【图】Addons Builder for Minecraft PE下载
【图】Addons Builder for Minecraft PE
【图】Addons Builder for Minecraft PE

Addons Builder for Minecraft PE iOS

Addons Builder for Minecraft PE 简介

Build your own Addon easily and simply.

Customize your addon with multiple combinations. You can create millions of different addons.


– Choose from over 30 Mobs
– Create your own list of addons to use when you want
– Imports Minecraft with just the app
– Edit any addon as many times as you like
– You will have a Help so you do not have doubts
– Add to any Mob Special Behaviors

This and many more features that you can discover by yourself.


– Have a mob teleport from one site to another
– Make a hen burn with the sun
– Make a donkey attack you
– Change the skin of a horse
– Make pigs afraid of you.

This and much more you can do with this app and make your Minecraft unique.

Warning: Unofficial product. This application does not receive approval or is affiliated with Mojang AB, its name, trademark and other aspects of the application are registered trademarks and property of their respective owners.

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Addons Builder for Minecraft PE 下载

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Rpg guy 031202

Hi I’m Lauren and this game is you know…the name of the title. Good because it actually transfers to Minecraft but it’s awful because it makes poor Minecraft crash so I have to delete the world 😔 GOOD GAME IN QUARINTINE 😷🥰

it lied to me its ba

It does not work it’s a waste of time!


I can’t create any thing it won’t work I tap create new and the plus sign it won’t work

Adventure boy 2012

I don’t know how to get the mod in the world😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬


I’m sad because you can only have 3 mobs and I think you should make atlest 4 more slots for mobs or 3.l hope for you to fix it.have a nice day.🐉🐉🐉🐲🐎🐈


So I was making my mod when I went to import everything was fine when I used all my games started saying something corrupted it and it was the mod that did it don’t download 🤬🤬😥😤😤👎👎👎

Connor Osburn

It’s good it lets you remove ads without having to pay it’s crazy also add more mobs to the app

love cool asum

Looooooooovvvvvveeeeeee it

Emma the blue

I have been using this app for a long time it is so cool I love how you can change picture on it and it is free I would recommend for anyone ❤️👍🏽


It needs more mobs and work. I created mods cute craft, but all they did was not work. Please please fix this problem

battles love it

How does this work


So when I was making a add-on I wanted to have cats shoot arrows when I loaded the add-on it did not work. Please fix

in n out burger


Mr GooGoo

You should be able to make your own skin for mobs and easier installation but it works good.


I love this app it is so fun and it is safe! But it needs a simple button to press so then I can easily put it on Minecraft but it is a great app!


I made my mobs and I couldn’t find them in Minecraft so I did more and guess what nothing happend so I just deleted it cuz it was just a waste of time cuz I was on Minecraft with my cousin and I was also on FaceTime. My cousin has a better app it is called Tynker:coding for kids you should try it


It’s not that bad

dafne solis

I like it but I can’t really use it ._.

Monster 75445

There should be a way to import skins, the ones in this are terrible


It II love


I made a boss zombie mod and imported it to Minecraft and started my world and it took so long to load also it was very glitchy if you’re thinking about it do not get this game!!!!!!!!


I made a Addon with TAMALE animals, but the guardians and ender man never got tamed soooooo 4/5 plz fix this (PS, I play on iOS)


This doesn’t work


So I downloaded the app thinking that it would work like I though, well EVERYTHING went wrong. First the game would crash, then when retrying it would only crash again. Pleas fix this glitch then I will rate better

make trades

The taming does not work I made an addon were the endermen were super op it was tamaño e and when I tried to tame it . It did not work! 🙁 pls game creator if you are reading this change the taming part to work


Like idk how to publish it to the app


I mean in my opinion is okay but the thing is, you should just make it simple where you just export it to Minecraft, I would really recommend this feature so maybe you could do it?

Hatrick 13

It’s a great game I do think a 4 year old could play even (if they know how to) But I wish you could customized a animal like colors to make a three headed dragon. But all the others I saw on the App Store were MONEY!! So.. I would very much like if you change that

Little Browie

I just hate this game


I’m going to cry I can’t add my own Minecraft skins to Minecraft mobs anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


It does not let me import My Addon To Minecraft

Elvin arias

What i want is a mob editor so you can like make your own mob or change some colors of a mob.If that was added i would rate this a five star but i only rated four because i want a mob editor.But i still like how you can change colors of the mob but a mob editor would be cooler.I still like the game but please make a mob editor.


It wants your grade and wants to know your name don’t play this app Don’t Download This bad game its not even good at first it’s stupid and crap


Hi what I really don’t like is how I can’t do how much damage it can do I can’t change it same as the nearby mob thing and I can’t make a skin … That’s really it also no new mobs :/


I love this app it’s super good but say I put a mob to tame that’s can’t be tamed and put it as seed it does not work for me also the size and speed dose not work also it would be nice to be able to make your own skin for mobs I think the skin on wolfs should stay the same when you tame them and can you please and some of the newer mobs to it I really want to make the ended dragon smaller and cute please ;-;






I love it but we can’t customize are own or have I not found it yet? But that’s all I love it so much and it awesome!


This is fake I try this then there is nothing I cant spawn mobs


Can you add a Mobeditor like you can customize your own mob Please!

emaj blues

How do you import your addon to Minecraft!? That’s all I want to know.


It doesn’t work and my game crashes and they don’t even work

ethan michal jucie b

It’s really fun




It’s a great app but I still haven’t figured out how to put it into my Minecraft world, let alone import it that’s all I would change if I could.


I love that the mobs are cool

sisi101 da best noti

I should be able to create my own mob skin.


I think you could add more mobs and have custom skins on the creatures and rename them.

101 sports fan

I tried it out on a flat world and nothing I added worked. I will keep trying, but I was disappointed in the app. I hope it works for you.

Land whens

Then i was geting it I thought that was a ender dragon and more mods..


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