【图】Hidden Objects New York – Central Park Winter下载
【图】Hidden Objects New York – Central Park Winter
【图】Hidden Objects New York – Central Park Winter

Hidden Objects New York – Central Park Winter iOS

Hidden Objects New York 简介

Hidden Objects Central Park Winter – New York City Snow Gardens is a magnificently designed Seek & Find game with 30+ levels! 100’s of Objects to Find in Snow!

Explore NYC’s Central Park in Winter season finding famous Fountains, ornate Bridges, Statues, gorgeous Gardens, frozen ponds and more searching for Hidden Objects! See Winter Time in Central Park!

Discover the excitement of this World Famous Urban City’s Park without leaving your home. Find New York City themed objects like yellow cabs, NYC sports memorabilia, pizza, metro passes and more. It’s a White Christmas & Snow Covered Winter Holiday!

Levels vary from easy to difficult. A fun, object quest challenge for Hidden Object, Puzzle, Seek & Find, Spot the Difference, Brain & Word fans!

This Brain Challenging Adventure is sure to entertain!

Hidden Objects Central Park Winter – New York City Snow Gardens features:
Gorgeous, Crisp Graphics of NYC in Winter Season
3 Game Modes- Traditional, Chill, Adventure
Exciting Levels/Scenes of Hidden Object Puzzles
Artistically Crafted Levels
Zoom to Find Objects
Find Objects by Picture, Word, or Collector
Challenge Scenes with Missing Letters, Scrambled Words and Bonus Objects
Timed Challenges and Hints

Game Modes instructions:
Time limits
Hint limits
Picture, Word, Collector
8 Scenes (3 levels per scene)

Time unlimited
Hints unlimited
Picture, Word, Collector
8 Scenes (3 levels per scene)

Time limits
Hint limits
Bonus Bonanza (words highlighted in green)
Missing Letters, Scrambled Words, Word Finder
15 Unique Levels

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Hidden Objects New York 下载

App Store 官网美版



Can’t play the game. Ads pop up every second


Games like these make me miss Empress of the Deep. This is nice, has nice graphics, and it can be played in entirety in about an hour. Am I missing something? For what these games cost, I’d like to see more depth and length.


Lots of 5 stars. I launched it and spent 3-4 minutes going around in circles with video advertisments. Gave up and deleted.


I love winter so I was really surprised to find this app! It’s really cool and beautiful! Stunning graphics and interesting levels make this game just perfect!


Wow this is the best game I’ve ever played!! I love New York I love winter I love looking for hidden objects. Such a cool app


Those background of winter places of New York are just gorgeous!

Irine Kashina

great game, I enjoy playing it very much


One of my favorite seek and find games. New York in winter is amazing!


So far so good. My kids like it as well as I do


I usually play this game to make my eye sight and attention better. That helps me for real!


I like this type of games because it kind of develops your attentiveness and just kills free time.


I love playing it when i have nothing to do. Many various levels make this game very fascinating. And i like these winter pics.


I don’t like cold weather, but I like Winter and snow and stuff like that. That reminds me about Christmas time. This game is really convenient for me)


Game is very addictive and keeps you wanting more and more. Smooth gameplay, many goals to achieve. Very easy to earn game points. Overall, much fun.


It is an interesting detective game which takes place in NY Central park. I am enthusiastic about finding different amazing hidden objects. That is great!


I am on tenth level now! The next levels are more and more interesting. I love to find some different things in snow. I can play it this game all day! Central Park is so mysterious especially in winter.


Looking for hidden stuff in magnificent winter New York with such gorgeous graphics is so enjoyable


My favourite game type and my favourite holiday in one app. Just perfect, very atmoshperic and exciting.

Dasha MRS

My favorite winter Central Park in this app is awesome. Interesting levels and fantastic interface. I play it all my free time. It’s one of the best hidden objects game.


I like hidden objects games but playing it in Central Park in winter time is way more fun!


I’ve never seen Central Park in such a beautiful view. The game is easy but fascinating and the music creates great atmosphere. That app makes my evenings.


