【图】Dragon Knight: Realm Clash下载
【图】Dragon Knight: Realm Clash
【图】Dragon Knight: Realm Clash

Dragon Knight: Realm Clash iOS

Dragon Knight 简介

Stepping into this adventurous world, all you need to do is to rally heroes on this land and build powerful troops, ones that are adept at both attacking and defending. From here the story begins. Train your troops and deploy them in different combinations to restrain your opponent, thus obtaining power that can put an end to wars.
[Dragon Knight : Realm Clash] is a strategy battle game where you can enjoy “guilt-free” play through its classic idle-styled gameplay. If you are a fan of western cartoon and strategy games, how could you not come and experience the excitement of training dragons and engaging in battles, all that can be done in this game?

[Cute and Captivating Western Cartoon Style]
This cute strategy game features cute characters with vivid graphics that are going to give you an adventure experience like never before.

[Fast Leveling , A Relaxing Experience with Idle Gameplay]
The unique idle style gameplay is going to set your hands free. Hero collection and cultivation can be done easily with the idle system in this game. Get unlimited resources 24/7 and be surprised every single time you log in the game!

[Different Hero Skills and Talents , Flexible Combination and Battles]
Every hero comes with different skills and talents. By making strategic use of your heroes to restrain your opponent, you can easily crush them on the battlefields.

[Dragon Legion , Powerful Back-up]
Tame dragons and have them as your servants! Control the timing of their aiding attacks, you can turn the tide of the battlefield at any crucial time!

[A Variety of Gameplay]
All kinds of challenges, treasure hunts, battles and village raids await. While experiencing the gameplay, you can obtain items and resources to become stronger.

[Hone Your Skills , Become the Final Winner]
Challenge the arena and climb to the highest tier in order to win boundless loots and unlimited glory! There is even a cross-server arena where you can fight various opponents.

[A Wide Variety of Heroes ,Have Sidekicks at Your Side]
Make the troop combination tactically to restrict your opponent, thus defeating them. Every hero has their own sidekicks who assist them on the battlefield.

[Heroes at Your Disposal , Win Battle With Wits]
Countless heroes and three types of troops who are mutually restrictive. Use your wits to make the best formation and crush your enemies!
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※ This game is rated for 12+ according to Game Software Rating Regulations.
※ This game contains image of fighting, sexual or attacking that is not bloody, or a terrifying image
※ This game design procures users to have virtual romantic relationship or virtual marriage.
※ This game has a top-up store. You are advised to spend wisely according to personal interest and ability.
※ Playing game for long hours might affect normal work and rest. You are advised to take rest and exercise appropriately

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Dragon Knight 下载

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Not bad

Pink midgets

I’ve been playing since day 1 (3 months), and this game has only gotten worse. It feels fun in the beginning but trust me, that goes away VERY quickly. Spare yourself the time and money, and avoid any game this developer puts out. Bugs don’t get fixed. Upgrades go from taking a day or two, to a month plus, very quickly. Rewards are a joke. As servers age rewards get lowered, “sales” get more expensive (or removed) and the focal items for upgrades become needles in haystacks. I’ve played thousands of mobile games and this is within the worst 1%. Simply awful.


They just updated the game and have totally got greedy,doubled the price on everything and you get less ,imagine that,this developer will never get another dime from me,uninstalling 4 of their games now.beware do not play


Let’s start out by saying they give everyone decent rewards for liking this game on all review sites. So many of the reviews are only due to that. This game starts out great. There is a decent amount of content and it seems fun. However, I constantly run into bugs. I’ve noted them and sent the devs plenty of information, with no real answers or fixes. The game doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to it. No communication about server merges (which happen as a surprise whenever they feel like it). No good events, or pattern for events. It’s as if they close their eyes, reach into a bag, and say “Let’s choose this one for the third time in a row!” As I write this review we are one our third summoning event this week. I mean come on guys, we are all out of summoning items… And every time you think it’s getting better, you run into more bugs!! If the bugs get fixed and events start changing appropriately I’ll change my rating and review. Until then, run away from this game.

Puppet rock

Fun game


I downloaded the game and I can’t even open it. It shuts down every time i open it. Ill change the rating once i can actually play the game.


I can fight against enemies for earning some coins and gems to pack up instead of a win prize. Way to go adventure around the explore. Ha that is good actually fun game.


So much fun!


Pay to win


Pretty standard game for this genre. Good time-waster. No “stamina” requirement for the main story, so that’s a plus. There are a couple of small bugs, but they’re far from game-breaking. This game is fine.


I wanted to bind my account when I summoned an ancient hero and ended up having the account deleted because the bind account made a new one instead of connecting the account I currently had and basically wasted my time. Rip.

Player 68975314689





They can’t seem to get any updates right thus far. For example there was some update earlier this morning and ever since then my game just crashes and doesn’t update. Then it seemed like they tried to release an update to fix the update and the game is still crashing. Seems like that’s going to be the trend when it comes to updates. Hopefully this gets better.




Great game easy to level up and no need to buy packs.



Fat Jesus 75



Been playing for an hour so far, it’s been great!


Great Game, easy to play and love the offline rewards!


It’s pretty fun

Hell 1986

Good game


Pretty fun so far just started

My name and pubg is

But It’s amazing

the brutal postman

Great game but it wont let me battle in arena once I’m in the top hundred. I can easily get to top five with my power but every time I battle someone below my power a “tip” pops up stating that the ranking has changed yet I can still battle someone above my power ranking. So now I can’t get a better arena ranking despite it there being multiple other users that I can easily win against.


It’s a really fun and relaxing game. Thank you


Nice game


fun so far no problems with the game


Don’t advertise for a game if it’s not even ready to launch, it won’t connect to a server lol you guys really just need that money hard eyougames is just throwing random things out that are money grabs. Over it.


literally the only issue is the occasional translation issue. cute game with fast pace battles and a lot of rewarding buttons to press. lots of promise!


Love it


very fun no pay walls simple


Difficult getting rewards since there’s no link


It’s a good game nice work


Interesting game but you need to get vip to open another function in game, wanna extra diamond? you have to purchase and reach vip to get extra diamond…. only whale can play this game


So far it is a fun game!


Would like to rate the game higher, as I’m enjoying it so far. However, the game has crashed on me 10+ times today, and it’s making me regret spending a few bucks on it. Crashes WAY too much.




Goog game


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