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【图】Send Tab URL
【图】Send Tab URL

Send Tab URL

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Send Tab URL 详情

This add-on serves two purposes.

By default, it lets you submit the current tab’s URL to my server for inclusion in a search engine of non-commercial sites that I’m building . If you find an interesting page, you can easily submit it with a single click (no click-bait or social media though, the search engine is designed to discard this automatically).

Alternatively you can configure the add-on to submit to any server you choose, as long as your GET request handler sets the appropriate CORS header. So you can use it to build your own personal database of interesting links.

For more details, and the source code for this project, see https://gitlab.com/ksangeelee/send-tab-url

Send Tab URL 中文


默认情况下,它允许您将当前选项卡的URL提交到我的服务器,以便包含在我正在构建的非商业网站的搜索引擎中。如果你发现一个有趣的页面,你可以很容易地提交它只需一个点击 (没有点击诱饵或社交媒体,搜索引擎被设计为自动丢弃这个)。


有关更多详细信息,以及此项目的源代码,请参见Https://gitlab.com/ksangeelee/ send-tab-url



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