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CommonWealth One Federal CU iOS

CommonWealth One Federal CU 简介

Bank on the go with the CommonWealth One FCU Mobile Banking App! Before using the app, enroll in online banking to establish account access.

•Deposit checks remotely
•Account access
•Check balances
•Make and schedule transfers
•View transaction history
•Pay bills
•Use Popmoney to pay or request money from anyone with a smart phone or email address
•Locate branches and nationwide surcharge-free ATMs
•Contact us

Our iPhone mobile banking application is safe and secure. It employs the same security standards as online banking.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy:
You must have online banking services and password to access your account information. You must have an iPhone to use our iPhone mobile banking application. You may incur and are responsible for any charges assessed by your mobile service provider. Please consult your service provider for details.

Visit www.cofcu.org/privacy to learn how we protect your privacy.

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CommonWealth One Federal CU 下载

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Codys Babe

I consistently have issues with not being allowed into my account. I’ve already changed my password when “unlocking” my account through the online website. This is something my entire family, who all has an account with COFCU, is having. We love this credit union, but it would be awesome if this issue with the app could be fixed permanently.


Giving this version 5 stars only because it is 1,000x better than the updated version they released earlier. The newer updated app that has since been removed is such trash.


Very basic


The latest update won’t allow me to do bill pay anymore. It says I don’t have any eligible accounts to access bill pay. Very strange. And when I go to locations to get the phone number of the bank, the number has a question mark at the end of the last number so I can’t dial it directly from the app. If you don’t improve this soon, I’ll move my online banking business elsewhere.


I wish there was a way to make external transfers. I also wish there were more features such as the ones on other bank apps. Otherwise, great start and doesn’t crash so that’s always a plus!


I feel like I am very limited on what I can do in the app. Not many features on here.

Crab pokes

The all needs to be updated to be more modern/sleek and easy to follow


Add the thumbprint ID capability for the app!


this app it so basic and not up to date compared to other mobile banking apps, i doesn’t even have touch id for logging into your account.


Will not let me transfer money from savings to Checking for over two days!!!

King Ziggy the 2

This app does the bare minimum. Only shows balance in on the credit card. No transactions, no due date.. have to be on a computer to see all that.


App tells you the basics, but that’s it. Would be nice if you could at least see pending checkcard transactions or even copies of checks cashed. Very outdated, much like everything with this credit union.


The mobile deposit feature rarely works. Please fix this in the next version.


Credit Card access – why can’t we access the cc info(transaction, statements, etc) right from the app? Finger print logon – when are we gonna be able use it?


Been a customer of bank since 1994. Unlike other banking apps no finger print login. Now you can’t click on a check and see an image of the check. The app needs to catch up with other banking apps

Longtime COFCU custo

This app was great, until the latest version removed the deposit check function. Now it’s useless to me as everything else may be done on the web. Oh well, back to driving to the brick and mortar bank…

Murphy 1

Tried to set-up the app. Too many questions, most not relevant to me.


Can’t even get to the app for all of the questions it asks after loading. Is this for real?


This app is pretty terrible. It frequently doesn’t load at all and several of the menu functions don’t work. Very frustrating. If you want customers over the big banks, it’s important to provide quality products.

Nahome Wubeshat

This app is helpful for teens to get a quick balance check on their accounts and change something around. I use it almost everyday


I used to be able to use this on my iPod Touch but couldn’t switch between users (my kids) without uninstalling and reinstalling. Suddenly it’s incompatible with my iPod? Come on! Mobile deposit is a necessity for us! Please fix this!


You have to log in using a computer the first time to set up everything. Then the app should work. It’s good for checking your balance. However, you can’t log in to more than one account. I have two separate accounts that I need to keep track of. Also, you can’t transfer between accounts like you can online. It crashes at times too. If you just need to check your balance, you’ll be good to go.


Works perfectly, I’m having none of the problems these other guys are talking about


The app usually just locks out my account. It works sometimes, but most of the time I’ll try to use it to pay a bill, and it will lock my account out. Then your boned. Because someone thought it was an awesome idea to 1) release this garbage 2) lock out accounts indefinitely when something goes wrong 3) not have a way to unlock the account yourself and 4) not have staff after 6 (2 on Saturdays) capable of unlocking. Thanks for the headaches. And don’t get me started on the new crudtacular bill pay.


Please fix this ASAP! Impossible to log into my account. Why would such a dysfunctional app be available for us to download in the first place


At first I thought this app was impossible to log in to. But you need to log in through your computer first to answer the special questions and then you will be able to use the app. It works fine for me now.


The app is pretty good, I’m guessing it will only work if you’ve set up your account online with the new security questions and what not. My biggest problem is I cannot log into multiple accounts. After set up the first time, it takes me straight to my password screen when I launch the app instead of asking for a username. I have two accounts I need to track, please fix this ASAP.


Doesn’t let me login, ton of pointless security features. Trying way too hard, but making it impossible. Useless.


Can log in on the web but not through this app. They must be bleeding customers.


Login is inconsistent. The old COFCU app was much more reliable.


Fix please.


This app is garbage. It doesn’t let me log in but instead wants to ask me a bunch of stupid questions I have to answer. Like who was my maid of honor at my wedding. I’m a guy. And not married. Don’t understand it. But it is a lot like commonwealth one. Crap.


The pictures on App Store is different than actual app.


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