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Limit Tabs

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Limit Tabs 详情

This add-on limits tabs by removing a tab (least recently used, newest, left-most or right-most) when a new tab is added that takes the number of open tabs to more than the limit. Pinned tabs are ignored. The limit can be applied per window (default) or globally.

This was created to keep my autistic son sane. Without it, he would open a zillion tabs, then get frustrated when the system bogged down.

On installation, the tab limit will be set to the number of tabs open at the time.
Click the add-on toolbar icon to toggle between enabled/disabled.

Settings->Add-ons->Limit Tabs->Preferences to tweak the add-on to suit your needs.

Limit Tabs 中文

当添加新选项卡时,该附加组件通过删除选项卡 (最近使用最少、最新、最左边或最右边) 来限制选项卡,从而限制选项卡。固定的选项卡将被忽略。限制可以每个窗口 (默认) 应用,也可以全局应用。



设置-> 附加组件-> 限制标签-> 首选项调整附加组件以适应您的需求。


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Hey hey.. Please make an option for no sound and add more funny ones (or less scary) as well 🙂 Thank you for great extension


Excellent extension. Thank you! This will help the rest us who cant stop diving into the infinity pool that is the internet every day. PS: You are a good father




would be nice to have an option for disable the sound


Awesome. Just Awesome. To get Awesome indeed rating from me, which is even more awesome than Just Awesome, consider this; -Pinned tab should have an option to ignore them -Include some kind of obvious visual alert, when new tabs aren’t allowed to be open anyomore. For all of us having sound turned off. 😀 Much appreciated, Mr. Rudolf!


The sound for trying open a tab in excess is strange at first, but it keeps kinda funny while being a real alert! And the main limit is just flawless! Thanks! Hope everything goes well for you and your son! 🙂


I just would like another mechanism for limiting tabs, prevent opening new ones rather than closing older ones… exept that it’s nice.


I love it. It would be nice for there to be an option to add a button to the address bar that would allow you to change the number of tabs allowed or toggle it on and off more easily.


A life-saver for me. I happily avoid too much procrastination because of this.


Jesus would approve this add-on


Great! Anyway to change limit?

Adnan Kiin



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