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Your fitness routine should be fun! Come see why Treadthrill has been dubbed the “most fun you will ever have on a run!”

The creators of CHIIT – Choreographed High Intensity Interval Training – have been captivating fitness enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike since their launch in 2018.

What is Treadthrill like, you ask? Imagine that your favorite group fitness instructor and DJ had a baby – and that baby was named Treadthrill. With one listen to our derivative, transformative, exclusive cardio episodes you will be hooked!

Couple it with our NEW weekly strength workouts and your fitness routine is in ONE SERIOUS UPGRADE!


Cardio – new audio coached high intensity interval runs are released EVERY WEEK which means your workout NEVER gets boring. When the beat drops – you sprint! Experience the power of performance enhancing content.

Strength – new “show & go” strength workouts are added each month. All workouts target strengthening your posterior chain in lower, upper, and total body focuses.

REQUIREMENTS – in order to fully use all the workouts members must have access to the following:

1. Treadmill
2. Dumbbells
3. Bench

To access all features and content you can subscribe to TreadThrill on a monthly or yearly basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app.* Pricing can vary by region and will be confirmed before purchase in the app. In app subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their cycle.

* All payments will be paid through your iTunes Account and may be managed under Account Settings after the initial payment. Subscription payments will automatically renew unless deactivated at least 24-hours before the end of the current cycle. Your account will be charged for renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current cycle. Any unused portion of your free trial will be forfeited upon payment. Cancellations are incurred by disabling auto-renewal.

Terms of Service: https://app.treadthrill.com/tos
Privacy Policy: https://app.treadthrill.com/privacy

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I am loving TreadThrill! The runs and strength workouts are so fun and Nancy’s energy is contagious! I highly recommend it!


When I lost Orange Theory during lockdown I found TreadThrill … not only has it given me more PR’s than I ever had anywhere, it continues to push me every single workout!! Thank you Nancy for inspiring me and pushing me and kicking my ass daily !!! You’re amazing and this app saves me!


I used to train with Nancy, and this is so close to the real deal! Her workouts are quick yet effective and always leave me drenched in sweat! The treadmill runs are especially hard, but in the best way! Her workouts hurt so good 🙌🏻


Nancy has been my all tine favorite instructor when I took her classes at Barry’s Bootcamp years ago and now I have her in my ears anywhere without paying for an expensive class! Genius!!


This is an awesome app! Nancy makes the workouts soo funn with her awesome energy and clear coaching. you don’t even realize how hard you are working! Thank you so much for an unbelievable app!


Awesome app for a wonderful trainer! I love being able to do workouts when it fits my schedule. I get the quality of class training with the convenience of home workouts. Highly recommend!


I’ve been searching for an online fitness program or app that had workouts that would keep me motivated and looking forward to the next one. I finally found it!! I have two toddlers and work and this fits perfectly into my schedule. I wake up before the kids and complete one of the choreographed workouts which are usually around 20/25 min. I am able to be the energized and less stressed mom that I want to be when I prioritize my physical and emotional health. Subscribe!! You will not regret it!!


I can’t believe this is $30/month. The coaching, mixes, programming is better than ANY boutique fitness studio I’ve been to: OTF, Barry’s, Rumble, you name it. Hands down nothing compares to the talent on this app. I can do it right at home if I want and new classes are uploaded every week. For better workouts, better results and a workouts that are more fun, Treadthrill costs the same per month as fitness studios charge per class! Like WHAT!! Unreal. I will be a live long member! Incredible value! So 👏🏻 much👏🏻fun!


Look no further for your cardio and strength workouts! I love being able to get coaching for a workout whenever and where ever I am! They are great workouts and I am blown away by my strength gains already just a couple weeks in! Get rid of your gym membership and get this app! This twin mama is back in her college clothes, thank you Nancy!


I love the treadmill runs and choreographed strength classes, it’s like doing orange theory or Barry’s at home! Nancy is very motivating and my running has improved immensely from this program. I used to feel like I was going to fly off the tread when I went 10mph…not anymore!


I have been using Treadthrill for the past year, and I had never been a runner before starting. Nancy is the best trainer and kicks your butt every workout. I cannot recommend it enough!! Try it out!


