【图】Chic Sketch下载
【图】Chic Sketch
【图】Chic Sketch

Chic Sketch iOS

Chic Sketch 简介

A new and innovative way to turn your “Latest Look” into a custom fashion sketch that’s obsessively instagramable.


– Snap a photo of your head-to-toe look or choose one from your gallery.
– Submit a photo via the app to our team of real fashion illustrators and wait for your sketch to be created.
– Drawn by an actual fashion illustrator and made custom for you.
– Upgrade to a high-resolution image or priority status to skip to the front of the line.
– Tag your Chic Sketches with the brands of your outfit.
– View the live gallery feed of other users’ custom Chic Sketches.
– Watch a time-lapse video of your Chic Sketch being drawn.
– Tap and hold to download your sketch or video.
– Share your Chic Sketch directly to social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or download to your phone.
– Manage your profile with sketches you’ve purchased and follow other user’s profiles.
– Search trending tags within the app.
– Stay up-to-date with trends and the latest fashion inspiration for your best OOTD.
– Follow our social media for promo codes and discounts.
– NEW: Check out our SHOP to customize MERCH with your very own chic sketches.

Free to download. Get your custom Chic Sketch today for only $9.99


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Chic Sketch 下载




Chic Sketch has provided many unique and memorable gifts for my family and friends. I love the app and will continue to use it! Also, excellent customer service !


I had some problems with the app at first but Chic’s customer service was super helpful in helping me place an order.

Logan Sanchez

The live time-lapse of my sketch was awesome. The end product was amazing and the whole process was so much fun.


I can see what other people are doing on the app which allows me to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and accordingly get my sketches done.


Though it is easy to click and send pics, they only allow 4 people in one photo at a time. I guess this makes sense as it takes longer but I ended up doing two sketches, each with 3 people. Not bad for $9.99


Thanks to Chic Sketch, I am starting to gain more likes on IG as people are really loving my sketches!


Really cool sketches! I have so much fun sharing it with my friends on social media. They love it!


Chic Sketch provides pretty impressive service. I’m sure that they have the best illustrators in business.

Frederick Murphy

I had the wrong sketch sent to me but customer service was super quick to help me fix this problem.

Palma Wunsch

Wow. This app is so amazing. Super helpful when I need my sketches done fast.

Guiying Wang

I feel like it is a great app for getting professional sketches done. Will use again!


Chic sketch is a great sketching service, especially for those who are new to fashion.

Lus M Ferreira

Chic Sketch sketched my outfit of the day and I was so happy with the results I recieved.

Carolina C Oliveira

Love my sketch! I didn’t have to pay much after using the promo codes I found on Instagram!

Cliff Cox

Sketches made by their lovely team of illustrators at a high quality. 5 stars!


Very handy for me when I need to give a personalized gift. Love it!


The price is worth it for $9.99, great hand made sketches.

Sajaa al Ammar

Overall the app is great but the interface is easy to figure out. Also, it would be great if you can provide more details on the live sketch service.

Raabia el Matin

There are so many users I can follow and get my ideas for sketched gift.

Mujahid al Dar

They made the sketches super fast when I saw them at a live event, I was so impressed! So fun to see them in action.

Wade Gonzales

I like everything about this app! Did not run into any problems when ordering my first sketch!


So cool to watch a sketch video of your illustration being made!


The promo codes are helpful, but sometimes there are bugs when checking out. Thankfully, their customer support is very responsive to the issue.


Highly recommend! I recieve so many compliments when I post my sketches on social media!


Apart from getting my own sketches, it is interesting to see other people’s sketches and styles.


Features are cool and everything is easy to understand, fun and simple sketch app.


Such a fun and easy app for sketches!


One of the sketches I received was good, but the color was more darker than I expected. I sent them an email regarding this issue and they fixed it within a day!


Simple to use and I get high quality pics to share on my instagram, love it.


I like that I get fresh new ideas by seeing other peoples styles and trends through the app.

Lalle Griffin

I like the concept of this app. The end product was so cute and at an affordable price.

Scarllee Diaz

Hooked on Chic Sketch! It’s easy and very useful. The fashion illustrations are so talented!


They did a great job with sketches. At first, I had ordered a high resolution sketch which didn’t show up that well. After contacting customer support, they immediately fixed it!!!


I gifted my gf a frame printed with the sketch of her puppy. She was so happy and excited with it!

Big Dog 380

It might be worth something if they gave you a couple of freebies for first time users but they don’t 1 star ⭐️ and that’s being nice


It’s free to down load. It you have to pay 9.99 to even to one picture. Not worth it.


Originally these were really cute and relatively cheap. I was impressed. Then I ordered one and everyone started doing them. The price went up and quality went way down. Not worth it. Wish I could return it. It took almost a week. My order was placed 3 times so I got sketches I didn’t really want and they don’t really look like me so that kinda stinks. Save your money


We submitted two pictures. We were charged twice, $14.99 each. Only one was delivered. Then were charged two additional charges of $4.99 each…I have no idea what those charges were supposed to be for. The “sketch” that was delivered was ridiculous. Every person in the “sketch” looked exactly the same and nothing like the picture submitted. A complete waste of money.

K Bye

Ordered two sketches based off of previous work done for others. After a 5 day wait (with no real update on timeline other than to pay MORE money to jump the line) I got two “sketches” that looked like they were drawn in MS paint by a toddler. Reached out to support to be given the run around and no help with refunding. They just want your money and don’t care about taking the time to make a quality product. AVOID!

Chantel Justineb

The app is awesome! It’s is very easy to use and I love how you can look at other customers’ sketches. However, the only complaint I have about this service is the phone case quality is terrible. After waiting a month for my phone case, it completely fell apart in only a few weeks. It’s a shame that they use such poor quality cases, because the sketches are adorable!

Manul Smith

Ordered a phone case that is now my favorite!


A big thumbs up to the creators, keep up the good work. Love the creative looks.

Louis Wills

I got a sketch made of my girlfriends dog, She loved it and the sketch came out great.


I use this app regularly, not only does it have the best prices but the end product is always on point.

James Betran

I got sketches made for a few friends of mine, happy to say they all look fabulous!

Jame Maye

I got my favorite outfit designed with chic sketch, Surely worth my money!

Darin Gonzalez

They always put up these offers and promo codes on their facebook and instagram page, its very useful when ordering!


The price is perfect for my budget compared to other illustrators.


Its been good using the app, delivery a bit slow but I know the product is custom for me so I can forgive it.


Have been using this since a year, not one sketch has been bad. The illustrators know what they are doing, phenomenal job everytime.


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