【图】ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App下载
【图】ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App
【图】ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App

ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App iOS

ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App 简介

The best and most user friendly app to put you to into a deep sleep and give you the tingles.

App Features:

-100+ unique sounds (with new sounds added frequently)
-Save your favorite sound combos
-Customize volume for each sound
-Listen while phone is locked
-Seamless audio with no audible looping
-Thousands of possible sound combinations
-Easy to control “now playing” section
-Unique Randomization feature and Timer with IAP

Use this app to help you fall asleep, relax, and get the tingles! Don’t suffer from insomnia, try this app today!

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ASMR Whisper & Tingle Calm App 下载

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someone took my name

It’s not good, it looks like an app from 2011 when stuff like this first started. It looks like a virus. And also the entire app costs money, I recommend getting ASMRtist instead of this app or fr just go to YouTube


To unlock more sounds they ask you to pay or write a review. We liked the idea of it but wanted more sounds, so wrote a review… it only unlocks ONE more sound! Every little thing is for more money. I would have just preferred to pay for the app, will be deleting, not so great as it stands.

About KickTheBuddy

This app is so not worth it I hate it I just got it to help me sleep bc I found that I sleep bette writhing same stuff playing or something I used YT for s while and wanted to try something new so I got the app and it really disappointed me you had to pay for a lot of the sounds and and the sleep timer and I hated it I don’t recommend this app I really don’t like it I mean it’s just like “Spend money if you want us to help you sleep” I don’t really like it in my opinion but maybe you will if your willing to spend money do get ASMR to sleep like just use YT or other apps I don’t recommend this app like I said so yea that’s all I have to say……

Eric Thomas Craven

The sound files they use are SHORT, making the noise redundant after a few minutes. You can also hear the loops break to start over, maybe every 60 seconds or so…imagine a distracting pause breaking you out of your “sleep trance,” now imagine that every minute that you’re trying to catch your zzzz’s. This renders the app useless. This is the only ASMR/sleep app I’ve encountered that has this problem. Seems very lazy on the developer’s end. I’ll be requesting my $5 back from Apple.


I’ll be sleeping and when I have it on full blast in front of my ear it will go to an extremely loud add

Aj user Cottencandy8

I absolutely love this app! It’s so relaxing and helps me sleep. Don’t get me wrong this is one of the best apps. However, you shouldn’t have to pay to get sounds? I feel like it’s a money thirsty app trying to take your money so you can have a better sleep. It’s a great app for the most part, the sounds are great but I feel like it’s a total scam to buy. I mean you could literally go online and search ASMR 10 hours and there videos for free. Let’s be honest, this app is a total scam but after all it’s pretty good!

your stupid im somet

When it said one hundred ASMR sounds but only 15 are free the other sounds are good but they don’t give me tingles they just make be relax I guess idk


There is sooo many sounds and you gave us like what 7? And they aren’t very good. Sooo many people have been saying: “It used to have so much more sounds for free!” And i feel upset that I missed out on all them


If you aren’t planning on paying the $4.99, don’t bother. You get 16 sounds and no real options. Worst of all, you get loud ads that ruin any relaxation that you may accidentally experience. At least give us a reason to keep the app in the first place and maybe if used, I might make the purchase.

hii its meee

As soon as I got into the game their was a add and I couldn’t find a sound that I dint have to buy I got really disappointed 😔


It sounds so good I just got it because I saw the app and it was the best


This app used to be free and have no premium features. You could listen to all the sounds without having to pay. You could also use the sleep timer for no money at all. Now, you have to pay for all the sounds, and for the sounds that are free, there are only like 7-10 or so. I absolutely loved this app until the update. You guys really disappointed me with this terrible update. I hate the app now and barely use it now. I really don’t recommend this app. It’s a scam. It used to be a completely cost free app and now it’s just a “use your money” app. Also, there used to be no adds. Now there are all of a sudden popups. If you fix this I might change my mind. 😕😕😒😬


I do not have much to say due to the fact I can not even get into the app. The first thing you’ll see is the logo… and the logo.. and it won’t even change screens. I may change my review when waiting a day or two. My wifi is fine and I am on a IPad 9 so I am fine. Not sure if it’s me or the app.


The sounds pause after 30 seconds before relooping… very distracting


Super loud ads if you don’t pay for a subscription… not worth it for the asmrist app being the same thing, but no ads and full access to random sounds


Wow my years


I keep thinking someone is pouring something behind me. I love this app


So I rlly liked it but there was a pop up and it was so loud like omg btw hey homies


Love It


It’s just very relaxing


Use bathtub it make a fart noise


The sounds are perfect!


Very Good


Okay so this app is a good app as a lot of sounds but some of the sounds make you have to rate it 5 stars so I see why it has a lot of high reviews but besides that I think it’s really good


Great game


Amazing I fell asleep in 5minutes😍😍




While I was righting this review I was listening to wood carving 3 minutes in LOVE IT! 👌


I downloaded it hoping to get one of the triggers show in the photo, however you only receive 20, and the 20 they give you aren’t even triggers as much as cheap recordings. Will not continue to use.


Hands down one of the BEST amsr apps with all kinds of sounds and I have major insomnia so this helped me a lot to fall asleep and take naps and stuff. I also use this when I’m babysitting and they ask me to put the kids down for a nap. I let the kiddos choose the sounds they want and I set a timer and soon enough, they are fast asleep. Quick and easy, helped a lot, thanks! 🏳️‍🌈😘


Can’t evaluate app. Ads pop up full screen in less than 30 seconds. Basic sounds are OK, no tingles. There’s better apps out there. Keep looking.


Really nice app


I like this app


Only 20 sounds are free. You can pay $2 to unlock all sounds, but I’m unable to make a very far assessment of if I want to spend money on this app when I can’t get a test clip of the ASMR sound that usually works on me.


This makes you sleep

awsime asmr

This has amazing sounds and it is highly recommended by myself


I love this app so much. It helps me fall asleep when I am struggling. Huge fan! Recommend this to all.

Stay Tru

Very nice sounds I Wil enjoy this for a very long time. The app is easy to use and has a large variety of sounds

mr nay nae

Lol I just got home from marry popins two and this helped me relax


US some amazing sounds

James gundlach

It’s so relaxing it made me fall asleep in like 1. Minute


good app


I’ve downloaded all of the ASMR apps available and this app is simply the best. The sound quality is perfect— not only does it sound crystal clear, but there is no detection of looping whatsoever, and an incredible amount of variability, with amazing 3D surround sound. It only has the largest number of sounds that I’ve ever seen in one collection. To the developers — THANK you.

Howie Jenkins

So much sound variety and I love that they allow me to save my favorite combinations. Great job and very easy to use! Love it love it love it!


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