I’m currently still on my free trial of Nancy Anderson and Max Anderson’s TreadThrill App and so far I am really loving it. I tried an outdoor run today and was dreading it. I hate working out and always need motivation. After giving the Outdoor workout #1 a try, it definitely mushed me to my edges and motivated me to keep going the whole time. Since this was my first time really working out in over a year, I was slow but took my time and pushed myself as far as I could to get out of my comfort zone and put effort in. I had to walk more when it was time to jog but by the end of the workout I was pushing myself harder and deeper. I will be moving forward and trying more this week to get myself into a routine.


I didn’t think I could possibly enjoy running on a treadmill. Ever. But Nancy has a gift! It’s her energy and music that make each workout fly by. I am SO happy that I have TreadThrill in my life!


I am not a runner but I signed up For this program after Nancy said that you can start out with walking and I’m so glad I did. I have been able to push myself harder and actually run more on the treadmill than I ever have. I also really love the WOD workouts! Nancy is so thorough in explaining everything and the music really fires me up! I really appreciate that she keeps the workouts fresh by continually putting out content.


This ish is amazing!!


Treadthrill has been an amazing addition to my life! I started working out with Treadthrill right before COVID and it has become a staple in my life. I was so out of shape. I hadn’t worked out in almost 2 years making all sorts of excuses for myself. “I have too much back pain, not enough time between work and school and life in general.” I was tired of my excuses!! I frickin LOVE the treadmill workout but unfortunately can’t do those right now because of a back injury (too much jarring for now). Nancy is THE BEST coach and motivator 🙌. Even if you can’t do running or walking Treadthrill is completely worth it! If you like to walk for your workout Treadthrill has your back. You can adjust the workout to your walking pace. Just do it!! You will not be disappointed. I have been doing the choreographed strength workouts to build strength to hopefully be able to do the treadmill(thrill) again. Those strength workouts though!! You won’t be sorry. No regerts (name that movie 😅). Thank you so much Nancy and Max and everyone else who makes Treadthrill possible!! ❤️


Nancy’s Treadthrill workouts are amazing! Super fun, motivating, and challenging. I feel the push through my headphones and the music is fire! Highly recommend this app and most importantly her workouts!!


You will never need any other fitness app than this. It offers a variety of treadmill runs, outdoor runs and weight/HIIT workouts. You can mix and match it all to create the ultimate workout. The runs are an intense mix of sprints, hills and endurance. It’s the best and you will be in the BEST shape or your life following her program!! I’ve been using this program 4-6 x a week for a year now and cannot imagine life without it!


Nancy Anderson is a fantastic trainer and content creator! Treadthrill is such a great workout, with new content each week. She has even added extra content during quarantine so that those of us who were using treadmills at gyms can now still do her runs outside! That’s just going above and beyond. Strength and cardio all in one place. She always has great motivational talks built into her workouts as well, which I always appreciate. So good! Worth every penny.

Jenna Stafford

Treadthrill is not just a purchase, it is an investment in yourself! Prior to committing to Treadthrill I was a avid treadmill runner for a few years. I tried every program and trick to increase my speed and endurance and nothing worked. Since beginning Treadthrill I make new personal records in terms of speed on almost a weekly basis. I felt bored with my prior running regimen. I was unable to turn off my thoughts when running and truly tap into the workout and reach my full potential. This is not an issue anymore. Nancy is motivational as ISH and keeps things challenging so you have to stay engaged throughout the whole workout. She also offers modifications throughout the workouts to make sure you are successful! New content is released weekly which keeps things exciting. The soundtrack Nancy puts together never disappoints and makes me look forward to working out! There is a entire library of strength workouts with more being added on a weekly basis. These are quick, efficient, and can be completed with minimal equipment. Nancy also provides modifications for some of the exercises. Along with the workouts, members are given access to a Facebook community. This group is invaluable! Everyone is so supportive and Nancy and her team do a great job at answering questions quickly and thoroughly. They also genuinely care about clients feedback and take their opinion into consideration. When many people were forced to quarantine and lost access to gyms and treadmills, Nancy worked twice as hard to accommodate them by creating an outdoor run option! Treadthrill is truly phenomenal! It encompasses such a passionate and positive energy! The only regret you will have is that you didn’t discover it sooner!


