking away my driving privileges and my phone??? I don’t know why I just drive to school (except to day I ran errands). I don’t know why she is doing this I know I’m not a bad kid. She says it’s because she is afraid for me because the world is a dangerous place…. like bruh. Anyhoo~ don’t get the app or you will be in a situation like I am.

anime philosipher

My mommy put this on my phone to track me even though I did nothing wrong and I’m in high school!

randomperson on the

Well I’m 14 and this was on my phone and I didn’t recognize it so I deleted it… after it wouldn’t let me download anything without asking permission example: literally doodle jump 😐, But on other apps like Netflix, and Snapchat I could download no problem. My phones WiFi barely works, and just it’s very broken. However my mom re downloaded it and it’s horrible. So save yourself the trust issues and paranoia and don’t get it. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk xx


It doesn’t matter what your intention is. Just knowing that you have that much control over their freedom instantly breaks trust between you and your kid. Unless you have a kid that consistently breaks rules that make sense to have them sure, then it makes sense to download. There’s a more in depth review about this issue.

f school 1234



Horrible app, slows down your WiFi, makes it so you cannot listen or stream music at times, absolutely horrendous app. I am a good, responsible teen and for some odd reason my dad decided to put me through this awful app. He could literally text me where I am and I would tell him as fast as possible. I do not see any need for this app. I got so mad over this app so I laughed, held down, and deleted this awful app🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 please do not put your kid through this experience just so you can know where he is at all times. Give your kid freedom and quit stalking him


My wifi is bad 😔


This app has broken my trust with my parents. Life360 did that by itself but now they have discovered this abomination. This app really brings out the true meaning of breaking trust with family. It’s not like they can just text me and ask where I am and I can send them my location. The fact that this app allows them to turn off my phone at a certain time really tells me that they don’t trust me at all. So I’m conclusion it’s a big no in my book.




This app could easily ruin a bond between a teen and a kid so I believe we should cancel it❤️.


Trust ur kids people

Your Savior atnt com

All you have to do on iOS is type in “VP*” and click on the first option. Click on the ATNT it Companion one and then tap the info button on the side and turn off the switch, should say something like “turn on on demand” or something, then just go back one page, turn off the VP*, and be free (btw this was all figured out by a 13 year old on the first day of getting the app)


Just terrible


be a better parent and learn to trust ur kid instead of installing this or life360

rip obama

In my honest opinion this app is being used by my parents to control me. In the past 6 months since i have had this app on my phone it’s been a whole lot of “do this or else i’m turning your stuff off”. i love my parents but this is a no for me.

Anonymous 5432109876

Ruined my phone. Even when the WiFi has been turned on, it was terrible. This app made my phone crash terribly, and I couldn’t use it almost at all.


This app is horrible, first off, it forces you to have a VP* that you don’t agree to, and it hacks into your WiFi and shuts it off.


For some reason AT&T thought I was a good idea to make their bad WiFi worse. Makes the WiFi much slower and worse.


This app is absurd this app was made for control freaks and Karen’s no child should have to deal with this annoying piece of crap .


I hate it so much


I HATE IT TURN WIFI GO BYE I HATE IT!!!!! ITS MAKING MY PHONE SHUT OF!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😢🤬😡🤬😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡


I went to my friends house and Life 360 said i arrived at 9:24 and i didn’t leave her house my i got 2 missed calls from my mom asking why i was at someone’s house in the next town over. i didn’t leave her house and now i’m grounded. don’t get this app. it’s an invasion of privacy and it doesn’t work. it also causes fights between families. so if you’re looking for you children to hate you then this is the app for you !


this app is horrible my wifi is so slow and it got to the point where online school was hard to use. my phone is constantly over heating and my e-mail doesn’t work with this. i have no privacy at all i’m 14 i need my own space. if you have a problem with your kids sneaking out or doing bad this then that an issue an app can’t fix i myself am a good kid and i feel like my dad has no trust in me. and it’s so buggy. and it’s also easy for your kid to delete so it’s not like you can do anything anyways so good luck with that.


This app is horrible it bricks your phone if you delete it


this app makes me want to kill myself.


a true invasion of privacy and slows down phone performance dramatically


I don’t use my phone. But when I do, I still can’t.

ausom kids

This app is trash screws up your wifi and even make u want to pull the plug when i the hospital


This app is ridiculously bad it’s awful and it’s trash. Makes me want to put my dad into a nursing home more and more everyday.


This app is horrible. As soon as my mom made me download it, my internet slowed to a crawl and that was before she turned it on. Piece of crap that won’t let me connect to Spotify or a browser regardless of if it’s turned on or off.


This app is no bueno

im going to write th

This thing broke trust with anyone I knew. this is also slows down your WiFi this is app is absolute trash delete it if your smart

i ate u

Trash app


This is literally so annoying , I hate this app so much , why is this even in the app store?? Take this out the app store now .. I dont even enjoy being on my phonen anymore


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