It’s really cool that such a game exist. It is one of my favorite games – I play every time when I’m bored, as this app is a good challenge from level to level .

Taco Tati

Wow, really beautiful game. I like seek&find games, but this one is really great. Graphic makes the whole atmosphere of Christmas in Central Park. Hard levels and a lot of fun!


This is super fun game to play. I love big amount of tasks but mostly mini games that included to the main storyline. Also quests with limited time keep you in form. As a future wish I want the energy to recover a lil bit faster.

Nemesis Kate

Hidden objects game help me to develop my concentration skill and beside that is it a great game in metro going to work! Loving the new york winter theme,the graphic is adorable, the zoom in option is really helpful! I like to challenge myself with time limit.

Houston we have prob

I love all games from this developer. Keep up the good job


This game is wonderful. The riddles are so interesting; plus I just love Central Park so it is even better. The design is very good too. I would really recommend this game.

Cary Starr

This game is amazing but has too many annoying pop ups


NY Central Park is especially beautiful in winter and I learn it every time I play this game. All in all, the puzzle is great for time killing or relaxing because though it’s quite challenging from time to time, it doesn’t make me nervous.


This app has a true Christmas spirit! I like to play the game when I’m in the subway or whenever there’s a spare moment because it’s remarkably beautiful and it chills my nerves.


Ew, so cold! Just kidding, but this game is kinda bringing the Cristhmas closer and closer. I do like the levels, they are hard and take some time to complete.


An amazing mysterious quest wihh good puzzles. I rarely play a game twice but this one is an exception.


I love this game. The graphics is quite realistic and pleasant to the eye, I also like the mood music. Gameplay is very cool and easy to use, there is no bugs.


So cool! Different locations, different objects. The Central Park NY looks so genuine. Great game to spend time and develop your observation skills.


The app is good!Thanks to developers. It increases attentiveness. I advise all people. Helps to distract from problems in free time.


Enjoyable game. Not as easy as you think but also not too hard.The artwork is great. Great job!


I like being in the Central Park, it is really lovely place. And when I’m in the other city I always miss it. But with this app I can walk the Central Park anytime I want. That’s marvelous!

Schwartz beine

I have never been to Central Park and this app gave me a virtual opportunity to walk there. But i want more landscapes and levels.

We own the sky

Every new hidden object series game is a cure for me. I play it until i finish it and then repeat when i need some relax or calmness. This one is amazing


New game in my best appreciated setting is always a good news! Joyful gameplay and so lovely Central Park views make this app such a great present for me.

Dedushka Lemon

I really missed Hidden Objects games, I completed all the old ones. And finally the new one and it’s awesome.


Well as usual this developer has put out another GREAT hidden object app. It is so nice, to be able to have the option to play without a timer. Graphics are really nice and so nice for the holidays. THANKS to the developer.


I’ve passed several levels today. Find objects interesting if you feeling Christmas mood.


Another new edition that has left me after playing it in a very positive mood. Christmas’y!


Central Park in winter is hauntingly beautiful. So whenever you want to kill time and get charged on Christmas mood at the same time, you can play this game!


Oh it is my favourite series of games. I can spend hours looking for hidden objects. I enjoy doing this. It is really interesting. I like it.


The game left only positiv e impressions.I like to play such games.This one has a good graphics and interesting plot.I’m a fan of it


Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to live for Christmas, so I have to stay at my friends’ places. When I feel depressed, I open this game and it makes me a bit happier. It’s very bright and festive. The gameplay is calming and inspiring. You won’t regret buying it.


New York is fantastically beautiful in the winter, and this game captures its charm and essence perfectly! There are lots of different objects to find and a large variety of levels. The different game modes are very nice to have, as they provide something for all play styles and all ages. Kids are likely to be fond of the chill mode (unlimited time, hints) where I enjoy more the adventure mode (limited time/hints for more of a challenge and extra bonus levels) Lot’s of fun!


Oooo yeeeeee I’m so happy to see this new game in the series… Just amazing… Finally new backgrounds, new objects, new levels… Thank you guys


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