Nancy is amazing! I have been doing her treadmill runs for over a year now and love them. Before this I dreaded running and going to the gym, but she has helped me become the runner I never I thought I could be and now I love it! The music she pairs with her runs is like no other! What’s even more amazing is she has adapted her runs for outdoors, so now, without gym access, I can still workout. So grateful for this program. It is helping me tremendously during such a hard time.


Don’t even need another app or a gym membership. Everything can be done with minimal equipment. Obviously the coaching is the best part! I love being able to SEE the instructor during the strength portion so that I know what my ideal pace should be. No other app I’ve has the visual and the instruction like this app has. Only downside is that she doesn’t swear enough


I’ve been using Nancy AF’s TreadThrill workouts consistently for over a year now and am a huge fan! She has an incredibly authentic motivational style and is constantly mixing things up so the workouts never get stale. If you’re on the fence, go for it!


Nancy is amazing, and the treadthrill workouts are the only reason I’ve enjoyed the treadmill ever in my life! It definitely pushes you, but is so much fun!! 🏃🏽‍♀️

Garin and Casie

Nancy does such a great job of motivating you during the run. The beats of the music is timed up perfectly with your cadence and the work is just easy enough to make it but just hard enough to give you a good challenge every time you are out.


I love TreadThrill! It’s a challenging workout that goes so quickly! Nancy Anderson makes me not hate my treadmill anymore!


I have done several of Nancy’s programs and I love them all. From dropping 35lbs after my son’s birth with her Slim down program, doing move your bump for my pregnancy with my second baby and enjoying Treadthrill both during pregnancy and post partum. I even had my husband doing Treadthrill and he could not keep up. I used Treadthrill about 3 times a week when I wasnt doing my long runs or cycling when training for a half marathon I did back in Feb. Nancy provides speed drills, hills, recovery, and just all around challenges me. We talk about Nancy at our household like she’s family! I recommend her to everyone!


I have been doing TreadThrill for well over a year now and I am telling you that this is worth every penny. I’ve done many different programs in my life and I have NEVER stuck with anything this long. It never gets old. There’s constantly new runs and workouts and music. I can feel like absolute garbage and drag myself to a treadmill and somehow I’m magically pumped up within 2 minutes and then BAM – workout is over and I’m a wonderful sweating mess. I freakin’ love Nancy. She’s changed my life. Just do it – you won’t regret it!


I have tried MANY other apps/ classes, etc but treadthrill is hands down- the best. I’ve been on board since they started, and every class keeps getting better. The recent addition of the coreographed strength videos are awesome too, and her coaching is top notch. Nancy’s motivational quotes are never cheesy and always are exactly what you need (and I love that it’s not censored🤣)! The music farrrr exceeds any other app or class that I have tried, dropping those beats at the exact time you need it ! The workouts never disappoint. The tread classes are also one of my favorite things. I HATED running before trying his and now I find myself waiting for a new one each week. So happy to have this platform. Totally worth it. And it WORKS!!

Meliss Q Cord

this app and the programs have been amazing! For once, I’m motivated to workout on my own – I have worked out the same amount of days that I was when I previously had to book classes. The instructions are fool proof and Nancy is highly motivating – the music adds so much to the workouts too! The choreographed are my favorite because I feel like I’m working out along side of Nancy, but I did my first EMOM and damnnnnnn I am sore! I feel spoiled having all of the options that are in the app!


Being a Mom and also being the most out of shape I have been in my life …going to workout among others at a facility is intimidating to me and it’s hard to fit it in my day with the kiddos. I love these workouts and I am comfortable being able to do them in my own home at anytime of the day or night. It has been so nice to have a quality workout in the shortest amount of time possible. Or they can be a whole hour … if you have more time. Super flexible!! I really enjoy what she does for us! Thanks Nancy!!


Treadthrill is so fun and a great workout! I used to be a big class-goer (orange theory, core power), but after getting into treadthrill I feel like I’m getting an even better workout from home with the benefits of flexibility, affordability, (…and social distancing, for now). Nancy is a great motivation and knows her CHIIT!!

R Shoemaker

LOVE this app so much! The content is fabulous and it super user friendly. I can even cast the choreographed strength workouts to the tv and do them with my kids. It’s so nice to have new and exciting cardio weekly too!


