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Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid.

Why use Venmo?

Because it’s the money app for splitting the cost of almost anything—right then, right there.
Because it makes settling up feel like catching up.
Because you can add a note to each payment to remember the moments, not the money.

What do people use Venmo for? Plenty of things, like:

Split the group dinner tab without the napkin math.

Transfer money to roomies for your share of rent and utilities.

Settle up for fun stuff like concert tix and road trips.

Send a penny to say hi, or 5 bucks for good luck.

Still reading? We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’re more than just a way to pay friends.
– We offer Venmo card, so you can shop with your Venmo balance everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S., plus earn cash back rewards at select retailers. Terms apply: https://venmo.com/rewards/
– Get your Venmo money in the bank, fast. Use Instant Transfer to get your cash in minutes using an eligible debit card or bank account.
– Check out with Venmo on some of your favorite apps, like Uber, StockX, Grubhub, and Zola.
– We’ve got your back—security is very important to us, and we prioritize making you feel safe and secure by taking security measures to protect your account. Plus, we’ve got a stellar customer support team, ready to solve any issues.

Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


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I can no longer use this app. Every time I log in now, I keep getting greeted with a message that helpfully “suggests” I can transfer my balance directly to my bank….. but the massage won’t go away and I can no longer use the app. I can’t even delete my account because it literally won’t allow me to access anything because of that stupid message. BEWARE IF YOU ARE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT AN APP HAVING ACCESS TO YOUR BANK INFO AND THEN LOCKING YOU OUT!


You can teach an old dog new tricks!!!


When I open the app a message pops up telling me about transferring money but it doesn’t let me exit out of the message and actually use the app. It is now locked.

A Krechevsky

5 star application


This app is highly frustrating. I mistakenly chose the wrong account to clear a hold from. I tried to find help and had to send an email which they said would be answered in 24 hours. THREE DAYS LATER I finally get a response which was zero help. If you’re going to have a service you have to have representatives to assist. The service I received is Unacceptable and because of this I will find another means of reimbursing people. I will also be telling everyone I know to NOT use this app!


This app is made by & for identity thieves. They sell information to other scammers and they try to charge your bank fees under the radar. My bank app alerts told me what was happening and i have to freeze my bank account and get a new card because of these people stealing my money, by charging fake fees. SAVE YOUR SELF THE HASSLE AND DONT USE THIS APP, and IF YOU HAVE USED IT AND GOT PROBLEMS….. REPORT THEY TO APPLE AND TO THE FEDERAL TRADES COMMISSION, and to the IDENTITY THEFT GOVERNMENT SITES. Good luck everyone. 8/28/2020, 942am

Lorena de Mexico

Best best invention ever!! Is so easy and it saves me trips to the boring bank


Love this App for sending money to my college kids.


Never had a problem before. Have a new bank card and for some reason money won’t transfer to it. Been trying to get in touch with an actual customer service representative to help me. But all I get are auto emails and bots telling me it’s my bank’s fault even though it’s not. Not using this bs again


I honestly hate Venmo I have had nothing but problems! Can’t send money can’t cash out and I can’t even send the money back to the person who sent it

just go through

I love this app! So easy!


Simple and easy to use app for transition of funds.


You should show negative balances on the login screen.


Dislike the forced gifs -otherwise great ty. You have to take extra steps to not send a randomly suggested gif to people


Awesome app


Venmo performs seamlessly, I’m planning to use it in my new charity.


I have been trying for hours to send a ticket, it disappears! Can’t speak to anyone! Can’t sign into my account because I have a new phone and number, followed all directions on the site, nothing!!! No help. Seriously so frustrated! Had no issues transferring over my other apps, help was available! Wish I could give “0” stars but of course it’s not a option!!!!! I bet this probably doesn’t even submit!!!! Edit: tried to submit but the “ nickname was taken” gonna try again

CamJam momma boy

Money 💴 💰 💵 💰


Won’t let me send money from a fully verified and funded account. Customer service can’t tell me the reason transfer was being denied and I tried sending several times over 12 hours. Then my checking account was locked due to suspicious activity. Spending all day on hold with bank. No convenience found here for me.


Why can’t you show when the person has read the messages? It would benefit greatly.


Recieved new debit card bc lost wallet now cannot add bc have added 4 cards over 6 month period. Being told have wait untill November. Who came up with that stupid rule?

cliffy 1979

Love it !!


I love this app. There is no reason to forget to pay anyone! You can use it anywhere, anytime!


Why is there an atm limit?


Alrighty Venmo staff! I feel the need to give you some feedback on your app. Your idea was great, though it’s too dam slow. The simplicity of the app is wonderful. Though I cant get the money transferred when I need it.

laquisha 37

Horrible Service


It’s ok. Not user friendly. Always looses connection with bank. You have to know who you are looking for to pay and that can be difficult to find when everyone has a similar name. Reports are non existent and for some reason they think that I want to know about other people getting paid. It’s not a social app it’s a finance app they should focus on that.


idk why anyone would use any other money transferring app


In had to restore my phone and after that I have not been able to connect to my bank account or my debit card!


There is not a number to call when there is a problem and the chatroom is terrible.


Heaven help you if you have problems. 24 hour response? Seriously?




I have never had a problem with Venmo… It’s extremely easy and extremely simple👋


I mistakenly deposited 80 dollars to a user that wasn’t intended for. VENMO didn’t even attempted to help me out. They conducted an investigation in less than 24 hours and no answer or resolution from them. VENMO DOESNT ANSWER THEIR EMAIL IN A TIMELY MANER. They are not approachable, basically if you make a small mistake is on you! I am canceling my account with them, and is not about the money, is about how irresponsible they are when helping their clientele. They are forgetting this is California and we demand better standards!


Highly recommended against other apps. An easy/effective way to receive and transfer your money from any bank to another person.


Kept charging me after a payment


Venmo is the worst cash transferring app out of them all. Would be better using cash app or zelle.

Theres a Go Cal

Paid a entrance fee for two. Super easy🙃


It wasn’t real clear on how to use I’m not to happy with it


It’s POPPIN!! 🤩😘‼️😆💯😝😎🔥❤️✌🏽✨👑💫😂🙏🏻💡🌊😇🤙👽🌈♌️😍⛓🌎🔔🐺🌞🤣💕


Awesome and convenient

Simon Engineer

I love this as it has made my life easier

Butters account

I’m waiting for my money that was only 500 dollars and had it transferred to my bank and yet have heard anything from it. Plus getting to a customer service representative seriously lacks attention. I would give it 1 Star but I am losing all hope on this. I demand my money that you said I would receive to my bank. Come Monday I’ll be getting legal action in this if I don’t recover my revenue.


I could transfer $ one moment and the next nope! Utterly ridiculous


Newest version has a pop up that will not go away render the app unusable.



Who put the V in Veg

The easiest and the.fastest way to transfer funds, get paid, keep current with bookkeeping


The app said my bank account was disconnected and I tried multiple times to reconnect it. I failed every time. Then I logged into Venmo.com and tried to connect my account there, only to be told it was already connected. But that I would have to use the app to send money. I’m sorry but that was too many strikes against Venmo. So I have deleted both my account and the app.


Firstly, I frick’n hate the fact Venmo thinks I want to know that people, I don’t know, are paying rent to other people I don’t know. Or buying their wife/husband flowers. Firstly, scammers find that information very useful. Secondly, it trivializes financial transactions and makes people sloppy, further enabling scammers. Why am I using it.. ONLY because some other people send me money using it. I use PayPal all to send money. I DOESN’T MAKE FINANCES PUBLIC. PERIOD.


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