【图】Citizens Bank and Trust AL下载
【图】Citizens Bank and Trust AL
【图】Citizens Bank and Trust AL

Citizens Bank and Trust AL iOS

Citizens Bank and Trust AL 简介

Start banking wherever you are with CBT Mobile! Available to all Citizens Bank and Trust online banking customers, CBT Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks and find locations.

Available features include:

– Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number.

Transfers and Payments
– Easily transfer cash between your accounts and make payments.

Manage Payees
– Ability to add new payees, edit existing payees, or delete payees directly from the mobile app.

– Deposit checks using your device’s camera.

Touch ID/Face ID:
– Touch ID/Face ID allows you to use a secure and more efficient sign-on experience using your fingerprint or facial recognition for iPhone X. (**only available on a device with Touch ID/Face ID capability.**)

– Quickly and easily view account balances without having to log in to your app.

– Find nearby branches and ATMs using the iPhone’s built-in GPS. Additionally, you can search by zip code or address.

(Standard mobile web fees may apply. Please contact your mobile carrier for more information.)

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【图】Citizens Bank & Trust App
Citizens Bank & Trust App

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【图】Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Mob.
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Citizens Bank and Trust AL 下载



Waggly Toast

I love this app! It mirrors my online banking and is just as easy and intuitive to use.


The app keep knocking me out. I can’t do what I need to do.

Kaseys iPad

I use my banking app on a daily basis. It’s easy to use and works great. Good app especially for a community bank!


Really easy to use and functions very well. A++

A Cut Above Tree Ser

I own a residential tree service company and I absolutely love the app. Having the ability to deposit my customers checks without having to take time out to go to the bank is SO HELPFUL! Thanks to the bank and this app. I now have a lot of time that has been freed up from my already hectic schedule. Thanks you all so much!!!!


The orientation of the check picture is exactly 180° from what it should be on the iPhone. Other than that (and mystery down times) the app is ok. I’m using it because it is easier than going to the branch.


App shuts down as soon as I open it this needs to be fixed latest version is installed


The bank itself is just a little behind I want to be able to use my card with Apple Pay and they still haven’t done that and some other apps it’s not compatible with like prism also


App needs updating to include facial recognition. Otherwise the ease of use and data included I. The app are great


Outstanding service


Title says it all


This app is awesome.. I can do anything I need to do on the move in reference to banking …especially transfer money when my kids need money , like at a game , the mall .. movies .. this is perfect !


This mobile app has saved me a lot of time. It shows most of your account information. I couldn’t expect a better app!


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