Nancy is the best programmer and extremely motivating.


I used to despise running…now I live for it! 10mph sprints, no problem. I’ve dabbled with running here and there, even did a half marathon many years ago. Did I truly enjoy it? No! But…After my first TreadThrill run I was hooked. Nancy’s choreography, coaching, and jams are so encouraging and uplifting you will do things you never thought possible on that tread. Just try that CHIIT. What have you got to lose?


Nancy is with you every step, pushing you to your limits, whatever suits you! I love everything about this workout!

Court McL

Absolutely love working out on this app – feels like I’m working out with Nancy coaching in person. ❤️


Love the workouts! Best app for working out at home or gyms. The CHITT runs are the best!


Treadthrill is the best workout to ever come into my life! I’ve been using it since it launched in January 2019 and I haven’t stopped. It has made running so fun and has had me running at speeds and inclines I never knew I could. The best part is you have Nancy getting you through those tough sprints or intervals with awesome motivational words and killer beat drops…like they light a fire under me and I feel like I’m unstoppable! Every week you get a brand new run and I’ve never looked forward to a Sunday more than I do now. You also get weekly WODs that are just as fun and challenging as the runs. Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had working out and I don’t see me ever stopping. Treadthrill will keep you motivated, challenged and give you one heck of a sweat!!


I can’t say enough good things about TreadThrill! Love being able to do these types of treadmill workouts wherever/whenever! Nancy keeps you energized the entire time and makes sure you push yourself. Absolutely recommend!


I have followed my fair share of trainers and apps but after discovering TreadThrill I looked no further. I’ve been a runner my entire life but everyone faces burnout from time to time EXCEPT when you get new workouts each week jam packed with motivation from a coach and the music to match! On top of that there are follow along choreographed strength training workouts that will get your muscles fired up with limited time and equipment involved. As a working mom, I can say that Nancy is 100% the reason I stay in shape and gave up making excuses or searching for motivation.


I’ve loved treadthrill from the start even though I’ve always hated to run! Nancy makes me do it and feel so good about it! The app is such an incredible enhancement and I am so glad it’s here!


I love the workouts! They’re so motivating! I also love how accessible they are are as well, I can set my computer rendering and do a workout! I feel so great when they’re done and can’t wait for e next one!


Warning! It’s an addiction. A really really good, kick your pants, addiction. I am new here and having the best time working out to Nancy’s choreographed workouts. It’s like nothing I have ever tried before! Don’t think, just download! You won’t regret it.


The cardio and strength workouts are amazing!!! Before this I ran long distance and paid gobs of money to a personal trainer before I found Nancy and her awesome programs!!! Now I no longer run long distance…I love her challenging Treadmill runs!!! I love running even more! The strength workouts are quick, to the point and kick your butt! I also have done her 30 day slim down and 21 day Time Restricted Eating plan with amazing results from both! Now I follow her weekly meal plan. Since using Treadthrill and cleaning up my eating with her meal programs, I have healed my gut, feel the best I ever have and am in the best shape! Get this app….you will not regret it!!!


I’ve never felt more connected to a virtual workout. Nancy’s energy and motivation comes through during every workout. The music is timed perfectly to the moves and before you know it, it’s over and you feel accomplished.


I have been using Treadthrill for over a year and LOVE IT! I have tried so many workout apps, and none of them can even touch Treadthrill, Nancy, or her team! THIS IS THE BEST APP HANDS DOWN!


I just started using TreadThrill and have been loving it. It was just what I was looking for during this time, as I was missing the studio treadmill runs I am used to starting my day with. I will definitely continue to use this!! The runs and the music pair perfectly together and truly do push you to sprint faster and work harder. I love starting my morning or ending my day with this app and get excited for the new treadmill runs to come out each week! Thanks for creating an amazing product!

mandy bonds

Nancy is a genius! These workouts including strength and tread classes are efficient, affective, and so much fun!. Perfect for mommas that are short on time.


This app couldn’t have come at a better time with all the gym shutdowns. The outside/treadmill runs will kick your cardio butt and the strength training is perfect for allowing you to get in the best 30 minute workout while not sacrificing family time during the quarantine. You won’t be disappointed!


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