【图】Eat This, Not That! The Game下载
【图】Eat This, Not That! The Game
【图】Eat This, Not That! The Game

Eat This, Not That! The Game iOS

Eat This, Not That! The Game 简介

It’s the all-new, good for you, and completely fun, EAT THIS, NOT THAT! THE GAME!

Think you can spot the safe food from the gut bomb? EAT THIS, NOT THAT! THE GAME challenges your armchair nutritionist skills with face-offs of food from all the famous fast-food joints and grocery aisles.

In this fun, quippy and incredibly informative app, you’ll tap through round after round of food items, adding to your score as you tap the healthier item. As the timer runs, more and more nutritional info appears to inform your choice. But the quicker you are, the more points you earn. After each tap, the correct “Eat this” and Not That” labels are revealed, along with the fascintating, devastating explanations of why you should—or shouldn’t.

Rack up your score and learn what habits you need to change. Some of the info is incredibly surprising!

Optional Hints: Feeling lucky? Play the game without hints, and see if you can guess by image and name alone.

Lots of Free Gameplay: At the end of each round, retry that category to improve your score, or try one of the other categories.

• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Dessert

Come back to the app often—we’re adding new swaps all the time.

Join the food revolution, brought to you by Eat This, Not That! (www.eatthis.com)

*Certain activities on this app may be licensed under one or more claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,585,516.

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Eat This, Not That! The Game 下载



Does not matter

Why is this even an app when it does not work… can Apple just delete it!?!? Don’t waste your time


This app does not work.


Doesn’t work. Don’t bother downloading.

Alan Whicker

Three words food swaponater stuck


I want to play the game, but it’s not working. I’m not able to swipe. I’ve turned my phone off & back on… Still won’t work. I can only give 1 star, until I’m able to play the game.


I have an iPhone 6s and the app does not work. I can open the app, pick topic (breakfast) select no tip and get that the food swap is not working check internet connection. I have tried all topics and using WiFi or data, everything and nothing works. There is no help or support button.

fishing for a job

please fix your game so we can enjoy it


I can’t get this game to work on my phone or tablet. I’ve downloaded it and keeps saying lost connection. I’ve tried it on three different WiFi’s NONE work! Help please!


It doesn’t work

Jewel box44

It says the best foods not to eat just because there not healthy


It’s not helpful, however it is fun and can cure bordem, also if you have the book next to you, you can look up most of the answers.


Use to be I could open my ETNT app and see restaurant menus. What happen to that app? I don’t want to play a game. I want to see nutritional info. #Delete


The app called [EAT SMART: from nutrition scanner to food swap] is far better than this one. You can choose from variety of suggesting foods [EAT THIS] based on the food that you previously selected [NOT THAT].


This could be a good App! The game presents you with two pictures of restaurant meals, the goal is to pick the healthier one. However, it does not tell you what is in the picture and on my iPhone I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at. It would be great if they had a verbal description of each meal.


I think this app should give directions and I probably will delete the app

Cherry Hunt

Just downloaded this app and on first launch, it crashes. iOS 9.X. Have tried a few times and tried reinstall.


Game working great before the update. Now get an error message “Entn Oops! There has been a problem launching the App. Please close the App and try again.” Closing and reopening does nothing (receive same error message) Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing (receive same error message).


Looked like it might be interesting and since I work at a restaurant I wanted to try the restaurant version but it’s locked and although it says it can be unlocked with a like on Facebook or a tweet, it wouldn’t work for me on either


So the goal is to pick from two unhealthy items? After a few seconds it gives you a calorie count of both the choices so there is no point to this game.


How is this in health and fitness? Every single option given was unhealthy. And when I found one that was decent, it was the wrong answer? Who put the choices up? A dog? Only gave 2 stars because the app itself does work, just flawed in theory.


After trying this app out on my iPhone, I downloaded the app on to my iPads at school. I was planning on using the app as an introduction to a nutrition unit. Sadly, I never could get the app to launch.


don’t get it , it’s a waste

Sweeps City

This app does not even work. Everything is empty in the area except or the game. Do not purchase.

Frog tap

It’s just not worth it ……. Take my advice DON’T get it!


Bad game


Good idea but very limited.


Summary: WAY to short and you have to like on twitter and Facebook to unlock other modes. Luckily it’s free because that would’ve been a waste. Improve!


I can’t play it!!!


Glad this was free. What a lame attempt at getting social publicity! I have to like this on Facebook or Tweet about this incredibly boring game to get to play other options? No thanks! Good bye, ETNT!

MGM 123

I used to really love this game 5*’s before. Just did the update and now cannot even play the game. There’s a glitch in the screen. When it gets repaired, I’ll give the 5*’s back


This app is awful! At the beginning it asks for ur e mail address and i thought u had to enter it to play the game but at the bottom there’s a tiny little button that says pass. Well I didn’t see that so I entered my e mail address and I got a ton of e mails from random people like 10 a day. I finally had to block all of them cuz they never stopped. Anyway, the game itself is awful too. It just repeats the same foods over and over again. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

Axel Hunter

Everybody mentions the ads, which ruin the experience, but the problem goes further. The entire user interface is poorly designed. When I look back at the info for the foods, there’s a giant check or X over one of them, making it impossible to read at least one of the amounts, normally the calories. Get this right, and I will love this as an educational time-waster. Right now, it’s just a waste of time.


But I keeps breaking down in the middle of my game. It is a fun way to stay healthy though


The content is very good and the food comparisons are broken down fairly well. However, why are the ads right up in your face and cover each explanation and info of why one food is better than the other? Perhaps ads can be shown at the end of the game. Also, if you get the answer correct. A lot of good nutrition info is covered by the green check mark. I have their newsletter emailed and it’s great but this app needs some cleaning up.


Totally addictive and fun way to stay healthy!


The free edition is pretty good, but I purchased the in app Supermarket edition. Never received the app or instruction on how to get it.

Erin D

I love the game and the books and it’s free! I think!?


It’s so fun I luv it get it


PlZ remove ads there soo anoying. Otherwise decent game and I always know get either the lesser fat or calories. And I trust me almost anything is better than burger king , wendys and kfc( if u get grilled) are quite healthy fastfoods .

Alex Pinon

The app won’t even load. What a shame.


Even after the update this app still doesn’t work!! It sounds fun, but not working at all.


Worst app I’ve ever had. Don’t waste your time.


I think this game is only ok


Got tons of spam after signing up with this game. All sorts of advertisement emails with products that go with the theme of the app along with it’s own daily emails loaded with advertisements. Piece of crap app

Ghost mist

It needs your email and when u give it. You get porn spam sent to your email. Just a spam app to get peoples email address.


Only ok game and crashes a lot.


I like it buy it keeps crashing

Man with the shazaya

The answeres are wrong it said that a cheeseburger is healthier than a salad BS! if i could rate it a zero i would! dont download!!!!!!!!!!


Love this game and paid for the fast food ad in, but the new ads won’t stop! They cover the buttons. I even went to do the stupid survey and the ad STILL comes up constantly. The app is ruined until the next update?


First the game is lame and then these random ads kept popping up and it was annoying!


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