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【图】URSA Privacy
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URSA Privacy

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PassLok Universal is about to be released in this store. It includes the capabilities of URSA, plus integrates with email services. It also includes the SynthPass password manager and PageCage, for isolating pages. Check it out.

URSA sits near your tray bar to provide secure and easy symmetric encryption of text, images, and files. This is the process:

1. Click the bear icon to load URSA into a new tab.
2. Type the secret key into the top box. The recipient must know this key.
3. Type your message, possibly containing rich formatting, images, and even files into the large box, then click Encrypt.

The recipient will decrypt the encrypted message, which can be sent by email or some other means without fear of its being decrypted, by typing the same key, pasting the encrypted message, and clicking Decrypt.

If you feel really paranoid, URSA can encrypt into a cover image, so that it cannot be detected that anything is there. The image looks the same after the secret data have been injected.

URSA can also disguise its output so it appears to be normal text.

If you find yourself exchanging frequent messages with someone, you can switch into real-time chat, which can include text, files, audio, and even video!

URSA’s main encryption algorithm is XSalsa20, included within the NaCl encryption library. This algorithm has extensively been vetted by experts for over ten years without flaws being found. There are also two experimental algorithms: Pad, which uses a large piece of text (from a book, or a webpage) as key and is theoretically unbreakable, and Human, which can be performed by hand if necessary.

URSA is fully compatible with PassLok Privacy, its larger sibling, also in this Web store. PassLok adds several asymmetric encryption modes, as well as secret splitting and digital signatures. There is also a web app at https://passlok.com/ursa

You can check the integrity of the web version of URSA with this data:
Current version of URSA is: 4.2.5

Made on 7/11/19

Main source: https://passlok.com/ursa

SHA256 string for web source (single html file):


See the author reading this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4crPvcb7WZ4

URSA Privacy 中文








URSA的主要加密算法是XSalsa20,包含在NaCl加密库内。该算法已被专家广泛审查超过十年,没有发现缺陷。还有两种实验算法: Pad,它使用一大块文本 (来自一本书,或网页) 作为键,理论上是牢不可破的,以及Human,如果需要的话可以用手进行。

URSA与PassLok Privacy完全兼容,它的更大的兄弟,也在这个Web商店。PassLok增加了几种非对称加密模式,以及秘密拆分和数字签名。还有一个网络应用程序在Https://passlok.com/ursa

URSA的当前版本为: 4.2.5



用于web源的SHA256字符串 (单个html文件):


见作者阅读此:Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 4crPvcb7WZ4



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