【图】Paper – writing app下载
【图】Paper – writing app
【图】Paper – writing app

Paper – writing app iOS

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“Blank paper has always inspired me.” — Daniel Handler, writer and musician

Ignite your inspiration with a clean sheet of Paper.

· Gorgeous plain-text writing environment
· Silky-smooth typing experience
· Highly customizable
· Minimal Markdown formatting
· Syncs with iCloud
· Works seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad and Mac



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I have used it for a long time on my Mac. And now I add it to my phone. It is really convenient and useful. especially for the color!!! I really love the red one. But I have a small question… When I am typing Chinese, the yellow highlight makes me have some trouble to recognize it. Is there any method for me to turn it off?


1. Editing highlight disturbs writing a lot. Is there a way to turn off? 2. Word count does not need to take up a whole column and eat up so much writing space. It would be much better if it takes up a row, or just a corner with some whitish background. (Btw, if CJK encoding word count is supported, I’ll definitely support the app.)

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